Kavalkade Rhinestone Fly Veil Review
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Kavalkade Rhinestone Fly Veil Review

August 21, 2019

JEN: Hi, my name is Jen, I work in Merchandising,
and today, I’m reviewing the Kavalkade Rhinestone Fly Veil. This fly veil features two rows of rhinestones
along the trim, so it’s a great option for showing, and it’s also a really fun choice
for schooling, as well. One of my favorite features on this fly veil
is the stretchy and breathable ears. I found that it fits really well. This fly veil also features additional material
on the back behind the ears. That way it stays in place behind your bridle, so there’s no
need for a string to go underneath the throat latch. Embroidery is available on this fly veil,
as well, so that’s a really fun option, too. Because of the rhinestones, this fly veil just
requires a little bit of special care. I personally hand-wash mine and it comes out
great. You can also throw it into a bag into the washing machine and just wash it on the
gentle cycle. I’m Jen, and the Kavalkade Rhinestone Fly
Veil is a great accessory to look stylish and keep your horse protected from the bugs
all at a reasonable price.

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