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  1. love that he he's a Wolverine fan, but Huge is & always will be Wolverine. just can't see & won't ever watch anyone else play that part. wish he would have played with the pups more. he seems uncomfortable. lol

  2. This man is blessed,and now with puppies………THIS VIDEO HAS ENDED WARS MY PEOPLE LOOK AT HOW WHOLESOME AND BLESSED IT IS ;-;

  3. Keanu Reeves in movies: EVERYBODY DIES

    Keanu Reeves in real life: Puppies! 😀

    Keanu Reeves is the best person on earth.

  4. you failed one guy within the last 12 months. the guy did not kill and is still alive. it is not over it is not done yet.

  5. Me: finds out that Keanu is over 50 years old
    Also me: *confused screaming*

    It's just a meme I already know he is over 50 but this man literally is just so down-to-earth! I love him

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