Keith VS Horse: A Running Race | Celebrity Juice | Series 10.mp4
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Keith VS Horse: A Running Race | Celebrity Juice | Series 10.mp4

September 3, 2019

this is the undred meals – challenge so
you probably asking yourself what beast are my verse in this week well the beast
on verse in this week is the office I probably wondering why I’m still there
in the underwear is because of forgot me PE k tonight
so this offs is no ordinary offs it’s a film star Orson was in the film
gladiator so let’s ask him a few questions
so what was Russell crawl out thing because I’ve heard he’s a bit of a real
telephone applause its reels that’s at Studio basically I rest a horse horse
against ma’am hold one Bernstein I mean I would think that horse is gonna thrash
the shit out of him you’re clearly like clearly logically
you are not as fast as a horse yeah have you ever seen me run yeah impressive
horse I didn’t speak to that mother speak to my opponent I just look him in
the eye like you’re going down said that US policy I think I think you
beat him I think all right you you think I can go a long ways they do okay then
let’s see what happens it’s probably ready to race and I’m
ready to race bit patch thought just past that drink there please be my chuff your white bastard they want to use and I pulled both
hamstrings believer afterwards I said I just be a fuckin huh
which means Polly saving the boy

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