Kentucky Horse Racing Commission Makes Mortality Reviews Public For First Time
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Kentucky Horse Racing Commission Makes Mortality Reviews Public For First Time

August 15, 2019

for the first time the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission is making details about recent horse deaths public commission leaders say they’ve posted mortality reviews to the organization’s website in an effort to be more transparent in light of recent scrutiny Catherine Collins has more on the lex18 big story at 11 looking through the kentucky horse racing commission’s website you may scroll right past a new header mortality reviews but this list of reports that details the deaths of six horses at Kentucky tracks this year is new we had a bad year with respect to safety in 2018 and we decided that we needed to be more thorough and comprehensive in our review of racing related mortalities dr. Mary Scully is the equine medical director at the Commission she says the reviews were much more informal in the past now the name of the horse owner and trainer is listed plus the horses history and details of their injuries it is a learning process for us to ask better questions going forward so that hopefully we can find ways to prevent these injuries dr. Scully says there are lessons to be learned from these reports but there is no one solution for event horse injuries she says she hopes by making these reports public it could help people understand that many of these situations are nuanced even when several horses sustained the same injury the circumstances around each horse are unique to that horse she says the sport is under heavy scrutiny lately 30 horses have died at the Santa Anita track in California this year sparking concern for the animals but scollay says so far this year in Kentucky horse deaths have decreased compared to 2018 we have to respond to public concern you know we can’t just say nothing to see here move along we have to we have to foster public confidence that we our response are responsible in our stewardship of these horses she says the Commission plans to continue to find new ways to protect horses in Lexington Catherine Collins lex18 news we’ve posted a link to the six mortality reviews at lex18 dot-com scollay says that list will be updated as they gather any additional information Boone County

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