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  1. the first one is the father he should have stopped the kid not stand there and verbally say it parents are such weak bitches these days

  2. I wonder how many of those horses were beat within an inch of their lives for kicking like that. I feel so bad for animals who are stuck in the hands of the undeserving.

  3. I hope the two who were hitting the horse and the last one trying to burn the horse with symbol died by horse kick!! Most of them were miserable people, just feel bad for the small kid and a girl.

  4. in the 1st video served him right he shouldn't be crying its his own fault the horse kicked him the horse couldn't see him so who'd take the blame on the horse or who'd take the blame on the boy

  5. What the fuck is wrong with people who abuse and or harm a horse or any other animal and then blame the horse!?!?!!!! Like that dude who put a fire on the horse!! Like … DUDE! Then that guy who hit the horse with the stick!! Ohhh I hope that kick hurt him ALOT and I MEAN ALLLLOT!!!

  6. the only person that didnt desrve to be kicked was the dog. i mean i know the dog was barking at the horse but still the dog didnt know that the horse would kick it. but everyone else deserved it staight up

  7. I only feel bad for the dog. He was just sniffing it. But I have no idea why the owner would let him go in

  8. Holy cow look at the guys chin at 1:00. Get that guy a UFC contract he can take a shot from hell and keep going damn.

  9. Why the fuck would you stand behind a horse hahaha if it kicked me I'd shoot the fucking thing then have a BBQ

  10. It is never the horse's fail. It's a reflex. If anyone is dumb enough to stand right behind, or even try to slap the horse's butt, damn, you deserve such a wake up.

  11. Can you imagine the force of that kick, holy shit. That being said everyone in this video and anyone who stands behind a horse deserves it.

  12. How crazy are these goddamn people, everyone knows never stand behind a horse and never smack it on the ass, sure way to get a horseshoe print in your face and chest, a horse kick that hard can actually kill you, it's enough force to crack skulls, so remember if y'all wanna see how it feels, smack a 🏇 on the butt..

  13. Buy an ATV instead wont crack your skull or knock your teeth out. Cheaper and Faster. Leave it in a Garage for a month it will still be alive. Not so much a horse.

  14. A horse has 3 views ( I think) in front, and both sides. The animals that have eyes on the side of their head are prey. The ones straight forwards are predators, like humans. Once you get behind them they feel pressure and they are terrified. When they were a foal ( baby ) once they touched the floor they had to run with the other horses and protect themselves by kicking, so when you go behind a horse they do what they were taught and kick because they don’t see what’s happening. Everyone in this video were fools by even getting close to their behind. If they were real pros ( I’m not a pro I just like horses ) they would have known that that would happen, and not go behind. BUT SOME PEOPLE JUST HAD TO GO BEHINDDD..!

  15. I think that first guy wanted his kid to get kicked so he'd have a video to post, otherwise he would've been more forceful about telling the boy to get out from behind the horse.

  16. 1:00 doing that too a horse that's happy will get you kicked in the face; let alone doing it too a horse that's visibly agitated.

  17. 1:23 There is no way that guy didn't have his jaw shattered after such a direct hit. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy either.

  18. The kid doesn't deserve it he's just curious child if the dad or person is flim drop the dam camera and grab him away form the horse or mention to him that is dangerous because horse might kick him on the head or eyes maybe the child got too scare and leave the horse alone

  19. The person that was hiring the horse in the but with the stick that is really what he get that is what he gets that was a stupid move

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