Kids & Horses: PBJ Connections 2017
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Kids & Horses: PBJ Connections 2017

August 21, 2019

What I really liked about this, the PBJ Connections,
is that I actually learned from these horses how to socially communicate, because we watched
them and how they acted and we applied it to us. And I thought that was very cool. Well, I mean, communication is everywhere in every
day life. Like, you know, at work and at school. You’ve got to be able to communicate. Without good communication, then you will
not be able to function in the real world. It just helped me a lot, because I was going
through some stuff and then, like it was a new experience, because I was never around
horses before. I had a really good time here. It helped me through a lot of things that
I’ve been going through this year and it helped with my anxiety. Like, for me, I have anxiety so, sometimes
I don’t really know how to deal with things. So like, finding ways to deal with stuff and
just, like being able to talk to somebody really helped. I really feel like it’s helped me grow as
a person and like, not to stress the little things. *Donkey braying* *Laughter* When I first came here, I was kind of scared. Like, I wouldn’t go up to a horse or anything, because I was really scared, but like the sixth, the fifth or sixth one, I , like, hugged
a horse. So, I’ve gotten closer to them. While being here, I kind of got over my fear,
because they help a lot with that and anxiety. Well, When you, when I was first around them,
I am not going to lie , they’re big so, you know you get kind of scared just seeing how
big they are. So, at first they caused my anxiety, but then,
like, as you get used to being around them and feel more safe around them…they… It’s like you get over that thing that causes
your anxiety, so it just gives you power to get over others. I mean, some kids just do really well with
animals and it will give them, like, a boost to their confidence or self- esteem. And that’s really good. The things I liked about the horse farm is:
you get to make new friends, you learn how to make new friends and you get to have fun
with horses. And, best of all, at the end there’s a party. Well, I didn’t know really what it was at
first and then, like, when I got here I was, like, really surprised. I really liked, like, the program. I think it really helps. Well, I’ve only been here for a few months,
but through the few months it’s been really awesome. Hanging out with the horses and, like last
week I washed, umm, washed one of the horses. That was fun. I washed Hannah. But every week it’s something different and
that’s awesome. I, umm, I learned a lot about horses and horse
behavior and that was mostly what I learned. And then there’s some coping skills in there,
a lot about communication. Somebody that is unsure of themselves. Like, people that are not always the nicest
to other people, I feel like they could really benefit. They’re really, like, kind creatures. They’re not, like, vicious. I mean some could be vicious, but these are
just, like, nice horses. Some animals are different than the others. So, some of them will let you come, but some
of them you have to show them to trust you. They’re very, like, I feel like they’re very
protective. Like, when you are sad, they’re sad and when
you’re anxious, they feel how feel and they’re nice. It makes me feel loved and connected to the
horses like I never did before. If there’s more kids that come out here, that’s
more friendships made. It was a good experience. If anybody can do it, they should.

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