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October 30, 2019

Ellie are you excited? I want James to do riding on the horse. You want James to go first? James Ellie says you get to go first. So have you ever ridden on a horse before James? Yeah but not by myself. Well I think grandma’s gonna be with you anyway. Yeah I want to be with grandma. Grandma’s gonna be with you, too. Everybody’s gonna get a turn. I didn’t know that. Sometimes Ellie likes going last so she can watch you guys and learn huh? Do you want to be last? After James goes. Then it’s your turn then it’s my turn. So we’ve been staying today with my mom and dad. And my mom has horses, what’s the name of this horse? Honey, this is honey. She’s a real sweetheart. She’s the one we always give people rides on cuz she’s so . She’s calm and she’s gentle and she’s more used to everybody doing whatever they want with her so cool. The others aren’t as trained as well. Okay, awesome, so my mom has three horses. Yeah All three of them are here, and then here my mom’s backyard. They’ve got all the stables for the horses, and then they’ve got goats and chickens. And they’ve got a whole little farm thing going on back here. Kind of fun, the two brown horses are Missouri Fox trotters. Okay, which they’re a type of horse that gate which is a nice smooth gate for riding very comfortable. And then the other with a little lighter colored one is a Mustang from the Central Oregon rusting wild horses cool. Very cool. I’m excited for the kids to get ride them. Can somebody pick me up and put me? We’re gonna wait for Grandma. We’re gonna wait for grandma to say when it’s okay. Can you see the steam coming out of its mouth? As it’s breathing It’s his nose not his mouth. Yeah, it’s breathing out of its nose, and you can see the steam coming out. Good horsy and my mom wrapped up my ankle. Told me to stop walking on my foot because I’m still trying to get my heel better. I think it might actually be broken. So Becca and I are gonna go to the doctor when we get back to Utah. You’re gonna pet its nose? Pet it pet the horse. I did. Oh good. That’s so sweet. Where does it poop? Where do you think? Under its tail. Corbin’s turn Hold on tight It makes me so happy to see the kids spend time with Grandma. We’re currently here. At Matthew and Margaret’s house. Matthew is Michael’s brother. We’re here for the thanksgiving dinner with the family. They had an early one just for us when we came. And have some time with all the family. But something really crazy and terrible is happening and I have to show you. Michael explain. Matthew has breeding dragon lizards. And he feeds them cockroaches. So he breeds these cockroaches so that they can eat. The bearded dragon. Oh you said breed I really thought you said breathe. No, I was like he’s gonna put it in his mouth I gonna get my camera. Come take a look at the bearded dragon over here. Kennedy amazing go subscribe to her youtube channel, she’s got one. This is my cousin and this is one of the bearded dragons that eat those cockroaches. So this eats cockroaches. These cockroaches are from Afghanistan. And they’re not even local. Somewhere in the middle east these cockroaches are from. We have to convince Ryan to eat one. Oh you’re mean. I wanna see it eat it. We almost had it lost. It’s not allowed out of the box. Close call. You are the dragon tamer. You are the dragon tamer. Come on buddy Is that good thanksgiving dinner? I didn’t know you had these. I was liek what is that thing? That’s pretty cool yummy, yummy cockroaches Okay what time is it Michael? 3:30 a.m. 3:22 322 a.m.. We’re driving through the night. Actually, we’re going to stop at a rest stop right now. But we had a really fun time at the party. With the thanksgiving party with Michael’s family, and we just sat chatted and I ate pumpkin pie which I don’t normally do. The kids are all sleeping in the van right now on the drive which is nice. Michael is driving and we’re headed home. We’re going to Utah. We’re driving through the night it might take longer than we think which always does. But we had a really great trip here in Oregon. This is the reality right now. And I was probably the master of disguise. So when you’re on a late night road trip for a long time. You have to take every chance you can to let the kids get their wiggles out. So they’re doing laps here at this rest stop. It just makes much better to drive and they get a chance to run around a little bit. Wait say that again. So I showed this to Corbin… we had now have a website. This is available on our website the Yep from our t-shirt challenge So he looked at it and the first thing he said best friends forever? And he said that doesn’t look very good. It looks like… like that Wait I need to change in mine and get his opinion. Yes Alright Corbin I want to get your honest opinion about this shirt. Looks cool Now tell me your honest opinion. James come over here and stand by Corbin. Look at Corbin’s face Ryan. What about this shirt Its says Becca Is it Becca or Becca! The loud one. Well do you like it? If you could wear my shirt or his shirt. Which one do you wear more? I would wear that one. Yeah good job! What would you wear Corbin? High five too. What about you Ellie. What do you think? I win Girls votes count for three. Charlie…oh this could be the deal breaker. You didn’t even asked him. Who’s that? Who’s that? Is that a puppy? Is Ryan fat? Is he a flying pig? He’s a flying pig. He’s flying in outer space. Say Ryan is a pig. Ryan is a pig. I have an Elsa dress, beautiful. Say Becca is a Godzilla. That’s right. That’s mom. Who’s the fat one? Who’s that? Mom Who’s that? That one

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