Kill Bill Vol.1 – Death Rides A Horse
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Kill Bill Vol.1 – Death Rides A Horse

August 23, 2019

Who do you remind me of? Charlie Brown ! You’re right,
he does look like Charlie Brown. Four pepperoni pizzas.
– That’s not on our menu… I don’t care, bring them, goddammit ! Hey… hey… !
Charlie, give me a kiss. O-Ren Ishii ! You and I have unfinished business ! Charlie Brown, beat it !

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  1. Tem um erro de gravação ai no rosto da Beatriz depois q ela corta o braço da mulher na tá limpo e depois já tá com sangue

  2. You know, if this had all been one movie instead of two, I actually think it would have been worthy of being the Oscar's best picture that year

  3. the soundtrack of just this whole fight scene of o ren ishi is amazing! just learned that the song 'death rides a horse' has actual english words! i thought it was just gibberish chant. 😂😂😂

  4. Kill Bill puts me at comfort.
    Many of the scenes generate so much thrill and intensity, that's what makes it worthwhile viewing.

    One of the most interesting and moving storylines ever.

  5. Im sure its here somewhere but it cant be pointed out enough that she's such a fuckin spirit of vengeance that her shoes from the bottom read "fuck u"

  6. There is LITERALLY too many iconic moments in this scene!! Seriously am I the only person who purposely comes to this video every day?? Along with the Bride vs O'ren ishii fight! Only Tarantino could make flamenco sound good during a samurai fight!!

    Another thing.. Lucy Lui OWNED this role!

  7. I fucking love this scene. Oren and her cronies were acting so above everyone else and The Bride just swoops in and shows everyone what REAL rogueness was. Stand by the bride 110%

  8. This is a masterpiece scene. Everything about it. Imagine the trouble not only Tarantino would go through to shoot it so perfectly, but the perfect act by all three of them, and then top that with the music, the editing, the timing.


  9. When I see my recent ex boyfriend with another guy in the club

    Ex bf… Shoubu ha mada tsuichainai yo!

    Sophie is his new guy

  10. 0:52 Beatrix: well hello my old bestie… Didn't see that coming?

    Wise proverb:
    Your best friend is your worst enemy.

  11. Revenge is odd for me the enimes she kills deserve everything they had coming yet what I find funny is how they scream in pain and some beg for mercy when they showed her [ the bride ] no mercy what so ever anyone else agree ?

  12. I was shocked to find out the lyrics to this song are in English, I mean it really sounds like some tribal dialect etc

  13. If you were to look up the word badass in the dictionary, you would find the moment where beatrix walks toward Oren and her goons Aka the battlefield, and everyone else is fleeing the bloodbath that is about to take place. Those 2 seconds of people fleeing behind Beatrix as she walks forward is what you guys would call badass.

  14. When your watching the Van Cleef spaghetti western that's the origin of this song then remember it from this part of kill bill

  15. Am I the only one who loves Uma’s hair during this and the following scenes? Look at it, it is like the mane of a lion in how it moves with her movement. It is so wavy and powerful looking, nothing like The stingily, short, straw like hairdo they gave her in volume 2. Perhaps her hair is a metaphor for her mental and physical state throughout the films? I mean, it changes a lot throughout the bride’s journey of revenge, much like the rest of her.

    For example, in the hospital, it is wet, weak, brittle, and almost green looking. It sticks to her head and brings out the largeness of her eyes and the shallowness of her cheeks, making her look like a corpse in my opinion. You can tell it has not been washed or cared for in a long time, much like herself. The water, a symbol of rebirth and life in many cultures and medias, Uma uses to wash the man blood off her face, dampening it for probably the first time in years, washing away some the grease and causing her to look much more like a snake, which is a symbol for her. She is sleek, shiny, and deadly.

    Just a weird thought.

  16. O-Ren doesn't seem to be taking it all that seriously until she realizes that it's Beatrix. That's when tells Charlie Brown to get lost cause she knows shits about to get bad.

  17. 1:32
    It's like the angel of death is walking towards them. Just awesomely chilling. Tarantino was next level in these movies.

  18. "He'll be coming…down the mountain…. he'll be coming down the mountain… he'll be driving all his hatred…. he'll be driving all his hatred…………. / "Who'll be the first to test his gun?… Who'll be the last to see the ground!"…
    (There! Now you can sing along with this classic western movie song)
    your welcome

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