King Roan of Azgeda is 102% done.

March 4, 2020

On your feet! Well, if it isn’t the Prince of Azgeda. I’m here to help you. Sure you are. Quiet. *not quiet* Maybe you’re not the Commander of death after all. Now she’s quiet. Honour our deal! I’ll honour our deal when your queen honours my coalition. Who you choose to be your champion? Roan, Prince of Azgeda. Sentries, arrest the Ice Nation delegation! Including the Prince. Whatever is best for your people, is that it? That’s it, kinda like killing every man, woman and child in Mount Weather was best for yours. It’s not a bad point. Wait a second! Give us a minute! If you die, you don’t die a prince, you die a coward! Get it over with! Would you just hear me out? Who the hell is this? He’s Ice Nation. King of the Ice Nation, actually. Wait! You’re upset that I chose you. I’m not surprised. You have a real gratitude problem. You know that?

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