Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Video Update #3: Horses
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Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Video Update #3: Horses

August 21, 2019

Hello and welcome to our third video update. Today we are going to tell you something
more about our horse riding. And since you’d probably like to see someone else than me finally. Michal, our programmer responsible
for the horse features is going to tell you something more about it. Okay so with our horses we wanted to
strike a balance between a completely independent animal
and a mindless drone. So we want you to have us much control
as possible over the movement of the horse
but at some points when you’ll for example do something that
will pose a danger to the horse we want the horse to take control and move out of the danger
or just not do something. So at that moment it will for example try to not jump from a cliff, if it’s just too high, it will run around trees by itself, it will
automatically jump over smaller obstacles. So if you own a horse it also has its
own inventory system so if you have a lot of stuff it will carry it around for
you. You can also whistle and the horse will come to you.
So we can try that now and i will call our horse with the whistle, it will come to me. And now I will mount it. You can see the camera is animated and now you can drive around. So it has a lot of animations which we made for now.. They are custom
animations and they will be made through motion-capture later.
These are just placeholders but still we are developing our technology
on them. Our aim is to have a believable horse
through visuals and through animations. Okay so we have three
sets of animations for three different speeds.
One is for walking one is for trotting to the middle speed
and one is gallop. We have also so-called idle-to-move animations.
So there willl be different animations played if you start
galloping right away or if you stop walking. So for example walking looks like this. And galloping looks like this.
So I mentioned that we have an automatic jump,
so if you run to a fence, it will jump automatically. So these are the animation subsystems and also as for the visuals you can also equip your
horse, you can change the bridle for example or you can change the trappings. So that was something about horses. Next time we are going to show you something
really important and interesting – combat. So stay tuned.

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  1. Video od videa lepší. Držím vám palce ať vše dopadne jak jste si naplánovali a hra se hlavně dobře prodává. Mé peníze máte jisté.

  2. first person visual have to shake a few for seems more realistic, and horse body is to stady, i hope that game can be finished (exscuse my englisch but i'm italian)

  3. Will weapons and armor have condition? Like the condition will degrade with use and finally break if not repaired and or sharpened?

  4. die haben doch im video klar und deutlich gesagt dass die pferdeanmationen nur platzhalter sind und später durch motion capture ersetzt werden

  5. I wish they had said more about the horse's abilities on rough terrain, because most developers make the mistake of having horses only work on flat surfaces, not knowing that a horse can actually do this (also see 3:30, 4:45, and 5:15)

    Also, I think the gaits looked a bit slow, especially the walk and trot. I think the trot should be fast enough to be a reasonable "standard" gait for traveling, only cantering when you need to go particularly quickly. In reality, if you attempted to canter for a whole trip straight, your horse could literally die beneath you. It's possible. That scene at the end of True Grit can, and has happened in reality. 

    Apart from that I really like it.

  6. Сделайте выбор вида персонажа от 1го и от  3го лица,будет не совсем здорово если будет лишь вид от 1го.Да будет вообще не здорово.

  7. Už předem čekám super novinky… No nicméně koně vypadají Suprově. Strašně se těším až hra výjde rozhodně si ji s nadšením koupím 🙂 Dobrá práce jen tak dál.

  8. Gotta make that dog into the studio's mascot. Include it in the game as a noble's dog being stolen and make it a quest 😀

  9. Jen něco co bych tam rád viděl by bylo kdyby člověk když bude řídit agresivně spadne z koně (příliš rychlá změna směru, příliš rychlé zastavení (zvednutí na zadní pád)

  10. This looks and feels like the best game ever made so far, and it's still a WIP. I love that you keep magic, dragons and unicorns out of the game too! We already got enough of those games. However theres a few things i would like to see redone, or given a bit more tought to.
    – Character inventory menu looks horrible, sorry. It's too typhical, too messy. I dont want a fancy modern Assasin's C. or a copy of skyrims. My first tought that hit me looking on the inventory, is that it looks out of the place for such a graphicly beautiful game. It look like it would rather fit a game made 5-10 years ago. This not meant as a hate against the designer, but rise the stakes a bit.

    – The same goes for the health/stamina bar, conversations and the "game over" screen. At least make an option to remove most of the hud. In these type of games, I dont want be remembered that I'm playing a game. I want to be in the game, live the game, immerse myself to belive that it's my body that does the onscreen actions. In an another vid of this game we could see the conversations interactions, and the biggest fault there was the sudden menu covering the whole screen with text options. Minimize this, less menu's, less shoots from the main character face, unless there is an intended video of story immersion. Can't stress this to much, the gamer want to be the played character, make his own choices, live the main character life. Menu's interrupts that immersion.

    – Blood on screen when damaged is a pluss, not realistic, but still makes you feel like it hurt. However the red colour that the fills the whole screen gotta go. It worked in the 90's with the old james bond games, but not now. Not in such a game where realism is it's main goal.

    – From what I've seen of combat, you've done a damn good work! Standing applause from me and my mates on this. And I agree with you that doing this to perfection with motion captions will be crucial. Keep adding several weapons and fighting styles to the game. It adds variation, replay value and immersiveness. As one commenter stated "not all of the medieval fighters fought like a gentleman", and I couldnt agree more. Some were blunt, some afraid and nervous, others wildly barbarical and so on. The style of combat should represent the npc's personality.

    – Maturity, this is already a heavy discussed topic on the forums and also a major factor on how the game will be. We gamers want realism, and even more when the game developers goal is the same. So, look at our history, what humas is capable to do and what we still do today. Torture, slavery, neglection, war, putting people in boxes of sterotypes, racism, injuries, limbs being cut off, decapitation, sex.
    These are terms wich have been used since humans learned to write and practised even longer. I understand that theres limits, and I respect that. However blood and gore was pretty common when you bashed your enemy's skull with an axe.
    I've seen that some of you are a fan of fallout. They did a fair job of disconnected limbs. To overly done some places, but still.

    Since this is a game of realism, a trip into humas darkest corners should be there for the player to interact and do as he chooses.
    Sex, it should exist in the game, but not pushed on to you.

    Ah, I got so many ideas for this game, but I've already written long enough for a Youtube comment X)

    Love your work, but I can wait till it's properly done, so don't rush things ^^,

    Cheers from Norway

  11. модель лошади и ее пластики движения поведения и посей день остаются эталоном мастерства самого классного гейм  художника лутьшие что я когда либо видел в играх это редеад редемшон и тень колосса все остальные это легкая пародия на коня.По этому видосу вид от первого лица конь смотриться живо а от третьего еще работать и работать особенно над задней частью и резкими остановками ну если взять за пример что это даже не альфа а преальфа тест то к концу игры может все и поменяется. 

  12. Well.
    The backgrounds are so well made I can't quite tell them apart from real life.
    The humans too.
    If they can pull of the horses it will be the best looking game in forever.

  13. I hope there are some sick armours that will become available for these beasts via DLC. That would be awesome. And original.

  14. Haven't pledged so I can't comment on the forums…. but I hope someone tells them that horses have 4 distinct gaits, not just 3. Personally I think it's really cool that they naturally have 4 distinct gaits, so it would be a shame to ignore it. Especially since other games do get this right …

  15. The horse speeds and animations are really bad I'm sorry but just no. If you want to see more realistic horses. Red dead redemption animated them the best.

  16. @Warhorse Studios 
    Impressive….but im not going to be in this like WTF SERIOUSLY?! back to Skyrim where im loved

  17. So are you going to create spin-off games using these horses i.e. stables one for kids and a racing one for gamblers 🙂 

    Top work.

  18. automatisches springen ? das könnte bissel öde werden, wie wäre es wenn das pferd scheut wenn man nicht den richtigen zeitpunkt erwischt um auf jump zu drücken? und die zeitspanne wo man drücken kann durch einen skill erweitern kann ?

  19. I am glad that I Slovak.  BEST GAME EVER.Finally medieval CZECH game within magic…and dragons…. 😀

  20. I love the idea of having horses that will not just wander around and stand still while they are getting pounded!  FINALLY, someone is looking at the realism and wanting to add it to games!  thanks again guys!

  21. Can you dye your clothes, shields, and tabards? Can you customize your armor and weapons to give them details and make them unique to the player, like the hilt or add engravings to the armor and sword? Maybe even horse armor 🙂

  22. Horse is the closiest friend, brother of a warrior, so i think many players want him to be more beautiful, at least as what The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt had done! 🙂

  23. The fact that the horses won't jump over a cliff if you're trying to force it to is absolutely amazing! I love this completely and am looking forward to this game.

  24. I don't mean to criticize, this is a very pretty game with great visuals. but I do hope that horse doesn't end up constantly stiff as it looks

  25. I found a better horse by killing a bandit leader and taking his ear and spurs. How on earth do I make the better horse my own. I have to waste another saviour schnapps until you upload a new video to tell us how.

  26. 02:01 They just had to have the horse knock someone down.

    I love the game you guys have made, just wished more work had been done with horses to make them more immersive, like they need food, some basic care, they follow you when commanded to, and maybe they perform better the longer they stay with you? This game, after all, feels more like a medieval simulator to me, which I have been enjoying very much.

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