Kissing Pranks — h3h3 reaction video
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Kissing Pranks — h3h3 reaction video

August 11, 2019

Hey, what’s up pranksters? Today, we’re gonna go out to the streets And threathen people with physical violence Let’s see how they react! Hey dawg wassup how you doin’ [Stranger] Hey… Yeah you wanna fucking die right now? Wassup! [Stranger] Woah, woah, hey man… Wassup dawg, wassup? You wanna get stabbed? Wassup? You- ARGH DUDE It’s a prank dude! What’s your problem dude? It’s just a prank, man! I am the ultimate prankster! Wow Ethan, great moves, keep it up, proud of you What up invaders, Chris here Today I go down to public and asking girls to guess my name for a kiss Trick is, my name is whatever they want it to be Let’s do it Now, Chris from Prank Invasion is definetely one of my favourite goofsters and gaffsters And one of the ultimate pranksters of all time I love the accessories on the wrists, I don’t think he could jam any more accessories there Imma have you guess my name. If you guess my name, I get a really quick kiss Actually, you’re fucking adorable, come here… […] [COUGH] Ugh… I can’t believe this How many views does this have, Hila? [Hila] Millions… Two millions – [EXTREME COUGH] Two million views… [more cough] […] Grab that ass! Yeah, that’s how it works! Oh women are such sluts! I knew it, I knew it all along! [Orgasm] *We only like guys who are trendy and have a great little haircut and wear tons of wristbands!* AH! I knew it, I knew it! I didn’t do that! AH! Damn it! Ah, he’s such a player, dude, fuck, you Chris, man, you’re so awesome dude- AHHH [COUGH] Just a little interesting backstory about Chris from Prank Invasion He lives in Santa Cruz and does a lot of pranks there That’s where I went to school and me and Hila lived there for a year I would LOVE to run into this guy there What would we do if we saw him? You’re such a pimp dawg! UH dude how do ya do it? Dawg, will you sign my dick? Will you kiss that girl right there? She’s so hot! Kiss her, please, dude, I’ll film it. We’ll put it on your channel. I can’t believe I’m meeting Chris from Prank Invasion! (screams) Will you kiss my wife, dude? Will you cuckold me? Dog, will you cuckold me? Will you fuck my wife? Can I watch, dog? I won’t touch, I’ll just jerk off in the corner I’ll be very silent. Chris, please! I wanna meet him so bad. (coughs) So, if you can guess my name, uh, I get a really really quick kiss, ok? So, um, guess my name. Girl: Chris Chris: Wait, do you know me? That’s actually my name. You know what? Just, come here. Ethan: Talking about a nice little fade there! Hip hop! A little hip hop! But also just a little Spice Girl. You know what I mean? Also. It’s a little interesting fusion of flavours. And who could forget those bracelets, dog? It’s like middle school, but you’re a grown man. Uh! It’s beautiful! Take your time guys! Just keep jerking off! This is a long one. Women are so easy! All they care about is bracelets, dude. I knew it! Chris: Oh my God, how’d you know? That’s my name, come here. And the Oscar goes to… Chris: Wait, do you know me? That’s actually my name. You know what, just come here. Girl: Fred. Chris: That’s it. Actually, you’re fucking adorable, come here. Ethan: Guys, the point I’m trying to make here is that… It’s faaaaake. His videos just start with ‘don’t try this at home!’ Because if you try this at home, you’re gonna have a bad time. You’re gonna get slapped, you’re gonna get peppersprayed, and you probably might even get arrested, guys. This is fake and this is not how the world works, okay? He didn’t say it, I’m saying it for you. If you needed someone to say it, hey, that’s what I’m here for! Guys, it’s uncle Ethan. We don’t need to watch another one of them making out, he’s just gonna grab her ass. Make everyone on the streets very uncomfortable There’s kids out there with their parents, they’re gonna say “hey mommy” “Hey mommy, what’s going on over there?” He’s not ready to learn about the birds and the bees and the bracelets! He’s not ready, Chris! Let’s move it on to the next vid. This one’s called ‘secret handshake’… ooh, sounds like quite a prank there, buddy! Chris: What up invaders? Chris here! Today I’m in Santa Cruz and I’m gonna make up a really crazy handshake, When girls can’t keep up with it, they owe me a kiss! Let’s do it. Ethan: Chris is looking very good today, all equipped with bracelets I like that ! I mean those arms, dog! Woah! Put those guns away son! You’re gonna put an eye out! You got a permit for those guns, son? Oh! Chris: I’m gonna make up a really crazy handshake, When girls can’t keep up with it, they owe me a kiss! Ethan: I’m gonna make up a crazy handshake, When girls can’t keep up with it? They owe me a kiss! Let’s go! Let’s see what this crazy handshake looks like. Chris: If you can’t keep up with my handshake, I win, and I get a really quick kiss, alright? Girl: Ok. Chris: Ok, here we go. Chris: You can’t keep up with me, come on! Ethan: The sound effects he captures is really something- (makes noises with mouth) It’s like a horse eating peanut butter or something. (smacking lips) All the little kids at home are like ‘yeeeeah, dude!’ The sound, dude! The sound as well (wretches) Oh God! Chris: If you can’t keep up with my handshake, I get a quick kiss, ok? Woman: Ok. Chris: Alright, here, put your hands up. Chris: Start like this. Chris: You know what, you’re really cute, just come here. Ethan: What a prank. Chris: Oh, you’re already married, right? Woman: I’m already married. Ethan: Oh, I knew it, she’s already married! Dammit! Hila, you better not be doing any kissing pranks on the street! Aw, now I know that she’s done it, I can’t trust any woman! Chris from Prank Invasion, thank you very much Well I, frankly, could watch your videos all day, but there’s so much more pranks to get to on YouTube! It’s such a wonderful world! We’d better really move on and see what we’ve got next. Guy: Alright, ready, real quick. Spit or swallow? Girl: Swallow. Guy: Spit or swallow? Girl: Next one! Guy: Spit or swallow? Guy: Spit or swallow? Girl: Next question! Guy: Basic bitches! Ethan: It’s like sour warheads in my mouth, watching this guy! That’s how it feels. Guy: Do you spit or swallow? Girl: (laughing) Oh no! Guy: Oh, don’t go, don’t walk away! Girl: So, as you said, you don’t know me. Guy: That’s cool. Then get to know me. My name’s Warren. Girl: Nice to meet you, Warren. Guy: I’m 18, uh, I have a 7 inch cock and, uh, Iive in Edison. Get to know me! Guy: Spit or swallow? Girls: (laugh) Ethan: Oh? He’s a spitter? That’s cool, dog, I respect that. Guy: So, I wanna know, do you guys spit or swallow? Girls: (laugh) Ethan: He’s doing this at night, in case the rapey, weirdo, pervert vibe wasn’t strong enough. Let’s do it at night, on the corner of a construction site and see how women react! Mmm! Guy: What does come taste like? Like, I’m a guy, I don’t fucking swallow, so I wouldn’t know. Guy: I’m not gay! I don’t… swallow or anything. What does come taste like? Guy: You know how come taste like? Cause I’m not gay and I wouldn’t know. Guy: What does come taste like? Cause I’m a guy, I’m not gay, I’m straight, so I don’t know what come tastes like. Guy: You could give me a really good description of what come tastes like. What does come taste like? Ethan: How does come taste like? Is it good? Have you tried it with pineapple? Does it taste better? Mmm. Tell me more about how it – Woah, I’m not gay! I’m not gay, I just really wanna know how come tastes. You tried it with different fruits? You got a little different shade of flavour in there? Tell me about it. I’m not gay, I’m not gay! Mmm! Hey, what’s up again, pranksters? I’m here with another wacky prank! I’m gonna show a bunch of pretty girls my junk! Let’s see what these sluts are all about! I bet they’re gonna look! Bang! I knew they were all sluts! Let’s check it out! Hey, how you doing? Hey, let me ask you a question. You ever seen a dick before? Slut! Sean (offscreen): Oh my God! Hila: What are you doing? Ethan: Oh no! Ethan: Dude, it’s just a prank, dude! Ethan: Get off me, dude, it’s just a prank, man! Ethan (voiceover): How does it feel to get pranked by the best? Thanks for watching everybody! If you wanna check out our second channel, you can just go ahead and click the video there in the middle We did a video blog and It’s pretty good, I think, it’s alright, you know. It’s not that bad. The top left we’ve got our social links. You know, to do with that stuff and we’ve got Facebook, Twitter… Instagram. You know. And at the top right, we’ve got our website And that’s where we sell our Jeff Dunham fuckdolls, of course, and the stickers. I think it’s pretty cool- I recommend checking it out. Alright, thanks everybody! Say goodbye, Hila. Hila: Goodbye, Hila.

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  1. his prank videos are like low key porn ahahahaha I dont see the prank in the "prank video" all I see is kissing and ass grabbing

  2. Am I the only one that finds Chris unattractive? I find it gross how these ladies just allow him to kiss them and grope them. Ethan is hilarious.

  3. What's gonna happen when lil Theo (lil T short for lil lit T) is ready for
    The birds
    The bees
    B R A C E L E T S

  4. This is completely legit. It's very common for 120lb dudes wearing gay pants, with a massive nose to get all the ass. Kid looks like such a dorky try-hard. How pathetic does a person have to be to pretend to be some player with paid actors?

  5. Hey even if they are actors doesn’t make those girls not whores. Porn stars are whores they are acting too

  6. "You got a permit for those guns, son?!!" LOL " Put those guns away!!!" Hahaha gotta love Ethan man… Keep up the good work soldier, from 2019, at ease…

  7. I'm not going to watch this. Not cuase I dislike h3, it's because I'm too uncomfortable with the kisses and the….

    1 Too may bracelets

  8. "He's not ready to learn about the birds, the bees and the bracelets. HE'S NOT READY CHRIS." -H3 at it's finest

  9. What the hell is wrong with the audio in prankinvasion’s videos. I’ve vomited at least 5 times already.

  10. I wonder if these skanks put this shit on their resume. " Appeared as unsuspecting thot in a youtubes with THE PrankInvasion" ?

  11. That’s basically him just hiring girls to make out with them. Aka prostitution. Only legal cuz there’s a camera so it’s porn

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