KJ Noons vs. Krazy Horse Bennett in Strikeforce
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KJ Noons vs. Krazy Horse Bennett in Strikeforce

August 16, 2019

Kj your ass my The best weapon in my arsenal is you know my hands my elbows [my] knees my kick? He’s [scared]. He’s very afraid raise yours. I’m going to turn that [talent] into a man big producing to you first on my right fighting out of the blue Corner standing [5] feet 8 inches he weighed in at 155 pounds he is a street fighter with a record of 17 wins 14 losses in 2 draws with 10 knockouts and 3 submissions to his credit Representing team horsepower and hailing from Ocala Florida his producing the colorful Charles Crazy whore and is opponent across the cage on my left fighting out of the red Corner standing [five] feet [ten] inches he weighed in at 154 and 1/2 pounds Specializing in the disciplines of boxing and muay Thai his mMA record stands at three wins no losses all three wins coming by way of knockout representing city boxing and fighting out of San Diego, California by way of Kinda Lakota, Hawaii Please welcome the pride fighting championships us auditions winner there is the undefeated KJ And here’s our third band of the cage [our] referee in charge herb dean [alright] gentlemen we’ve gone over the rules protect yourself at all times Follow my instruction at all times let’s keep this fight nice and clean that’s closing from our radios easy Obviously, no love lost between these two and what a way to get out of the gates here on the first several edicts the event On showtime and around North America as you saw [Kj]. News tried to touch gloves But Charles Bennett wanted nothing to do with the jake okay J. Noon said yesterday Hey, I’m not here to make friends [on] a fight. You’ve got 102 mind Games begin Round one is underway nothing, but extreme antipathy exhibited between these two points he’s as much about the show and he is about to go with a record of 13 [14] [and] [2] but he knows that he is in a fight aging news with all kinds of attendance kills again as we mentioned a [future] [lipstick] Mark white also very well schooled on equipment. That’s been fighting since even [5] years old, [but] the reality is that Charles Bennett is a private agency veteran. He spots. You know probably 30 40 times in JJ Start now There is [missing] with a wildlife Yes, you talked earlier about out Kj. Noons [talked] trash girl away in Mexico She gets offenses after this stand in front and as you [could] see Charles Bennett is talking a little bit of trash [anther] in their fight, you can see that He doesn’t even respect KJ news He has his left hand down by his waist Looking to load up with that home run right with the white sauce Bennett better be careful though He does manage a good white hand there that connects to KJ knows he needs to respect the punching power of KJ news if you want to survive this opening round and it wasn’t indicative of a pretty horse [bennett] fight is that he starts off strong all the time so I thought that’s the Conditioning [ago] is a question mark and probably best known for knocking of the previously undefeated tag for a veteran My eat up in pride fighting championships Bushido one minute you know he felt that kick and another one from KJ Noons trying to take away the lead lay the drug benefit I did not believe Gerald planet enjoyed those kicks and you can tell cause he just who went right back occasion if you’re looking to [Aj’s] for you got Brandon Vera, and you know that Ralph game is also contraindicated Jason we’ve got a plethora of experience every time and if you’ve never heard [of] Rock [Haven] simply put he is one of the greatest more Thai fighters to ever live out of Holland and That is where KJ Noons and Daniel’s been working it through the better strikers in the business jail though right now a bit of a feeling out process Both of them know what [is] that stake here history being made will delete xp, but again It’s a both combat in the fans here [in] Mississippi are beginning to let them [know] that hey you guys you came here to fight You didn’t come here to get the world leg fixed you also as we saw from noon is if you saw [Zdenek] at first drop that left hand or down by a drink and that would just fix up the stands Hey, he just can’t even just went back to it But [against] [Japan] is all the way down there to protect and [that] opens up to a head shot good counter strike [they’re] fine news as Bennett really telegraphed that kid looks as if right now they both have [the] same strategy they’re going for low blows down Below And then they’re going to come up top with the right hand or a high kick news that ended each of his professional fights undefeated at 300 with three knockouts Bennett only known for his tail power with Jim Knox and now invented [pulling] on astro But he has to become crispy as the settle down has to focus at the task at hand [the] question is when is Bennet going? To shoot in and go for one of those pick takedowns and swings these days right through the guard their job Bennet Minima clearly left in the opening round Finally into a bit of a pleasure gets the cake But then it allows news to scoot away yet also wonder that everytime news is landed one of those big Rights Bennet has not budged What goes on inside a fighter? defense time [Geno’s] has been knocked out here in Mississippi is reborn Bill Goldberg you had an undefeated streak that went on hundred and opening [a] [nose] well for KJ. Nose [and] all the Fuss it is we [talk] about the right hand of Charles Bennett [ba-baby] got to be very very disappointing for [news] There’s no question about it But strain it for a guy like Bennett is very very hardy so wild and so unorthodox [and] you can see is that right here came from no, right you know what bill I was going to mention just prior to The finishing [blow] that looked like news were having success with the long time jack [to] the lead like a minute But he refused to keep going there william banting ultimate driving Charles Bennett, and what a way to kick it off you’re on showtime, buddy unbelievable inaugural event and the first mass was an unbelievable far corner with an odd night so again father figure Jerry Treble clock of King of mechanics giving Bennett and embraced Kj. Noons a flash knockout. He’s on his feet wondering what happened wondering. What state? He’s in well He’s in a state of pain and confusing right now As we see here build the body shot and there it is the white boy. They both landed that shot at the same time unfortunately for Nunes Bennett’s was much stronger and you know what set it off there bill as you saw in that replay really a flash knockout for KJ noons [a] disappointing debut and Ali dexy But it wasn’t as we take a look at the overhand camera shot here again gentles a counter strike And it hits that proverbial button it was any you know I hate [to] say it But he went down quicker than the titanic here in Southaven, Mississippi. Yeah, no doubt in his shot to crazy horse’s face Just glances your straight off Let’s take one last look in the reaction on KJ noons Faces you see it right there The picture says a thousand nerves and a showman to the end [spent] it with the backflip off the cage and I’ll score that a perfect 6 as We now await the official decision. There’s his girlfriend carly who’s been with them for almost 10 years they have a child together And let’s go now [to] [class] [see] Jimmy Lennon Jr.. With the official decision when fuck ladies and gentlemen we have a time of 3 minutes 43 seconds in round number one a referee in charge herb Dean stops the contest the winner by way of Technical Knockout Charles Crazy Horse I [love] [to] start a memory page all of you guys Charles Charles [Wilber] Your mints are fine Knockout victory for it. Let me get them in here. Let me let me get them in here. Let me get them in here Charles Electrifying Knockout victory you two guys talk smack to each other the [other] day you say Let me cut you off cut me off. Don’t talk back to the horse. He might back down they’ll back ass Yeah, you see after that You know what it seems like you’re [having] more fun in your victory celebration than the knockout itself you know I mean hey I knew what was going to happen you know this guy He wants [to] come in and talk shit to me. You’re gonna talk [shit] to me. You know I say It’s better to not talk shit cuz then I don’t come to the fight with an edge You know, but if you talk shit, I’m gonna come to the fight with [an] [ass] Just like I didn’t want to touch this glove because you know I was gonna knock him out. Hey. I love the [boos] I love keep on with them the more you do be in victory. You’re Gonna Love it. You gotta love I want you to check us through the knockout Take a look up there and tell us what you want from news there you go [oh] my hair my hair right here your hair looks great. Put it right down right now. Hello right now [boom] [ibegin] [oh] shit whoa whoa No, stop it horse. Stop it. See is he going to get up you’re gonna get up [oh]? God lee. He doesn’t know where it is. Yeah, that’s what happens now. I got to tell you humility and victory is unbelievable Hey, what’s what is next for you? I’m trying out a guignol You know I would have been a hacker so bad, so you know I’m uh Trying to knock the next you know But I’m always willing to fight I went out to California trained my ass off for this fight another fan I like to [just] [shun] us tomorrow as far as our skin both Dotnet Booyah Cube fighting you know we’re gonna. [take] one more look up here at your knockout. You [have] a cigarette oh Yeah, get out boy those coming your back. Oh right now. Y’all [sees] like I say, you know I Got a [hard-ass] here. So you know I eat a couple of punches you understand But those fucking leg kicks refer like a mob I tell you what as impressive as that knockout well just [elastics] That’s pretty [wild] [huh]? Yeah, you know. I want to be active tell me out of What is yeah? I don’t know you know. I’m not looking down there I got to be honest with you Already expended a heck of a knockout heck of a performance good luck in your acting career [you] just got [to] love his humility. I’ll send it back oh Subscribe if You Like and Share [yeah], like I said like a good shot still all my friends and my family you know Coco long net and the rest of my Friends our family [out] [in] Florida because I’m from Ocala, Florida when I say back to the cage for me. Oh yeah We’re going to send it back down KJ knows if he can be found. I love you charles being in Danger Maria, Bennett I love y’all

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  1. Esse é o tipo do lutador bobo e chato mas, ao mesmo tempo vc gosta ve-lo lutar…criativo e faz a luta interessante…cavalo louco manda bem!

  2. These refs give u 0 seconds to recover kj got caught but was knocked out herb dean jumped on him faster than bennet did dam

  3. I don't know what it is..but KJ Noons makes me wanna punch him in his throat. He just has an annoying face

  4. Funny man ???? hope he’s an actor by now and why not there are so many idiots acting in Hollywood I’m sure he can do better than most ???

  5. Luego se ofenden cuando los comparan con un mono, pero estamos de acuerdo que hace las monicacadas como tal, porque no le arrojan unos cacahuates!

  6. "Boom! I faked him! Ohhhhh Sh!t! That was.. Ohhh No! Is he gonna get up?? Is he gonna get up?? .. He doesn't know where he is." ??? Best interview i've ever seen.

  7. He is super high. Could you imagine being super high going into the cage with a dude who's been training since he was 5? Wow.

    Is he dead now? RIP CRAZY HORSE

  8. Un muchacho con solo tres peleas, por muy bueno que sea, no debe apresurarse, enfrentándolo a rivales con mucho más experiencia. La empresa promotora está fallando allí y mucho más los manejadores del joven novato; que se pude malograr por su culpabilidad e irresponsabilidad.

  9. Clean combo, left to the liver, followed by a quick right to the light switch schools Noons. This ain't Muay Thai. Masterful performance by the Horse.

  10. Why ufc never took this fighter?they lost a great chance he coud have been the second best promoter of the company like mcgregor

  11. He did what nick diaz and many others couldn’t. He kod noons. Noons is a spoiled rich boy so glad he got 3 pieces

  12. Funny shit at least 13yrs ago i remember him tryin to buy weed off me at soaring eagle he definitely a hood dude

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