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  1. Hope you had a great time in Montana. Glad you got a chance to come to see my favorite State. Bozeman is great place for a Vacation. Hope you seen the Museum of the Rookies.

  2. what does kristens husband think of her with mike?? like if he has to film her in a bath then he sees her private areas 😂

  3. My english teacher told my class a story about when she was a girl and went to a horse farm.
    The moral of the story was: when you get bit in the stomach, get back on.
    I love quoting her.

  4. I’m a barrel racer and…🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I love this😂. As a person who works with horses and rides them, this is awesome! That hat though😂 good job Kristen horses are the best thing that happened to me! So I am happy you interacted with them and tried to get over your fear!

  5. Omgosh I live in Idaho and when they were surprised that it was snowing in Montana I was like……..

    Well yeah, that happens here


  6. This was amazing! When I caught my first fish I also got so excited that I fell in lmao I laughed so hard! Amazing!!

  7. I live on a ranch so I've been raised around farm animals and horses. Getting kicked by a horse SUCKS!!! I had a giant bruise on my leg for months!

  8. Kristin: how can I get u not to gallop

    Me as an equestrian: that was a trot not as fast as a gallop 😂😂

  9. I first got scared of horses like a year ago when I visited my older sisters in Oklahoma and I was feeding them and my sister told me to lay my hand flat and my dad came in and said or he will think your finger was the food and might eat it so no I'm scared

  10. I love lady like but I do want to say something about the horse the horse was not peer-pressured the horse was just not a lead horse and didn't like going unless the horses in front of it did but I love ladylike and Kristen is one of my favorites

  11. The girls should visit Roanoke, VA. It an old town and on weekends there are vendors everywhere downtown. It has a small zoo and huge museum, plus alot of stores.

    Thumbs up if you agree!

  12. Soooooooooooooooooooooo no hate horses are basically huge soft giants they are more afraid of us then we are them

  13. 38 degrees is boiling herein England our usual temperature at the moment is 14 degrees celsius anyway i hope that you have a great time

  14. Blahaha As a life long horse owner and rescuer, I so laughed watching this one. Ty for the giggles.

  15. How the heck can someone be scared of 🐎?! I always wanted to ride 🐎 since I was little… 📝 to self earn enough money to go to where you and Mike gone to face your fear so yea. I haven’t been riding a 🐎 since I was 10-13.

  16. See they got a wayyyy better set up to get on the horse, they have a platform. If they didn't have that you would have had to jump and swing your leg over and hope you stay balanced

  17. Me being an equestrian, this vid is like the funiest thing ive ever seen. I cant even imagine my life without horses

  18. Me being an equestrian, this vid is like the funiest thing ive ever seen. I cant even imagine my life without horses

  19. I loved watching Kristin list the things that horses can do to you and thinking, all of those things have happened to me.🤣😆

  20. Speaking as a cowgirl and an equestrian myself this is so um interesting I’m not scared of horses but this was probably how my first ride went….,

  21. It was so funny as a long-time minnesotan there total confusion by the fact it was snowing.
    Also this:
    Kristen: what if im alergic to snow!
    Me: its just frozen water.

  22. I don't think that horses🐎 are meant to eat with a saddle on at least they aren't allowed at the stables I go to.

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