August 25, 2019

we should have training of legs and he is sleeping again wake up, you´re not so old, wake up where are you? now I had a beautiful dream about stenght wars that I will be better than Faceless hi do you know where is Náplavka? I´m going to stenght wars and I don´t now where is it you? you’re going to wars? look at yourself get out fuck, everybody wants to do it today hi guys, welcome to the new video I´m here with Kuba again today we will have training of legs get out tell me where is the Náplavka in Prague fuck you so today will be leg training maybe some strongman exercises what do you think? I do what dad says I have no choice…and before the training I’ll take this shirt off because he should wear anabolic horse t-shirt and not this you are putting it on yourself for 15 minutes I’m tired this is how you wear it? your calf was pumped there is definitely a technique for that, but I don´t know it I’m warming up, activating core and he is still putting this on himself and now he has to check the Instagram today I will train legs first time from the competition in Poland I was trying train hamstring and it was fine so we´ll see hopefully it will be ok now I warm up shoulders top of the back activate core I will stretch hamstrings, calfs and let’s do it come here you see, brute power I can squat now it´s weird this you should have on shoulders who invented it what’s new with me? I´m bigger, stronger, you will see today I was improving my mobility today will be some PR and I have a girlfriend officially I have a girlfriend here you can see her photo who do you put in there? his sister it can be seen that he has improved his mobility still bad fashion I don’t know why he has a problem with that it´s better wear it on leggins so I recommend leggings for me is the biggest advantage in safety bar squat the mobility of wrist and shoulders when I often do bench or do over head presses I overload my elbows so when I do safety squat, I eliminate it safety bar squat a little bit imitate front squat so you have more upright back you can have a narrower stance I try do safety bar in a broad position too toes out, knees behind toes and the back are as upright as possible it´s relief for my back I don’t have to be all the time in press this is 140kg and the safety bar has 23kg, right? 23,5kg ? yes, 23,5kg so it´s 160kg do you see that good english, bad math…good math, good english too it was 160kg so now it´s 190kg you fell good today, right ? I have anabolic horse merch if you have it too, you could have some PR today only one? I have no time there was no pause down now it looks bad Kubo, what are you drinking? it´s not my you won’t drink rival drinks we have no rivals it´s easy it´s not easy I have the tool for today’s training Kuba come here do you know how much it costs? we don´t finally he looks good and now we can go to lift something today is the first video where Kuba add adn take off weights you like a relationship advisor what would you recommend for a good relationship? communication, honesty it´s good for Instagram? I think that yes ,it´s not bad arms good, right? this is proof that this merch has been done for a long time because this is still an old logo this is maybe one year old logo you are here again?! Dad solved it I only try something to 200kg I was trying hamstring,
I will not risk it so today we have only quick training only some squats and then we will go to eat something you are so fat you’re not on a diet at all every morning I eat pancakes with nutella and strawberries and whipped cream I eat every morning pancakes without nutella but with peanut butter my muscles would run from my body when you are on diet, IQ is falling look at these people on diet therefore I am not on diet today we are over we will go to eat strenght wars are being shot tonight otherwise I recommend safety bar squats
if you have the option don´t do only heavy squats change the exercises legs position don’t be afraid to try new things otherwise you won’t learn anything new such as Kuba Kuba was bad until he obeyed me I change it to avoid overloading my elbows, biceps adn wrists alternate it with normal squats and no we will go to the strenght wars we will shoot some disciplines if you want to do heavy squats more often you have to adapt it to the rest of the training if you want to improve deadlifts you have to cut down on squats I do heavy deadlifts 2-3 weekly but I have to cut down squats every time listen to me, I know it now we go to prepare the wars I was hoping someone would get hurt and in wars will be we two again I don´t know what to say it´s a pity that no one was injured because we would have to face each other it´s 11 pm and I usually sleep and today I have to show some disciplines and then go home wait, wait buy merch, follow, subcribe likes, comments, share Kuba, here we go so Hanz wants wars with me and then he runs away first I´m ready anytime how you enjoyed the Wars? I have no stress from battle and now I’m more of a support so I enjoy it I´m more calm he is sleeping again..Hanz, you must not speak when you´are sleeping 3-4 reps

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