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November 19, 2019

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Hello, long time no see For the first time in months, you’ll now see my face I have gotten so many new subscribers here in YouTube so I thought I’ll make a Q&A video where you can get to know me better This time you could’ve asked questions on Instagram I have the questions here on my phone so I’m reading them on my phone The first question is: What is your favorite horse breed? My favorite breed on real horses is some Riding Pony With hobbyhorses, it is French Riding Pony Who is/are your favorite hobbyhorse maker/makers? I have to confess I haven’t followed hobbyhorsers for a while So I don’t really know what’ve been happening or who are still into hobbyhorsing For that reason, I can’t say who is my favorite hobbyhorse maker I’ve been answering this question earlier but those answers are not valid anymore Because maybe their style to make hobbyhorses changed and I don’t like it so much anymore Tell your opinion on realistic hobbyhorsers? I think the questioner means the ones who feed and take hobbyhorses to the pasture etc. Well, it is one style of hobbyhorsing that you make this hobby realistic (like with real horses) And I don’t know, there is nothing wrong with it Everybody can do this hobbyhorsing thing as they want Hobbyhorsing is not only limited to riding and handicrafts How old are you? I’m currently 20 years old I was born in June 1999 So next year I’ll be 21 Are you studying or working at the moment? I graduated from senior high school a year ago Currently, I’m studying agriculture at the University of Applied Sciences I started this degree this fall Before that, I had about one year of gap year after senior high school so I was working then Mostly I was cleaner on a construction site buildings Also, some office cleaning but it wasn’t so much my thing What is your favorite color on hobbyhorses? I had to admit that I still like red chestnut a lot Like how Jupi is So basic chestnut, red chestnut is my favorite horse color And it hasn’t changed in years But if I have to say some special color… …I’d say dapple chestnut (like dapple-gey but on chestnut) light dapples, so not full-body/neck Do you ride real horses? I still answer that no, I’m not riding Horses are not my hobby, except if somebody counts hobbyhorses as a horse hobby Well I went riding a couple of times in the summer But then came some “barriers” so I stopped it When I was little I was riding and handling trotters Who is your favorite horse? My favorite horse is Jupi But I’ve also started liking Soaker a lot This was my own horses Other’s horses I like… well, I haven’t followed hobbyhorse stuff/Instagram in a long time so I don’t really remember which horses exist If I had to mention one it is Tiikeri (owned by Kenttätalli Hiutale) I also owned Tiikeri once Are you making commission horses and what are the prices? Yes, I’m making both commission horses and equipment You can see the prices on my commission page: Chiaro Hobbyhorses / The link is also in the description box Normal sized, three-piece hobbyhorses with a mouth (about the size of Soaker) their starting price is 80€ / about 88,34 USD / 851,58 SEK What affects the price is markings For example, Soaker here has a badger face, it’s not a basic marking, so it’ll cost more Jupi here has a star strip and it with max blaze goes under the 80€ category And all, colored eyes, extra long or thick mane, shadings, dapples, etc. will add price You can see the whole price category on my commission page so go check that if you’re interested Then the basic question I always receive: How long you’ve been hobbyhorsing, and what got you started? Let’s start with this: I got my first ever hobbyhorse when I was around one-year old It was a wooden one and I don’t have it anymore When I was little I was playing with it (well not when I was a baby) Then at some point, it became a hobby 2005 when I was six years old… I established my first hobbyhorse stable So by then, I was hobbyhorsing Have you changed your stable’s name during the years? Yes I have Firstly it was called Ponilaakson keppihevostalli/talli (“Ponyvalley’s hobbyhorse stable/stable”) I could also tell a bit more history now During Ponilaakso (established 2005) I had a variable amount of hobbyhorses I was riding relatively actively I organized a hobbyhorse “club” with my mum back then Some of my friends were coming to the club It was the time when my stable’s only competitions have been organized (camp competitions doesn’t count now) I can’t remember the year… around 2010-2013 I changed the name to Kht Kytömäki (Kht=keppihevostalli=Hobbyhorse Stable) according to our farm During that time I had a lot of hobbyhorses, I loved collecting them I had at least 30 hobbyhorses back then That name [Kytömäki] was only for a short period Then I changed it into Kht Chiaro I can’t now tell the year when it changed After changing the name I started selling my horses My goal has been to only own few horses Where does name Chiaro Hobbyhorses / Kht Chiaro come from? So the name of my stable is Kht Chiaro (Keppihevostalli Chiaro / Hobbyhorse stable Chiaro) And I make commission and sale horses under the name Chiaro Hobbyhorses You can also find me on social media with the name Chiaro Hobbyhorses Well, Kht comes from keppihevostalli (hobbyhorse stable) And the story behind Chiaro… Back when my stable was still named Kytömäki I had many horses and was planning for new horses So I was looking for horse names around the internet Also translated some words into different languages If I remember right Chiaro is Italian and means “light” etc. At the same when I was looking for the names I also got a few nice name ideas for the stable Then I decided to change the name to Chiaro I’ve been proud with the name this far and am still How often do you make sale horses/equipment? I try to make at least one or two horses per month It depends a lot how much free time I have and how many commissions I have for that month At least one sale horse per month is the minumum Sale horses/equipment are sold on my blog/sales page (Kht Chiaron Elämää) Or you can go to the sale page from the commission page Equipment for sale varies a lot more 1. When I decide to sell some of my old equipment 2. Or make some specific sale equipment Before Christmas, I’ll try to go through all my equipment so I’ll probably sell a lot of equipment But yet I haven’t had time for that because I’ve been busy with school Do you have a boy-/girlfriend? The answer is, yes I do have a boyfriend What are your hobbies besides hobbyhorsing? In the summer I try to cycle a lot Jogging, short hikes on paths and forest I also photograph Mostly in the summer, I photograph motorsport, mostly drifting Drifting has been my main focus ower two years now Of course, I take photos of hobbyhorses, sometimes nature/landscape photos and also cats Question: I want to order a hobbyhorse from you in January. Do you take commissions then? And how I can get to the commission queue? I try to take at least one or two commissions per month Every month in the beginning or in the middle of the month there will be free spots on the queue You can check the queue from my commission page From that page, you also find instructions on how to order (non-Finnish speakers don’t doubt to ask!) Basically, you just sent the commission form to me through e-mail The fastest ones get the places, so I don’t have draw as some do So first who sends commission form gets the place Are you going to organize hobbyhorse camps one day? And if so, what is the age limit and price? I was meant to organize s couple of camps this summer But I met some “barriers” so I didn’t organize them Probably one day I will again organize camps If I only have time on some summer I can already tell that next summer I can’t organize them Because I have farm practice in the summer (part of my studies) But one day I’ll organize a camp again I don’t know about the age limit nor the price For this year I was thinking the price should be around 30-50€ It includes food, riding lessons, etc. As an age limit, I was thinking about 13 years (I’m 20 myself) Because there were many who was younger and still wants to come to my camps So I really don’t know if I should do the age limit thing at all Are you still riding hobbyhorses? No, I haven’t ridden them in many years actively Few previous years I still rode time to time with friends But this year I haven’t been riding Well at spring we went riding a couple of times with Laura But really I haven’t ridden them in months Then, why I don’t ride hobbyhorses? I’m 20 years old so I don’t have the imagination for that anymore So I’m only making these as a handicraft: commissions and for sale I also have some peripheral things e.g. YouTube that links to my hobbyhorsing Oh, I have to mention that if somebody is riding hobbyhorses, there’s nothing wrong with that. Don’t get me wrong Now we have a good question What you did on summer? I think a reason for this question is I haven’t really published on my blog nor in YouTube In summer… I was traveling some at the beginning of the summer When we had nice weather So I’m road tripping with my car around Finland Then I went to the drifting events e.g. in Kuopio, Jyväskylä, Kokkola, etc. Of course, I made commission and sale horses Nothing really special Mostly same things I do every day Till July I was thinking about the camps In June I didn’t have any extra time for that… At the beginning of July I started thinking more about the camps But then I met my boyfriend at the drifting competition in Botniaring at the start of July Then it’s been like I’ve spend all my free time with him in Nurmijärvi or he’s been here Oh, I also had a job for the whole summer The job ended about at the end of the summer All spare time I used travelling Well, I also made hobbyhorses Which are the horses you own atm? I know all of you won’t go to my homepage to check these so I’m showing you pictures ’cause I can’t fetch them all here now I have five horses atm This is Jupi, the one I have here now He’s French Riding Pony stallion Then, Soaker who’s also here He’s also a Riding Pony Then we have Valegro, Holsteiner stallion Poju, Andalusian horse, stallion I don’t have Nadia anymore… Tuikku, Finnish horse is my only mare atm This one, Nadia I just sold In summary, I have: Jupi, Soaker, Valegro, Poju and Tuikku And somebody has heard that I sold Nadia Question: Why you sold Nadia? Because I’m not riding these anymore, I really have no use for them But I want to keep some horses from which people maybe recognize me and some of them are very important for me I sold Nadia, because she just wasn’t my type of hobbyhorse anymore I also needed money what I got from selling her And one more reason, I want/wanted to keep just a few horses, not many It’s been my goal for the whole time my stable has been named Chiaro I think five is a good amount for now What is your favorite of all the sale horses you made during the year 2019? This is really a hard question, I don’t even remember all the sale horses I’ve made… but I maybe know… If this one even was made in this year It could’ve been also made last year…. But this Kht Daira’s horse Oh this is hard… I don’t remember which ones were sale horses and which commissions Also this Curly I have for sale now This is also really nice What is your favorite commission horse for this year? You can find photos of this horse on the blog when this video comes up It was the dapple-grey horse which went to Slovak It has shadings and some special things I’ve never made before so I had a really fun time making it So it is most likely my favorite, I became really successful And well, I’ll still make more horses this year so… Then… Why Did you stop organizing camps? Well I kinda answered this one already The main reason why I didn’t have camps two years ago ’cause all my free time in the summer holidays went with the camps So I wanted a “gap year” from that that I could travel and have more free time For four summers I had the camps This summer I had work etc. This year basically I didn’t have time for that To add to that what I did in summer and why I didn’t have time for camps I was a lot in Kalajärvi (caravan area) I had a year place there this summer For the next summer, I’ll also take the year place I really don’t know when I have time to be there Some other family member can be there then This is a really wide question: What are your plans for the next year (2020)? Well… I haven’t thought about that yet Well I’ll continue studying In the summer I have the farm practicing Hopefully I’ll get a place from Nurmijärvi and be there with my boyfriend On the weekends and free times, we probably need to go to Kalajärvi Of course, I need to do some nice road trips and make commissions and sale horses Or at least I try I really don’t have anything special I can’t tell you more specifically Those are the thing I already know How often you’ve lost your nerves with hobbyhorses? When sewing hobbyhorses… Not in a loooong time I usually don’t get irritated Years ago before I started making commissions When I was still training on making them If the horse was crooked or I didn’t know how to do some specific thing probably then I’ve lost my nerves I haven’t lost nerves on competitions nor camps (as far as I know) But maybe some times when I’ve been riding alone If the riding hasn’t been successful or I’ve been on a bad shape When did you become a YouTuber? First I made videos for my blog, linked to some thing there So I didn’t make it because of YouTube I’ve published my first videos 5 years ago so in 2014 Maybe we could count that as a beginning For a long time, I didn’t count myself as a YouTuber I never just got the moment:” Hey, now I’m starting this YouTube thing!” When I got some subscribers and people liked my videos I can’t clearly tell when it became “YouTubing” Many of you may have noticed that I haven’t been involved with YouTube before I got 10K subscribers Then I had to admit that maybe I need to focus more on this Now my goal is to make at least one video per month I try to make even more videos, but it’s hard with all the school stuff, etc… So I make more than just one video per moths if I only have time Are you going to sell some of your horses? Not right away, because I just sold Nadia I’m kinda sure that I won’t sell Jupi, Tuikku or Soaker in years if at all I still want to keep some horses as a memory Hobbyhorses have been such a big thing in my life and still are During the summer I was thinking a lot that should I sell Poju For now, I’ve decided I won’t sell him now He might still be most likely the one I’ll sell I’ve also thought about selling Valegro at one point But I have become attached to him so I won’t sell him now maybe one day How do you define your commission horse’s prices? About the prices both of my commission horses and sale horses their prices are under the same category I count the material costs (fabric, buckram, yarn, shadings, etc.) So what are the material costs Then working hours It depends a lot on a horse but I use roughly 6-15 hours making one horse So I have to get paid for those working ours and I don’t want to make these with for example one euro hourly wage I need to get money from the work I make How many horses you’ve made in total? I haven’t counted that in a long time Of course, I haven’t yet counted this year’s horses (but it’s around 50 this year) But in total the amount is already over 300 And this again; what is your name? I can’t understand why are you so interested in my name My nickname with hobbyhorse stuff has been Katatu But my name is Jaana if you necessarily need to know it Favorite animal? Cat. Still. 😀 (we have a few) What kind of music do you listen to? Do you listen to K-pop? I listen to a lot of different genres Lately, I’ve listened to a lot of Finnish rap I don’t listen to K-pop at all anymore I listened kinda lot of K-pop at one point But when it became too popular, it was everywhere, even with hobbyhorse stuff I lost my interest in it But I listen to a lot of different styles Well, I don’t like heavy metal How many patterns do you have for hobbyhorses? For normal-sized horses, I’ve got two: model 2019 and model 2018 I make all sale horses with the 2019 pattern and it’s supposition for commissions I still keep the 2018 model because many still want to order a horse with that pattern I also have own pattern for the foals and mini ponies because they’re different sized But I don’t have many patterns for different breeds I really can’t make a specific breed Well, Arabians, fjords and small ponies are easy to make So I don’t have a pattern for every horse breed Are you using buckram? Yes, I use it with fabrics that need it For example, velboa and other really stretchy fabrics need it ‘Cause if there’s not buckram and you’re filling the horse it’ll stretch leading to shape changes Do you sew the horses by hand or by sewing machine? I use both methods I’ll show you with Soaker… Partly I sew with the machine and partly by hand So neck from here down up to there with machine Then mouth and head shapes by hand Because I can make the turns better by hand I also can make as small stitches as with the machine so it doesn’t matter if I do partly by hand and partly with a machine Then the rest of the neck with machine There is a question that what is my YouTube channel? Well, my YouTube is called Chiaro Hobbyhorses and Instagram is: chiarohobbyhorses Blog and sales page: Kht Charon elämää and commission page: Chiaron Elämää (you can find these on Google) Have you ever dyed your hair? Yes. You might’ve seen on some older videos that I’ve had red hair Maybe here you can still see a little of red shade My ends are still a bit reddish You see? It’s been a couple of years since I had them dyed Favorite treat? Oh I hope I could still say that I don’t eat treats But thanks to my boyfriend I slipped from that Maybe Pringles Sour cream&onion and them some basic milk chocolate (Fazer) are my favorite snacks/treats I never eat treats alone 😀 Favorite and least favorite step on making a hobbyhorse? The favorite step is making the mane, I found an easy, nice and fast style to make it Least favorite part is maybe making the eyes and nostrils or making the ears It takes so long before I even find a motivation to start making them Well, sewing them is nice, but cutting is not Although it’s just a short step When you’ll have the next draw? I mentioned that I might organize smaller draw when I hit 15 000 subscribers And then a bigger draw when I hit 20K The price for that could be free commission horse So you have a photography page? Yes, I mentioned it on some Instastory I have a photography page/blog for the drifting and car photos (+some other photos) that I take It’s under name J.Tallgren Photography I can link it in the description this That was all the questions So it’s time for this video to end I have approximately one hour of videoclips now… So this might be a long video 😀 Now I’ll thank to everyone who asked questions Then, till next video in December (hopefully) Bye bye! 🙂

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