Lalki KC’s Galloping Gals | Recenzja + porównanie z Breyer
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Lalki KC’s Galloping Gals | Recenzja + porównanie z Breyer

August 16, 2019

Hi everyone, it’s Ula here with another, very special review for you! Today I want to show you /9th scale dolls by KC’s Galloping Gals! They came a long way from the United States to Poland here! ! In the beginning I want to say a huge thank you to KC’s Gallopin Galls for this collaboration and sending dolls which I’m about to introduce! As you can see there is a male and female doll available. Any volunteers? Gracie (as the company named her) is approx.18.5cm (7.3”) tall. Older collectors may recognize her as Yvonne doll by Zica toys KC’s Galloping Gals purchased the model last year making some improvements as well as changing her name. The doll is sculpted very nicely – her body proportions look very natural, which I really appreciate. Her factory painting may not be the greatest, but the face itself is sculpted nicely. She’s got rooted, thick reddish hair, which is also pretty stiff to be honest. If you don’t like any of these features you can always purchase a blank and hairless head to make it just the way you want! The company is currently working on lighter skin tones and variety of hair colors! Gracie’s head is switchable, just like her hands and bust! There are 3 bust sizes available: small, which is the default one, medium and large. When it comes to hands, she comes with half-closed ones and there are closed fists and open hands available. The switching process is super simple – just pull the hand gently and put in another one. It’s such a great feature if you want to take interesting photos or make movies with the dolls! The mechanism works similarly in her torso – just take off the head, arms and bust. When adding the next one you should hear a small click In my opinion it’s amazing that we get to customize the doll just the way we want her to look, with no strict rules. Let’s talk about her articulation – there sure is a lot to tell! Gracie has a feature that even many larger dolls don’t have – double joints. As you can see her elbow bends in two points, allowing her to bend it all the way down, just like a real human! Same goes for her knees. She’s got a wide range of motion at the shoulders rotation in the upper arm and very poseable wrists. The head can move from side to side as well as slightly upwards and downwards. She’s got two points of articulation in her torso allowing her to bend, twist and lean freely. She can almost make a twine, her knees bend all the way down and feet can rotate nicely. I really like how her joints don’t bounce off like many other dolls’, keeping the pose nice and steady. All these joints give the doll an unlimited number of options when it comes to poses and Gracie always ends up looking natural and balanced. There are some cons as well of course. Beside her paintjob, the plastic she’s made of could be a bit better quality There is a visible color difference among her body parts. Some places also feel a bit unpolished. However these few things are nothing compared to numerous pros! As I mentioned before, the dolls are 1/9th scale, just like the Breyer Traditional series. So how does Gracie looks next to their dolls? It’s comparison time! I mean an HONEST comparison. That’s better. Gracie stands somewhere between Traditional and Classic scale doll. That’s beacuse Breyer didn’t do a very good job on scaling, which I mentioned in my Classic coll review. Yes, Ashley is a Classic doll pretending to be Traditional scale child. You can immediately see the disproportion in realism. Breyer’s girls seem to be large-headed and more cartoony looking compared to Gracie. Her foot is almost the same size as Taylor’s, same goes for hands. Fun fact: Can you see how the Classic scale doll’s hand is larger than Traditional’s? When it comes to articulation Gracie is totally the winner Knees and elbows of the Breyer dolls only bend in 90 degree angle. They have much fewer articulation points in general Although I must admit their hair quality and paintjob is a bit nicer than Gracie’s. And of course – they come with clothes. I know what you’re thinking – can Gracie wear Breyer clothes? Well, the 1/9th scale pants are a bit loose, but look fine on her. I accidentally discovered that Gracie’s foot is also removable. Detachable arms were super useful during the dress up! Huh… it looks a bit tight in the bust. Let’s fix that! That’s more like it! Traditional scale clothes fit her quite well in my opinion! The boots however can only slide as much because of Gracie’s super poseable ankle joint. The helmet and western riding hat are way too large for her as well. Unfortunately she cannot fit Classic scale pants but the top is much better, even with the sleeves being too short And boots – only after detaching entire foot, which looks kinda odd. But hey, the helmet fits perfectly! Okay then – how well does she ride? Needless to say, she sits perfectly on the horse due to her amazing articulation. She looks good both on the smaller and very large 1/9th scale horses I guess it’s because her body proportions being so nicely balanced. Okay, ladies first, right. Now you have nowhere to run! The male doll offered by KC’s Galloping Galls is approx. 19.5 cm (~7.7″) tall He’s a little less complex than the female but just as balanced and realistically sculpted. His face looks even funnier than Gracie’s but it’s sculpted beautifully! I really like his facial hair. Because he comes with no factory name let’s name him Mark, just to make the review easier. Mark has switchable hands just like his female friend. It’s pretty much the same process… but can we take a moment to appreciate how well these are sculpted? Okay, let’s keep going. I discovered that his forearm is also detachable. This should speed up the clothing process! Mark appears to have fewer joints than Gracie. His head can only move from side to side. but there is a nice rotation at the shoulder. He’s got a 90 degree bend in the elbow and a nice range of motion in the wrist. His torso part is quite interesting – it looks like a large ball joint, allowing him to move his chest freely. However he won’t be rocking the topless look! Mark is able to spread his legs quite widely, bend his knee in 90 degree angle and move his ankle just like the wrist. Just like Gracie, besides a funky paintjob Mark has some discoloration going on in his body. He also has screws up his back, but we already agreed he’s not going anywhere without his shirt on. This is how he looks next to Breyer’s farrier, Jake. Their bodies are surprisingly similar. Of course Jake is more cartoony and large-headed just like the girls. He looks like a teenager next to a mature man. However their poseability is almost the same. Fun fact: Jake’s hands and feet are exactly the same size as girl’s which makes it look kinda funny next to Mark’s! That’s also the reason he is definitely not going to be Cinderella. But Jake’s pants fit him almost perfectly! Same goes for the shirt… oh man, I need to sew him one like that for sure! Traditional size helmet suits him well, but the hat remains too large. et’s see… Mark is a big boy, which makes him look funny on a small horse. But if he was a real human that would not change much! He looks nicely with larger models, e.g. Jasper here! Mark holds his pose really nicely, no doubt he’s a good rider. Okay… I’ve said so many nice things so they must be expensive, right? Surprise– they’re not. Basic Gracie is priced at $16,50 approx. 50 PLN which makes her actually cheaper than average Breyer doll. Well, the currency is clearly pointing out they’re not available in Poland. Actually, at the moment they can only be purchased at 8 Inch Superstore, you’ll find them in a proper tab. Don’t worry, buying something from outside of the country isn’t scary at all. Yes, the shipping cost is almost as high as the doll’s price, but if you place a group order it gets cut! Don’t hesitate to buy there – it’s a trustworthy site! Back to the dolls… I’m very pleased with them! They’re an amazing, more realistic alternative to the cartoony Breyers. Not only they make great horse riders but also a good quality doll in general. I’ve got some great stuff planned for mine, including customization and dressing them up. Let me know if you wanna see that! Before the video ends I wanna say thanks to Marta for lending her Breyer dolls to me! And of course – HUGE thanks to KC’s Galloping Gals for sending me these awesome dolls and this collab! I honestly recommend you to buy these dolls if you like some realism just like I do. I’d like to mention one more thing before this video ends: KC’s Galloping Galls takes an extra effort to stay in touch with their customers. They frequently ask people what to improve, change or add via their Facebook group. It’s a company worth following, you can find all the links down below. And how about you? What do you think about these dolls? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for watching, see you next time, bye!

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  1. Bardzo ładne te lalki, a recenzja jest nagrana w bardzo ciekawy sposób, masz do tego głowę♥️ może pora pomyśleć o takich lalkach do sesji z modelami🤔

  2. Chyba mogłaym być skłonna do kupienia tej lalki hah a zakup pierwszego breyera odłożyć na później

  3. TY ŻYJESZ!!!!!!
    Nareszcie filmik
    Mam taką samą lalkę tylko, że moja jest móżynką
    Dziękuję za odpowiedź

  4. Jeszcze się pytasz?! Nagrywaj!! 😂

    A poza tym supi filmik, dzięki tobie wreszcie moje figurki nie będą dzikim stadem z mini lalkami schleich.😌

  5. Jasne że chciałabym zobaczyć jak będziesz je przerabiasz. A i czekam na jakiegoś vloga końskiegi ^●.●^

  6. Naprawdę ciekawe lalki!
    Wcześniej gdzieś mi mignęły ale nie zainteresowałam się tematem. A dzięki twojej recenzji poznałam je lepiej.
    To że mają taki zakres ruchów jest super! A co do malowania i wykończenia to mi raczej nie przeszkadza. Może gdy nadarzy się okazja to taką lalkę sobie zakupie? Kto wie?😁
    Film jak zwykle fajne zrobiony. Mega lubię to że twoje recenzję nie są takie sztywne i zawierasz w nich trochę humoru!❤

  7. Może rzuciłabyś okiem na lalki/figurki Elleodolls lub po prostu zwierzęcie w typie BJD? Nie mam pojęcia, ile kosztują, ale jeśli miałabyś możliwość nagrania filmu z nimi byłabym bardzo zadowolona. Elleodolls oferuje psowate, konie i kotowate, z tego co kojarzę.

  8. Może dokupisz za jakiś czas modele o innych kolorach skóry i zrobisz jakiś serial? Jezu chciałabym to u ciebie zobaczyć ❤

  9. A ile mniej więcej czeka się na te lalki? ^ Są takie piękne, że nie wytrzymam! Szkoda, że breyery będę miała dopiero na święta.. Jakie modele polecasz na początek przygody z nimi? 😅❤️

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