Lance Bishop the Nova Scotian Horse Archer
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Lance Bishop the Nova Scotian Horse Archer

August 16, 2019

My name is Lance Bishop. I’m a farmer in rural Nova Scotia. We call this place Wild Mountain Farm. I grew up here with my family living close to nature. We produced most of our own food, always had a big garden, animals for our meat, milk and eggs, catching herring fish in the summer on the beach beside our farm. How we farm was guided by two ideas: Treat the animals with respect and keep them according to their nature. When I was five years old, my older brother gave me his bow. I make my own arrows now which are precise and accurate, but back then they were no good arrows. I used tree branches, old fishing poles, even pieces of a TV antenna. They didn’t fly very well, but because I loved the bow so much and used it all the time, I became an accurate shot anyway. One day my dad bought me a pony. No one showed me how to ride her, I’m not even sure she was
ever trained for riding. I had trouble getting her to go forward and when she did, I was all
the time getting bucked off. But in my 20s, I ran a forestry business using draft horses to pull out the logs. I learned a lot about
horses during those years and I learned how to ride. In my 30s, I realized
I should do something just for fun again. I reflected on my
childhood, shooting the bow and on my dream to shot
the bow from a horse. One day I googled horseback archery to see if it was a thing people were doing. Something clicked in me in that moment. I started shooting again and I bought a nice quarter
horse mare named Chloe. Then I really stepped out of my routine. I started traveling to taking lessons, first in California, then in Ottawa. And this spring, I even
traveled to Hungary, my first time off this continent. In one way, this is a
story about my awakening my passion for what I always loved, but now, also, it’s a
story about my passion inspiring others. I formed a training club called Seawinds Horse Archers, with a half dozen students who share my interests in the bow and the horse. We will host a horse archery training camp followed by Eastern Canada’s first horseback archery competition. When I’m on my horse and shooting arrows, I feel present. I’m not
thinking about the past and I’m not worrying about the future. Just finding my rhythm
with the run of my horse and making my shots. After the camp, I have no
idea where this is going. I don’t think it’s
going away any time soon and only one thing is certain, I now have a much better idea of why it’s important to follow one’s bliss. In doing so, disconnected
things in the world start to come together as if
life was a plan all along.

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  1. Great job, Lance! Congrats to you and the filmmaker for capturing such an inspiring story and such beautiful images. Wish I could join you for the training camp and competition. It's going to be awesome!

  2. I heard about this on the radio and thought it was too cool!! I need to get up and watch the workshop! This is wonderful Lance!

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