Laying on the beach – Horse racing at Laytown – Ireland
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Laying on the beach – Horse racing at Laytown – Ireland

September 4, 2019

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them in the future once a year there’s a race that takes place in Ireland that’s
unique it’s the only race in the whole of Europe that’s raised under rules on a
beach and that beach is in a place called laid out now I’ve been trading
laid town for a number of years and I always became fascinated by going to see
this particular meeting it looked like a good laugh there was plenty of activity
there big social occasion and seeing horses racing on a beach I thought well
that’s pretty cool I must go but it took me several years before I managed to get
this one off my list and as with a lot of things you know it’s been fun to go
around and when you have been trading these places for a number of years it’s
fascinating to actually go in there and actually see the place for real and one
by one I’m taking all those off my list as I move through my trading career so
yeah one year I decided to take the plunge and rather than sitting on this
side of the fence and trading lay down I thought it would be fun to go over there
and actually attend the meeting itself and that’s what I decided to do one year
now Laketown is a small town that’s just a little bit further north of Dublin
basically you can fly into Dublin we’ll catch the ferry and the trip delayed
town is actually relatively easy to do you can catch a train I caught one from
connolly station in Dublin and then that meanders it’s where up because that’s
actually quite a scenic journey I was quite sir enjoyed the journey up there
and as you move further and further up the coast you gradually inherit more and
more people as you come towards later and as the train gets busier inevitably
everybody’s talking about the race meeting and so on and so forth when you
arrive at lees town it’s a short little trip out of the station underneath the
bridge and towards the beach and as you head towards the beach what you realize
is they’ve actually sectioned off part of what would be the common pointing
over the beach and turn it into racecourse for the day and it’s just
like any other particular race course and that you have all of the lorries
that have brought over the horses with their horse boxes and they’re parked up
in a stable in area and the horses are being trotted and groomed in the
stabling era before being taken to the parade ring which is on the common in
front or just behind the beach but in front of the houses in that particular
area that which is fenced off then you also have all of the other things that
you’d expect to see at a major racecourse ice cream fans burger vans
and they have a corporate hospitality tent which is where I chose to go I
thought if I’m going to go I need to do it in style and so I went into the
corporate hospitality area although essentially it’s basically just an
upgraded version of what you can get anyway most of the participants there
were in the main area where you’ve got ice cream burger vans bookmakers all of
the things you’d expect to see at a race course and then they’ve got a tent to
the side where people can have a proper sit-down meal and a few drinks and so on
and so forth now the interesting thing was it is really busy loads of people
there a real mixture of people and an incredibly large amount of people have
come over from the UK and other areas and like me they’d possess that desire
to actually go and witness this first hand rather than just watching it on
television and it’s a great big social occasion it’s really interesting to go
and see and I recommend that you should go as well if you get the opportunity
and when you look at the edge of course itself it’s on an embankment that’s
raised away from the beach and then they actually have a turnstile so that you
can get access to and from the beach so if you want to go to lay town and you
don’t actually want to pay a penny to actually get in to the bookmakers and
all of the other facilities there’s no reason why you can’t actually go along
the beach and it is possible to access it without having to go with all of the
other stuff as well however I wanted to do it properly so necessarily i paid my
fee and went in and did all of the all of the stuff that you would associate
with going to a proper meeting or making the efforts to go to a proper meeting so
yeah as you go down this cliff it’s only a small cliff you end up on a very sandy
beach and the great thing about a town is and there’s a whole mixture of
people there people that are just curious by it you know series punters
casual planters and people I mean they just wanted to go and witness it
firsthand and the beach is very very long and wide but the great thing about
it is typically what they have to do is it’s the the meeting shifts backwards
and forwards in terms of date and times over the years because it’s based around
to the time so as the tide goes out first thing in the morning they actually
come in and actually build the railings and the finishing post and all the other
items there and they have to complete the meeting in enough time before the
tide comes back in in the distance you can see lots of horses being trotted up
or warmed up and as we get closer to the actual race itself all of the standard
things are there such as the pre-parade ring and then they actually take the
horses down to the post now the post is Mars wearer looks miles away because
it’s much much further along in the distance on the beach and in fact a lot
of the further outer lying parts of course aren’t actually railed off they
just have posts to guide where the jockeys are actually going to go and
either would be fun to just go for a walk along there so as well as enjoying
all of the hospitality side of things and the buzz of the rookie area and the
main course and parade ring and so on I thought well let’s go for a walk right
along the beach and go out as far as I can before looping around and coming
back and lets other people doing the same as well so it’s really interesting
when you get to the further reaches because it’s really quiet and you can
actually get a good view of the horses as they come bombing down the beach
towards the finishing post now one of the things you notice as well is there
are loads of children everywhere as well and obviously dads mums families and
other people are taking the opportunity to see the kids out to the beach and
also watch a bit of horse racing so that was quite nice as well and there are
lots of children scattered all over the course I the right in front of the main
area building sandcastles or perhaps going for a walk a bit further along and
the interesting thing about their racing on the sand is that it’s difficult to
necessarily describe the going as anything other than sort of you know
sandy I said there must be a definition of how you
would describe the going but nonetheless I think it’s a little bit trickier to
figure out how these horses are going to run based upon the fact that they
necessarily haven’t experienced the surface that much will run out on a
damaged however one of the things that I did notice was the people that were
shipping in horses from the UK seemed to be particularly favored and they were
often getting backed in quite heavily so it seems to be that if people were
making the trip to go to lay down for what isn’t considered to be an enormous
amount of prize money but necessarily this would be something that would be of
interest to punters because the trainer is obviously sending the horse there for
a reason and typically it seems to be the modus operandi that horses from the
UK were getting about when they were coming to lay down but the interesting
thing about Layton is its you’ve got easy access to the course which you
typically don’t get at a lot of other race courses very easy to cross over the
center of the course to the other side so you can get a few from you know one
side of the winning post or the other the crowds were very interesting and
varied I had a good chat with a number of different people there and in fact
there were a couple of people that knew who I was which was quite interesting
and amusing in itself but it was a nice little thing to do it was another thing
off of the bucket list for me and it only happens once a year in September
and I recommend that it’s probably one of the things that you may want to do as
well check them as great as good as great all of these other courses windsor
on a monday evening but Layton’s pretty unique in the calendar and i think that
if I had some friends over or something it would be a fun thing to do and it’s
not that expensive to fly in and out of Dublin and on the flight that I took
from Southampton airport which is very near to me and quite cheap there are a
number of guys that are going over just for the day so yeah maybe that’s
something you want to consider on your list it’s an ok meetings trade it’s
nothing special at all you’re not going to see enormous volume and so on and so
forth and that was one of the reasons I went over to see as well it was because
I traded it for a number of is never really particularly stood out
but the appeal of seeing horse racing on a beach did stand out and that’s why I
recommend it an interesting meeting and perhaps something you’ll consider at
some point in the future like I did a couple of years of it if you’re
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  1. Great insight to a truly unique meeting. Cool video I like the way the horses are running behind you well put together thanks.

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