Laza Lovaglás és Elrontott Reggeli / Vlog 20
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Laza Lovaglás és Elrontott Reggeli / Vlog 20

October 25, 2019

Good morning. Soon I’ll tell you what happened tomorrow afternoon, because I know that the video kinda just stopped. But… On the way back I didn’t want to take more footage, just wanted to enjoy the view. Then I fell asleep, then we came home… Nevermind. For now I have my yummy rice puding. Yesterday we bought cocoa powder. Not advertisement 😀 And soon I’ll go to play with the boys. Someone cooked the rice with garlic yesterday… I didn’t know it and used it for my breakfast. So that is ruined :’D … Good morning Peru! Whatever left after yesterday’s icy storm… Today’s program is horseback riding! This is the team. It’s gonna be good. Karin is looking after my baby, so I have 2-2,5 hours to enjoy the outdoors. There are the horses. I don’t think I can take videos during the ride… I’ll tell you what happened. We got back. Successfully got home and rested a bit. We needed a big shower. I really enjoyed horse riding,it is so calming. We didn’t get hurt on the road, no accidents. We went on a nice patch, but around the second half we went through a less pretty, old part. I don’t say I didn’t like it, because I liked and enjoyed the whole thing. But I kind of hoped that there will be more up the mountain down the valley action. A little bit more greenery…

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