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Lazy A** Horse Plays Dead Every Time You Ride | Kritter Klub

October 13, 2019

I can’t… Nope, hooman.. Argh.. Feeling dizzy.. I didn;t get on you get.. not yet He’s just playing dead.. I’m “Jingang” and I’m so good at acting It’s cute but naughty.. Stop playing dead and get up There’s no one around so let me get up I’m coming Jingang, I’m coming! Quit it and get up now! *sneaky sneaky* Wait, hooman is still there You gotta use your brain 😉

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  2. are we sure he doesn't have epilepsy or vertigo or some kind of nerve problem like those fainting goats? I'm a stablehand and sometimes he looks like he's rly slamming his head into the dirt 0:36. Idk id just retire that dude, maybe he can pull a cart

  3. On one hand that’s pretty cute

    On the other….there’s a high likelihood he was trained to do that at some point. He didn’t just decide to “play dead”. Some horses can be taught to do tricks and then get confused and start doing them even when the signal isn’t given.
    For example, we had a horse come to our barn that used to be in an Arabian liberty show. Really cool, worked tackles and reared bowed and lay down on command. However the signal to lay down was scratching his stomach and he would sometimes do it when you reached underneath him to buckle his blanket. Despite it not being like scratching-and other things like grooming not being a problem-his mind made blanketing = the trick.
    That’s why trainers warn you not to teach horses to rear on command because there’s a chance they’ll start doing it not on command as well.

  4. I am not so sure this is a trained behavior or a trick. I wonder if this horse has a medical condition such as cataplexy or Myotonia congenita.

  5. Equestrian(me):yes this horse maybe smart and clever but it could also be verry dangereous not so much for the rider as he knows and will predict that the horse will do this so he will know how to react but to the horse. If its pretending to have spazums it may just give itself a real one,one day. And that may cause death to the horse
    Hope this helped ..

  6. I don't know if you know this, but this isn't normal for a horse to be doing. The horse looked a little skinny under the saddlepad, maybe it's my imagination, but I think the horse does that because it's the only way he thinks he won't get hurt. I know a lot of ppl think it's funny to watch the horse roll over, but you don't know if he's actually being treated nicely or not behind the scenes. :I

  7. That horse is just poorly trained and it say that it gets it's way if it acts up, so that's rewarding bad behavior. Within two weeks that habit could be broken with a good trainer.

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