Le naisseur de géants noirs (english subtitles) The black giants breeder
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Le naisseur de géants noirs (english subtitles) The black giants breeder

September 1, 2019

“The black giants breeder” She passes in front of the stallion and she stops already she is really horny if she was not really excited she would not have stopped We are at the farm of the Arpenteau breeding that I created in 1993, if my memory is good In the breeding I am self-taught, I knew nothing about it I told myself that I was going to mate draft horses in those years the organization of draft horses with Mr. Chrenard brought an American stallion Silver shadow sheck and I did not know at all these horse models but when I saw these horses, I was amazed lighter, thinner horses with more blood that move with gracefulness real show horses so I made my mares stand out from this stallion’s sons the result of these crosses with American stallions allowed me to get finer horses and so I have much hight black or dapple gray models that I have selected. As soon as I have a filly that has balzanes or smooth I did not put them to reproduction. and for two generations, I have only uniform dresses. So I will make you discover a day of work. What is planned for today … it is already to blow a mare and make it stand out because I am sure she is in heat and after I have a stallion to put iron shoes on the front feets. to Abciss de l’Arpenteau, a black stallion then, I have a mare that will certainly foal this night, it is even sure … she is full term since April 5, she has all the symptoms of a mare who is going to foal She gives me teats wax and loses her milk there are no better symptoms to know if the mare is going to foal there, I’ll take out the stallion the stallion is very hight, it is not far from one meter ninety stand back gently what is atypical, once he has finished, is that he bites the neck of the mare it’s very very fast so there, I would do it again blow in … in two days. spermatozoa are considered to have a lifespan of forty-eight hours indoors it depends on the fertility of the stallions but on average, we can be quiet for forty-eight hours that’s why every two days, we make them go back to the stallion again at the beginning of the heat, it is sometimes necessary, three or four jumps before the end of the heats at the fourth jump it can ovulate, even fifth, sometimes it’s the first or second it’s nature Come on I use a Work, to trim them hooves and shoe Originally, I worked like the English clogs that is to say that I held and I cut the hooves but with time and the number of horses, and age, especially I raised an old job because I have high horses I am using this work safely for horses and myself when they are used it is no longer a constraint and then at the end of the day, I’m too, less tired first thing I do, I clean it is a frog tool clean well around the fork we see that in the fields it’s dry he has a dry foot it is a surfait it is put on the back of the horse it’s a transmitter when the mare gives birth, she lies on her side she will not stay very long lying down , can be a minute and then the colic started she will get right back and then lie down again the detector records and then will send a message to the receiver in my room and then beep ! as I turned it on, and that my wife is at home, she will tell me if it worked it would be better… Alain “it’s ok” it’s good so it works, I can sleep peacefully a turn of the nose and that’s it, the halter is done it’s the doll that will make a foal tonight? very certainly I will not put my hand to cut what makes you say that? well, since this morning she has wax at the end of the nipples during the day, she loses milk so there, when we are confronted with such symptoms foaling is imminent, it does not pass 24 hours I curve the interior so that it does not hurt it’s going to smoke that’s good, because it’s high-stitched it is necessary that the nail comes out the highest towards the crown of the foot my nails turn around while squeezing and after a hammer blow and I lodge in the housing that I just realized I will rest his foot he’ll be happy the cushy it’s almost the same two I did not say it was good, I said it was not bad it is a detector that lands at the base of the withers with a strap, it’s a surfait here, wax plugs it is formed before the milk, she does it again and again so I think it’s good there I have the receiver of my surveillance cameras that comes in addition to my foaling detacher that is when my foal detector will trigger an alarm it will beep… I turn on my monitor and watch what happens he is a giant I like that way of being a vertical neckline I love that, some do not like, but I love I’m going to mow the hair around the feets, I do not like it after that, it releases him the hoof, and it makes him a great foot, with a good hoof height gently cushy ho, ho I make him the passage of the halter sir lets himself be do heerrre I will return it and give it a little cereal cleanliness is essential next time you’re going to use the material , it’s clean De Gaulle said, do not be “chianly” you are worried from where I am I can observe the mare on the screen and I see that she is not well she does not stop going round in circles she does not really know what’s happening to her as she is her first foal, as it’s her first foal, maybe she’s surprised but in the following hours we should see the foaling Hmm, it’s still bad did you see how she looks what time is it ? it’s midnight there is something that is not normal there is something that troubles me I can not find the head this is a member it’s another, where the head shit, what’s going on How is it that he has his head? Ah, there you go we tied, the previous ones for when she’s going to have new contractions help her to expel his foal she’s having contractions and we’re pulling it the foal is well placed yes he is well placed there we just well put our ropes and we wait for her that she lies down even if she gets up we will accompany her but she will not get up anymore, I think go this is coming do not leave it on the side it is especially there oh fuck it’s hard he breathes the belly button is still hanging we’ll leave that a little bit I cut the umbilical cord. And here I disinfect, only once with “betedine solution” and after that we leave it alone here it is well disinfected what is the babe ha, well, it’s a female not even like the mother happy dad? the dad ? I am not the father they are foals that please me because they are uniform dress it starts to be all gray , it’s not black so his color will be black later when they are born gray, gray mouse, we do not see too much because it is wet in an hour or two he will dry up and therefore his dress will be gray and therefore his final dress will be black, and if he is born all black then his dress will become gray that’s it, oops! Well, that’s it, I’m here … oh, no !

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  1. Dude, you seriously don't need to react so defensively when replying to comments. I went on several comments to defend you and you had already made nasty comments.

    Don't be a dick. Instead ignore them, makes you seem like a child when you respond like that. Grow up

  2. It's my dream to own a black stallion one day. Most people aim for big houses or expensive boats and cars as their pinnacle of success, but to me, it's owning a big beautiful horse!

  3. Absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful horses! They have a good life with you, and are clearly happy. You work very hard for them and they obviously appreciate it.

  4. Wondering if a more experienced horse person could answer this .
    Is it me or is the stallion actually pretty mellow by stallion standards?
    He did not seem to resist the farrier or being groomed very much. Also did not seem like he was mean in the slightest. No trying to put himself in position to aim any kicks at the handler or crew


  6. I hope that concrete dark stall isn’t where he keeps that stud! That stud will go nuts in there. 🇺🇸💋

  7. Where r the English Translation to/ for whatever the Hell he saying??. This is crazy, u don't know WTF this man is saying???? Even Silent Movies had on screen they were saying. I guess lazy- cheap ass ppl couldn't afford it. In which case they should have kept this n the country this came from !!!!

  8. What kind of horses are they and how am I able to try purchase a stallion and/or a mare even if I have to go over seas

  9. I like the way it was a step by step process you shown us. Breeding, care, birth. Informal for non-horse people.

  10. Ah, amazing horses!
    Thanks for adding the subtitles – I think, I watched this already at some point, but couldn’t understand, what was said back then.
    Very nice little documentary.

  11. You are doing a superb job with your Geants Chevals Noires… I would love to visite la belle France just to see your farm!!

  12. Your stallions are more lover-like when they mate their mares…do you suppose this is because they a Frenchmen??
    Qui fait rirér!!
    (Perdon ma français execrable!)

  13. The head is turned around..repel the foal a gently, between contractions, bring head down underneath foal then bring nose forward..ise eyesockets for gentle grip.

  14. Le moment de l'accouchement ça m'a fait penser à quelqun que je connais, qui est allé se coucher avec une jument pleine, et qui s'est réveillé avec un poulain qui galopait dans les champs

  15. Avec le temp moderne, pourquoi vous n'essayez pas de remplacer le fer traditionel avec des pneus usagé dé autos, à mon avis, c'est plus léger, plus grippant à la route/chemin et plus comfortable pour les cheveaux, non? Plus, c'est un peu plus économisé pour vous même. Les pneus dûre plus longtemps maintenant, parfois même à 100,000 kms par vie, vous n'avez qu'à changer à tous les deux ou trois ans seulement.

  16. One of your stallions on an English thoroughbred mare would make a superb heavy hunter…in fact, to improve bone and substance without sacrificing brilliance of attitude,action or elegance, one could cross one of your stallions on any sort of mare…

  17. Such Beautiful Horses !!! My third time watching this video. Beautiful miracle of birth to this beautiful baby ! So glad you were there to sort the issues out. You do such a good job and work very hard !!!

  18. Alors des filles à poil qui se dandinent, des armes à feu, de la drogue dans les clips de musique c'est normal, mais juste voir la nature (la reproduction, la naissance) là on a le droit à un "attention des images peuvent choquer" de la part de Youtube O_o….. il est beau le monde

  19. The way he breeds his horses is better than any other breeder I have seen. He doesn't use hobbles on the mares and he makes sure the mare is ready. His horses also look in excellent condition and he take precautions with everything that goes on at his farm. Also beautiful horses

  20. I hate to see poor stallions locked up in a cage 24 hrs a day sad Chains around a horse is a bad idea

  21. No need for all that. I mean the ropes, chain. Horses know what they are doing. U don't need to hd the male or female for tnem to breed. All u need to do is put them in a field and wait. Then if the mare does kick him, he has a chance to move away. But if u hold his head, he can't. One kick can kill him.
    Well train animals and be handled without chains or anything like that. Just need to work on them, earn trust and respect, and know ur animals. Don't be afraid, just show respect. Fear will make people and animals do things that they don't want to.
    The hoof, no need to do all that. Hold him in a small box and ropes. Again if u train and work with them alot. U can get them to just had still and wait for u to be done. Many people done that before. It's very possible.
    The stallion was in pain when u pull hard on the chain. His mouth is very sensitive. That is why he was open his mouth and bowing his head. To stop the pain and find release of the pressure u refuse to let go. He was excited because a mare is in heat. Of course he will be less calm. Any stallion would do that, is very normal and hopefully for the stallion to be excited to breed.
    I'm just going bass on the video. Yes i did watch all. The stallion breeds the mare, hoof cleaning, some horses in the field, explain what was on the mare and milk, mare had trouble giving birth and first foal of her's, it's a filly, and finally shows the stallion again. That's all the highlights of the video

  22. Quelle méchanceté avec les bêtes…. Pourquoi lui mettre une chaine dans la bouche et tiré dessus? tu ne sais pas etre patient et faire ça calmement???

  23. Bravo!!! Congrats on your new filly!!! Thank you for sharing with us!!! I am soooo happy to see this video😘❤️🤗🙋‼️

  24. Thank YOU for your comments!! I'm priveleged !!! All the best to you always!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘

  25. I subscribed! YAY! Now I can see more knowledge and experience with this breed… If like a nice mare someday perhaps!❤️🤗

  26. Awesome horses….thanks for sharing….not an easy job raising horses, especially larger ones…..God bless

  27. After seeing a little bit more than ONE minute of the video, I gave a thump down. Then I started the read the comments. Well I was to quick again in giving my reaction. I should have waited till the end of the video. After watching the whole video, my thump went from down to a BIG THUMP UP. You sir,know a lot about horses and doing a GREAT job. Do not listen to people who got the experience from watching to a horse painting. Thank you for sharing this video with us.

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