Learn to Use Edmodo: Send a Post to a Class or Group
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Learn to Use Edmodo: Send a Post to a Class or Group

August 13, 2019

Hello and welcome back. Communication is such a valuable part of teaching
and learning, so Edmodo is always looking to improve digital communication in your classroom. In this video, I’ll show you how to communicate
with your classes and groups by sending posts and setting up a powerful line of communication
for you and your students. To send a post select the class or group from
the panels on the left side of the page and locate the composer at the top of the stream. Type your note in the text box here and select
the recipient who should receive your post. By default the class or group you’re currently
viewing will always be selected here but you can change the recipient or add additional
recipients by typing them in and selecting them from the search results then click post
and it will show up in your stream as well as in those of your recipients. If you want to edit or delete a post, locate
it in your stream and click the down arrow in the upper right corner of the post to open
up the post options then select edit and save your changes or delete it to get rid of the
post altogether. You can also attach a file or link to your
post by selecting one of the attachment options in your composer. Select the “Attach Files” option to send a file
from your local computer. After you locate your file you’ll see it load
underneath your post. You can then remove the attachment by clicking
the red “x” icon. The “Add Link” option allows you to attach a
webpage to your post. Once you provide the URL the title will auto-populate
and an image preview will appear under your post as well. Finally, the “Add from Library” option will
open up your Edmodo library which can also connect to your Microsoft OneDrive or Google
Drive account as well. Your library is a great place to store files,
links, and resources and one of the easiest and fastest ways to attach files to your posts. If you want to write a post, but have it send
at a different time try scheduling your post by clicking here. This is particularly helpful when you want
a post to appear at a specific time but need to prepare it earlier either when lesson planning
or prepping for the day. You can pick the date and time for your post
to get sent, then click here to schedule the post. You’ll then see the schedule indicator here. When you click post it won’t show up immediately
in the stream since it’s scheduled for a later time, but you’ll see an indicator here which
you can click to see all of your scheduled posts for editing or deleting. You can also enhance the text in your notes
by using Markdown which can add special formatting to your post. Using double asterisks surrounding your text
will make it bold, while single asterisks will italicize. You can also use three asterisks to apply
both. Using an asterisk in the front of a list will
create bullet points and numbered lists will align automatically as well. Basic examples of these Markdown options are
always available by clicking the Markdown icon here and you can always edit your notes
to fix any formatting issues later. Finally, you can give any post special attention
by pinning it to the top of your stream. Open the post options and select “Pin Post”
and you’ll see the post get highlighted at the top of your stream no matter what other
post gets sent afterwards. This can be really helpful for important announcements
or posts that need to stay visible to your students for a long period of time. Keep in mind you can only have one post pinned
at any given moment so click “Unpin Post” if you want it sent back into the stream. Sending posts is one of the most versatile
ways to communicate with others on Edmodo. Try customizing them to make the biggest impact
on your students and watch the conversations begin.

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