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Learning epic spells in games

August 10, 2019

You’ve finally arrived… Welcome to the school of holy magic Now listen – it’s not easy to master these skills But I believe in you The first spell I shall teach you is holy fire I’m ready You must align your soul with your actions You must strive to find the perfect balance Ahhhhhhhhh Focus you mind Do you hear me vibrate with you?! Vibrate with me! Spirits! Come to me! Come to me and allow me to enter into his body so he may understand! To feel the magic go through your veins do you understand me? Breath in the crisp air of nature And then you just press “C” What was that part? Then you press C… I press C? You must find perfect balance do you feel that? Do you feel at one with nature around you The holy magic coursing through your veins. Can you feel it? Yep I can feel it Can you feel it in your body Then you just ah press “C” with your finger Press C? Then you press C So no just to – sorry to stop you there. So that part that actually matters like you just said then under your breath was- Just pressing “C” that’s the only part that matters? It’s all important Can I just stop you there because I wanna make sure I get this right After everything that you’ve just said – Is the only part that actually matters – that I just press “C”? That’s the end… It sounds like that’s the only part that matters mmm there’s a middle bit There’s the part in here but also the part in here Clear your mind But at the end of the day all I have to do is press “C” I’ll try it okay Holy Fire You’ve learnt it so quickly you must truly feel holy magic coursing through your body Well I mean just like okay blah blah blah blah Press “C” basically aye? I came up here blah blah blah blah blah press “C” I think the unspoken truth is the real truth here don’t you agree? Well not really just learnt how to press C which I could have learnt at the bottom of the moutain And to find perfect symmetry within your body yes Do you think you did quite well? Do you recon? Are you proud of your self? I think I deserve my little cocky biscuit I did kind of come to the top of a mountain that took me like an hour and I fought trolls along the way and it was quite dangerous and like nearly died a few times Got here ready to learn how to do Holy Fire and it turns out you just press “C” It’s kinda… I think you’ll agree that the journey is much more important I can see this is going no where hey look thanks for wasting my time Ah I’m gonna go now You’re welcome No no no no nothing to be welcome about just a bit of a waste of time really so Press C… Holy Fire C… You’ve truly changed as a person…look at that man leaving that mountain See ya mate…thanks for wasting my time You’re welcome

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  1. I pressed 'C' and the closed captions came on; WHAT A REVELATION!

    Looky, Gollum has evolved and become an Magic Spell Teacher NPC!!

  2. Acting? Pure awesome.
    Picture quality? Hmm I dont know. Very bright, for some reason it feels like older episodes had better camera or post production or something.

    You re still awesome tho!

  3. And this is why I loved the Skyrim mod that allowed me to use my Headset. Had to actually shout Fus-Ro-Da to cast and pray to Hircine in order to turn into a Werewolf…

  4. Ahh yes that mountain in Skyrim where you learn to shout… Took me half an hour to get up there the first time. Didn't know I had to press C ?

  5. In some tutorials you have to do everything, before you can do anything and then it does just involve pressing a button afterwards.

  6. Omg this is fantastic!! Even worse is leveling in WoW and you just suddenly learn a spell out of the blue. Not even bothering to see a trainer any more.

  7. Chocky Biscuits? I am not entering that shack with you! I've seen what happens to Charlie the Unicorn!!!

  8. Anyone else hear the mage's voice as the priest from Spaceballs?

    "Dearwy bewoved, we are gavered herwe…"

  9. "This may be hard to understand, but try to imagine something called the 'A Button'. Now, try to imagine yourself pressing it."
    -Mother 3

  10. Ah, yes. I remember climbing the Throat of the world just to speak to old guys and tells you to press a button to shout in dragon. While killing wolves and hauling your ass away from everybody’s first death troll. A few things also:

    – I bet your stolen horse died or you left it to hop your way up.
    – Tried to switch up your gameplay like from dual wielding to magic then you revert back to dual wielding.
    – Tried to kill the troll.
    – already have committed a crime.

    This land belongs to the true sons and daughters of Skyrim.

  11. Why are the episodes with Britt always 10x better?
    No offence to this episode just trying to figure out a great unknown =P

  12. Npc: it’s taken me 60 years to master this skill now I will teach it to you
    PC:*casts spell perfectly first try*

  13. Yeah but in a game pressing c would have done nothing until you spoke to the dude, so, you gotta thank him for the new setholyfirestate=1

  14. "Just pay me 10 gold. Kay, whats your spellbook number i'll just transfer that right over. aaaaand done, go nuts."

  15. Teaching people to press C is very complex mixed with a shart wage he deserves some gravy with that biscuit

  16. I think it should be canon now in all games, whoever teaches/trains you in a new skill gets a little choccy biscuit.

  17. This reminds me of the Differential Equations class I just finished. At the end of the day, you just solve with your calculator.

  18. "…you need to learn to channel the holy power of the Magic Cypress!"
    "Huh? The magic what now?!?"
    "…the Magic Cypress! Cypress!"
    "…what the? Where do you see any cypress here ?!?"
    "Dammit, JUST PRESS C ALREADY!!!"

  19. But you can't press "C" to cast a spell without getting at least a small monologue about it prior to telling you to press "C" to do it with no further effort. It's just how unlocking abilities works, Rowan

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