Leaving Great Plateau EARLY! …and a horse in Zelda Breath of the Wild (Viewers Request)
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Leaving Great Plateau EARLY! …and a horse in Zelda Breath of the Wild (Viewers Request)

August 20, 2019

C’est l’heure de quitter le grand plateau en avance ! j’ai pas besoin de cet homme agé… pfffff 4 orbes pour un parachute… au revoir le plateau!!! la liberté ! c’est l’heure du fail ! “chargement du fail” cette fois c’est bon!!! pour de vraie maintenant!!! sça fait pas mal!! MAINTENANT ça fait mal… je peux le sentir!! je le sentais trop! “ralenti” hein ? ou suis-je ? on fait ça correctement cette fois ! et… dunk!! c’est l’heure allons donc…! …explorer quoi…encore? je sais quoi faire maintenant je vais nager!! nan,elle est trop froide mais j’ai rien fait!! j’ai une idee!! je vais sauvegarder,ou cas ou j’ai meme pas atteint la zone… heureusement que j’ai sauvegarder!! pourquoi la?! ou est la grosse porte?! j’ai pas besoin de porte!! je fatigue… j’ai la tete qui tourne… tout est floue… mais je n’abandonne pas!! on y retourne!! derniere chance!! “les yeux bleu de link le hero” je l’ai fait!!! explorons un peu ! mince, regardez ce truc c’est pas moi!! c’etais moi!! ok je suis dans la merde “marche ou loin comme si de rien n’etais” des chevaux!! tu es a moi!! est que sa marche cette fois?? OUI!! cheval tempo-arreter!! ou pas facile ! marche ou je me sert de ce marteau pour… bon cheval!! vers l’epée legendaire!! je peux voir une… ecurie… ok…il voulait combien d’orbe le vieux, déjà ?

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  1. Oh great now that stupid old man is gonna talk about millenials or some bullcrap. I say you made it off the plateau, the game is won.

  2. It seems so arbitrary as to when you fall through the world. It can happen immediately, five seconds after landing, a minute, ten… I wanna know what the game thinks is happening during the time that you're walking normally off of the plateau.

  3. New vid idea: Can you get a horse on the great plateau? No stables. No wild. I tried whistling with my ancient saddle. No dice. Maybe you can fly one up on a door?

  4. After getting out of Great Plateau, I tried climbing down and it worked with just a single stamina wheel. Of course I took breaks to recover it.

  5. Stasis is the ultimate physics breaking thing in the game because it breaks physics in the real world too.

  6. Instead of trying to remove all the kill zones what if you were to remove only the OUTER kill zone and leave the fog of death in? The game may only be thinking players will try to remove all kill zones so detects the tampering to soft lock the game without the paraglider. Now if you only remove the outer one the game will be happy knowing the first fog zone is there and miss the anti tampering check which only occurs if all kill zones are removed.

  7. There's this Shrine to the west of the Great Plateau under a bridge. Do you think that it's possible to reach it this way?

  8. What would happen if you tried Ravioli's Gale?
    What would happen during when…
    * Spoilers *

    The cutscene before you fight Calamity Ganon (assuming you got to him)

  9. I wonder if the invisible barrier has some kind of limit on how far it reaches into the sky.

    Maybe if you can find a door and some place high before the barrier kills you it's possible to catapult yourself diagonally over the wall on low ground?

    That is if the wall doesn't reach too high but considering we could get off the Great Plateu it gotta have a limit on how high it reaches.

    It would maybe also work if you found the highest spot possible while on the Great Plateau, used a door to catapult you as far as possible out from there and hope to land in water. There might be a possibility of you being slingshotted over both death barriers.

  10. Dang! I was hoping someone would have figure out by now how to leave the plateau completely… that spear trick though, I was like “you can do that!?”

  11. Wait you were supposed to give the old man the orbs…. oops I prayed before I talked to the man so he got nothing…… hehe.

  12. Seriously, english youtubers, stop translate your vidéo or description … The translation made by Youtube (in french) is SHITTY and incomprehensible.

  13. bruh austinjohn plays door way to freedom das from austinjohnplays idea copyright included lol idc ily mety 🙂

  14. 1:00 dab on em

    Edit : okay okay i realized my comment was EXACTLY the same as RemoteLogic's
    but dont scream at me like "omg be original stop copying remotelogic asjqiojoiahsoiaj"
    first i made this comment without any knowledge of RemoteLogic

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