Legendary & Mythical Pokemon Battle Royale ANIMATED ?
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Legendary & Mythical Pokemon Battle Royale ANIMATED ?

September 3, 2019

Observation: This is a GREAT opportunity for slaughter. Bah! Hah bah bah Hah bah bah dah gah bah HERESY! You will suffer the pain of a thousand deaths by my sword. Defiant Statement: There is nothing you can do to me! Do your worst! Revolting. My body is Regi. Wha happen? *bork* Chaos CONTROL! Did you run that Battle Royale Simulation with Legendary and Mythical Pokemon? Why yes sir I did. That one can get a little unstable but If you’d like an explanation, or at least hear me, attempt to explain it Then click this link up here while I reboot the system! (It’s in the description too!) Which Pokemon could also be a pirate? Hmmm? ARRRRRRRRRCEUS. Get it? ARRRRRRCEUS! That one cracks me up! Oooh boy.

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  1. You've become one of my favourite animators so fast. I can't believe I wasn't already subbed.
    But real talk, how do you pump out animations so fast? It's kind of ridiculous how fast you make stuff. Very impressive.

  2. 1st of all it is great video and 2nd here's my thoughts if necrozma can absorb light but how can it defeat giratina witch made of darkness.
    and also the god like pokemon like pilkia and dialga witch have full control over space and time.
    and arceus who is a god pokemon.

  3. You should do a video with all the pseudo legendaries like garchomp like garchomp is my favourite just joking he is and he wasn't in the Battle Royale for just Pokemon that isn't legendary so pseudo legendary would be amazing

  4. Mewtwo and othercpokemon:… other pokemon:*screams like a girl* necrozma:*blasts pokemon* mewtwo:!!!! necrozma:*turns into SUPER NECROZMA*

  5. Hold up- What happened to Mewtwo? That god like Pokemon survived too. During the video, I got confused of what happened to Mewtwo when it came to those two Pokemons (I'm forgetful with Pokemon names ?) But yeh, this is now my favorite video.

  6. Online trading and battling would eventually 'balance out' if the Gen.8 Pokedex curtailing only applied to the mythical and legendaries in this video..it would be bitter to swallow, sure but it would actually be 'fair enough' in terms of the winding up justified by the Pokemon world lore as the presence of these Pokemon being questioned but with ~+750 (sans the Gen.8 newbies) being already around.

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