Legend’s Grey Goose MFT for sale

August 20, 2019

Showing how I can move Goose around on the ground. You can move Goose over to mount from a log or a rock on the trail And yes I ride him in a halter. I did not just do this for the video! We do trail work. Goose will stand to saw trees and drag brush away. Goose will do obstacles. He will do the teter totter the hard way! Goose will ride alone. Goose has a smooth foxtrot, flat walk and running walk. A friend of mine purchased a new horse and I was taking a video of him for her. Beautiful horse but needs work on his gait As you can see Goose has no issues with being left behind. I am not even holding my reins! Listen to that gait! Love that sound! There is no such thing as a 100% bomb proof horse but Goose is very close! This was the first time he was this close to a backhoe. Goose has also done obstacle trials. We came in second place . Goose and I went to four ACTA events. We got 3 firsts and 1 second. At this show we placed first, second and third. Goose was asked to be a Trail Horse Demo for a Josh Lyons Certified Trainer in Ky. At the same Clinic they had a Cowboy Mounted Shooting Demo. They let Goose and I try shooting. Goose had never even heard a gun before. I live in n Equestrian Community so a Industrial Wood Chipper is something we never see. Just had to see what Goose would do!

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