Let’s Play Idle Apocalypse: Destroy The World (While AFK)
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Let’s Play Idle Apocalypse: Destroy The World (While AFK)

August 30, 2019

I’m SirTapTap and let’s play Idle
apocalypse Oh time for a chat we’ve got a mission is it the apocalypse I bet it
is free The Lost idols and destroy the world gut is do I have sound there’s the
sound ah that’s a bit loud poop that back down a bit there we go so it’s
looking cute and pixely and it’s you know afraid of tryouts so then doing
some more quick looks again it’s been a little bit too long
thank you for this slow claps well by the way I wanted to I was looking
through the App Store and like the the advertisement texts for some of these
games variety of contents that can’t be missed
I mean what’s so great about your game what’s so great about the contents
there’s a variety of them what’s so various about them the the
contents you know I mean look at this at least four contents right here they
can’t be missed the right on your screen right now
you can’t miss those I’m baffled by like you know million dollar budget games
choices Chuy’s like get an intern that speaks the language that we’re trying to
sell our game in I don’t think that’s necessary I don’t think we need an
editor that’d be stupid anyway it’s built a mud farm okay not what I had in
mind would built like satanic and loominatee apocalypse but okay goblins
are made out of dirt floor updated so the weakest goblins will do for now
fight our enemies from resources okay but was there badams who’s bad dis bad
guys oh so it’s like um I bet this is inspired by a this game called um the
Batman series are no heroes allowed I guess it’s called these days like three
different name changes in that series but no heroes allowed I guess is the
Canon name now this seems like an idol version of that I bet it’s a lot easier
than that one why is it screen flashing okay see you try to fight the battles
turn to the mud farm okay yeah yeah upgrade okay what why is white why must
you flicker why is life pain why is life so suck okay I’m just gonna
I’m gonna start ignoring this tutorial on the 15 slime build the hatchery at
the top of the tower drop by gremlins at the Y’s do that
vomits interesting is it hold on all right here’s hoping we’ve solved the
Flickr problem you know I was started with somebody on unready I I don’t think
some people realized that like idle games they’re meant to be I don’t you
know slime yeah I don’t think it’s good for an idle game to focus too much on
like just clicking the screen and functions like ah I got a tap you got a
tap a billion times per second you gotta get arthritis got arthritis fast no its
you know the best kind of idle games their idle you know almost a hero does
that very well I’ll usually these kind of games you start out by clicking a lot
this game doesn’t even start you out like that this game doesn’t start I
gonna hope that clicking does anything don’t the generator the puppet toss is
this is what his bag here’s all the stores don’t soon hit okay yeah like cookie clicker and stuff like
it starts out clicking a lot but then lake and clicking usually doesn’t do
like basically anything and like it’s all automated that’s the kinda the whole
point is the kind of idle progress we’re trying to spell dark fist dark fist how use dark fist it’s very
literal okay good guys is kill how kill my good
guys is not kill they just keep reviving Delta I get it
Parker like my cat is like standing on my shoulder right now hey nobody do I
have enough hides how many Heinz don’t have enough fights I have 11 heights oh
I don’t fully understand why I can’t do the thing though the Jenner is the Oh at
the bottom I can’t read sorry I thought it would be at the top like the other
ones generator one boost creature spawn rate OS will be build down – I would
always screw up in sin tower cuz I would like I love building down but there’s
like there’s only so much space down there and certain things have to be felt
there and can’t be removed which i think is really dumb design love some tower
but there’s certain things that make tap the screen to charge up the Jenner oh no
I just I was just praising you for not doing the clicking a lot thing I guess
as long as it’s like a plus thing like a permanent game you know what I can be
sneaky I have what is called a macro recorder I
use Knox player to play my game so just gonna oh wow
well I’m clicking so fast guys wow I’m gonna get the break all my finger joints
oh oh it’s like it caps ok understood this for the best cuz that limits my
ability to cheat and it means you don’t have to like you tap a billion times
every second to like absolutely maximize your you know capacity for stuff so I
gotta kill some heroes too okay so it’s kind of a mix of like the bill demott
tidal games and the fight em up idle games like sometimes they’ll be like
bosses and stuff you gotta fight like almost a hero I mentioned earlier
there’s like an RPG kind what kind of one will you fight stuff Ludi RPG
clicker I never did the video of that did I I kind of liked that one I find it
kind of gross that is like $20 paid skins like once a week but I’ve seen
even more Whalley games which is not exactly a positive but I think I have
enough stuff for three coins from champions Arboretum trees the most
fierce enemies every every hero of phears trees some florists produce
directly rather than the creatures though every producers plant material is
chopping down that group’s Christmas tree get some real Christmas trees are
actually more environmentally friendly under most circumstances then then fake
trees cuz fakes trees I think the logic was eat or the math was like you have to
keep a fake tree for like 10 years or more before it starts being more
environmentally friendly because did you know trees are a renewable resource
shocking I know but yeah
turns out sustainably harvested trees are very well sustainable head back to
the mud farm photos can be upgraded okay I’ll create that thing er gremlin has
power up and I assume at some point you thought about goblins orc may jus and I
I need nine months okay I got months a test work mages okay resource each
fucked only produced one creature time okay I’ll choose okay I skipped one of
the few tutorial things that would actually was trying to help me otherwise
how do I switch no you know fast a way to get about one I take the elevator I
cool it’ll come in handy later mama not yet what is this oh it’s like above
ground and below ground okay it’s our position it was this to be
dedicated oh yeah daily rewards thing you gotta
have these in your mobile games for hashtag retention
Shiva unlocked for gambling huzzah 15 units 15 electricity’s what is this I
got a thing cheap Minh system he also got to have these standard standard
mobile stuff no for real though how do I change I do sober upgrade is this so few
buttons there’s so few things that could be buttons so producing or ranges
creature fire you would think clicking the button of the creature dragged the
pad oh oh oh you dry oh boy see okay that makes force I figured it’d all be
on one screen swipe centrifuges are key to progressing okay he’s gonna drop
different things it’s gonna be kind of mindful what you create oh these guys
have a cost too but they make mud but my Arboretum for some reason makes mud but
all that’s routes excuse me covered in mud though close up
all right what do I need to build next the drop point also we have like choices
at some point I need 50 crack boss so I just need to create a bunch of these
things is this thing still like hello is this
stick no I don’t want to build things go away how do I like cancel it no I don’t
want to build it anymore go away there we go okay I see so it takes hour and a
half all right cutter mines be a bum bum bum
bum bum bum this is mechanic like that in oh man
what’s it called the dick station that was really cool if you want to
completely free to play no bullcrap no slow game play idle game dig station is
like a few hours long and just really Wow
make a lot of these home just really cool and not like naggy and needy how
does this thing work came home it need hides goblet dropped by champions
alright how are we doing with the champions here punch just only drop one coins to a like kind
of like upgra l1 stage three stages ten stages V oh so it’s like every X number
of things I got it and you kill heroes faster than more things you get of
course so so way not cracked orange sound think I can upgrade my stuff my
combos can I do so now by slitting my eyes okay I like the little dialogue of
the little cultists with your bite is worse than better it’s not and the
little just has a little personality to I ever they’re like there’s a lot of
idle games in the world but the personality is really what makes me
interested in stuff and that’s what I really thought this this looked really
cute he’s giving some good inspirational words to the to the troops oh we got
these things rings for the champions okay so what a couple corruptions we got here
it’s just some things I was their friend system how does the that’s the credits
hey credits how you doing alright what’s this
oh that’s feedback or onus of patch notes oh cool I think when there’s easy
access to patch notes and stuff Xmas shop is here candy canes and presents
mall Santa okay access to shop now he’s gone through to
apocalypses oh I’m not gonna make it in time that’s probably that’s probably the
rejuvenation or the the rejuvenation the prestige mechanic he’s all kind of have
cloud save yes definitely cloud save protect your data uh why is that not on
my defias it says it’s beta but like come on this is one thing I never played
mobile games for long unless they have a cloud save so glad that’s their beta or
not alright we should be able to make this yet no soon it won’t like one more
conducive I’m sure that’s a reference but I’m sure eggs those spiders come from
eggs quite like that I don’t know if they live like just big old bird eggs
but all right we’ll make one more building here magical you gotta have a
skull on your bookcase I never noticed that shit just really ties the room
together all right we’ll be out here book magic Tom made the magic workshop
the uncontrollable evil have you mastered a ham sandwich that’s a pretty
controllable evil I love the little dialogue that’s really cute what do
books do though do I just need them TV you must watch tl it’s an ad system to
get things like massive boss about watching adverts so I might see if your
soul or anything all right mine’s not breath Arboretum’s to start
producing this okay I like that it tells you how you can get a thing too by the
way but that’s something that’s um I always really appreciate this gifts
there’s a pretty hard border oh oh it leaves you little thing when you I need
to make goblins again I’m gremlins move whichever they are so I can get more of
this stuff paid a lot of attention to you I in this game which after playing I
hate to generalize and stuff well I think my generators slowing down that
reminds in a journalist but I feel like Western devs pay a lot more attention to
user experience and stuff they just always feel way ahead in that department
I think the bigger companies like Sony does a lot of UX work maybe not quite as
much as Microsoft but I hope I just feel like even um you know this seems to be
pretty short credits here I guess that would let me bring that up again
published by Iron Horse games that I think this would qualify as an indie
game actually I I play something like I’ve been playing like you know food
fantasy abyss reom really really rough EU I really rough support and just you
don’t really feel as much care like towards the player and that’s a shame
you can definitely feel when a games made with love that oh all I need orb so
I can I can I see you gotta kind of balance your stuff I want to fake it at
some point make two of the same thing or like two different produce two things at
once maybe not justice but yeah I just I just
really do appreciate being able to I wouldn’t shows you what stuff’s being
produced while you’re watching this thing that’s nice just a game that’s
designed to be played you know you’re supposed to have fun and enjoy it and
the devs kind of want you to actually enjoy it so they’re just being like hey
here’s this don’t ask for anything different if you don’t like my game
don’t play I’ve heard that from some players like if you don’t like it don’t
play it it’s like but I like it but I want to be it to be even better and I
think that’s it’s I think you’re a real fan if you want a game to improve if you
never want it to change that’s it’s not really that’s just being like a fanboy
that’s just kind of like you know well that’s more of a cult than like enjoying
a thing cuz like if you enjoy a thing you would want an even better version of
that thing wouldn’t you and that’s what I want as a designer I’m getting kind of
off topic here but as a designer if nobody told me if my things were bad I
won’t feel terrible if like people like I make websites I make applications and
stuff if I had like glaring flaws and I could have helped people like enjoy my
stuff more air use you know the stuff that I create and design I would feel
terrible if people were just having to have a horrible time and just like
didn’t want to tell me because they thought I would like that would hurt my
feelings my poor feelings like come on
and that is idol apocalypse that looks pretty neat I’m su tap tap and if you
want to see more cool little indie games more than Lydell games or whatever
happened to be playing remember to subscribe and maybe leave a comment if
you have something to say just don’t say first I will I will boot
your patootie out on the highway if you say first

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