Life in Sydney #4 Horse riding, Ice Skating, Port Stephens, mini haul and FOOOOD
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Life in Sydney #4 Horse riding, Ice Skating, Port Stephens, mini haul and FOOOOD

October 23, 2019

We’re going to horse-riding but we’re already tired before arriving at the farm Vivian: feels like we’re hiking We’re in Royal National Park I think it’s called Otford We went the wrong way We went up the slope and needed to come back down We are walking up the hill and… We went the wrong way again! Vivian: Look at her shoes I am wearing my boots because it’s recommended to wear heeled boots to horse-riding Vivian: Those are for the professionals only It’s for if you should fall off, your foot will naturally slip back out of the stirrup, rather than staying caught in it. We’re waiting to get on the horses What are you doing Vivian: I’m covered in dirt My horse is called Polly She is white in colour At first, I thought she was pretty nice I cannot believe what has just happened It just broke Seriously, it’s the carpet. It’s not supposed to break anything.Why does this have to happen to me I’m just so sad right now. I’m gonna remove all my makeup and just go to bed. How am I supposed to pick this up like? Well all right. I’m gonna killing up this mess and Go to sleep, okay Good night, guys Five minutes until midnight breaking out Hi guys today, I want to talk to you CBD To eat basically yeah, and to buy food So I bought quite a lot of thing today um I got this Insights from uncle Tatsu they recommend to eat know starts In four different ways the first one is who needs it That’s is that this freshest, so I’m gonna eat that right out so excited oh I do dads. I’m gonna show you guys what I bought today. Um I got this acne clean up liquid patch As from etude house and a lots of people are talking about this Online and I saw quite a lot of videos on Facebook with like like they show up how many verses to cover up your painful like that’s Kind of like those acne patch that you can get from like 3m, or casas wrecks, but those are really sick So I can’t really wear those outside, but for these Dice at that is just like a liquid bandage that you apply onto your let you apply onto Your acne and I would just have a really thin layer on top of it And then you can put on makeup so it kind of forms a barrier Between your acne and your makeups. Oh, it won’t really clog your pores Something you’re excited to try it out I’m not too sure if it really works But from those videos this works like magic and and another thing that got us this Precious got it got many different Packs I’m not too sure about the difference between on all the different kinds But chose aslam because it’s the cheapest the has like seven Massenet They got bigger packs of the yeast like maybe 40 35 to 40 something sheet masks inside it back Since I haven’t used this before I’m gonna go for a small one To see how my skin reacts to its before committing to a big pack also once you had a grocery Story to get pick up some food Yeah, Cory a lot of things I guess you guys are really interested in what I got from The grocery store, but I’ll sure guys what I got from it Japanese markets. I got this Mochi And Japanese as toku while Robbie mochi How’s your pro does it? Yeah, so it? Like you have to make it yourself Fullness running outfit boundaries. I like it when I have time And I’ve also got some macho paladin to make an awesome desserts for my friend’s birthday. She’s having a birthday on Monday the week after the Next um so gonna make something for her because I don’t really you know what’s you get first? I could thing up as to Make her grow something is surely laughs Masha and Japanese stuff, so yeah, I got some be a good gift. I Also want to thank Korea I guess they’re in for Some Korean I could only read Korean fat. I don’t know what they meant yeah Workout I haven’t done anything today. Oh Need to get sergeant on my essay cuz I steal Wednesday. Do you were one stays up? Oh? My god. I only have three days left On anything I haven’t done everything stat, so I hope you know how I’m gonna make it All right um, I’ll see you guys tomorrow. Oh wait. I’m gonna show you guys my reaction to you start Hmm Wow Wow oh my gosh pulse Knock over all these stars. Yeah smells so heavenly. I’m gonna second It’s not as pretty as some dos from Pablo or the Hokkaido baked art well, it smells just as nice I’m gonna fight them to death It’s really creamy I like that that’s not very sweet and Even though it tastes really cheesy, it’s not happy at all so I guess I have all of them Maybe not all of them But a couple of these at once look at those like the center are the bottom part of this. It’s kind of um more Creamy while a top layer Um it’s kind of solid. I don’t know if means it

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