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  1. j'espère qu'il y aura une suite de life is strange 1 avec Max & Chloe avec ashly pour la voix de Chloe même si j'ai beaucoup aimé Rhianna pour la voix de Chloe dans before the storm. , )

  2. I was quite sure Sean was gunna have the power to look in his journal and travel back in time b/c something bad was happen but this is the last episode…

  3. To be honest I wouldn’t mind if episode 4 was an ending where you just have Sean,Daniel, and Karen drive off into the sun set and live their lives

  4. Happy ending: Sean lives by the beach with Cassidy in puerto lobos drawing caricatures.
    Daniel goes to a secret testing facility where he’s stuck with needles. Then onto an insane asylum for being the selfish, disobedient, dangerous, & annoying little murder he is.

  5. I liked life is strange, but I honestly really did not like life is strange 2. The lack of the character having powers really took away from the gameplay aspect for me and also the whole theme of it seems WAY too forced…. like okay, I get it, capitalism and white cops bad, minorities abused, misunderstood, they just forced it all way too much for my liking…. it just felt like it was a more political statement than a fun game…. whereas life is strange 1, even though it had similar undertones, political stuff, like the forced bisexuality/ homosexuality thing…. but there wasn’t too much of it and the plot didn’t feel like it revolves around THAT aspect.

  6. Imagine if we get to play as daniel. Not only that imagine if we can see them in life is strange 3. I will really miss them but im happy that my friends look exactly like them so I will get to remember them

  7. Noooo! I can't believe it's over i hope they continue the life is strange serious like maybe they will make it to were Daniel is older and his kids have powers or a new character

  8. Do you think life is strange is gonna be series like japanese game final fantasy and dragon quest? Cos they have amazing drama and songs and they're from square enix too

  9. I can’t wait to get this game. I hope there will be a LIS 3 at some point, can’t get enough of these games man. ❤️

  10. Could you please make the first episode free so we all could try it and see if its something we like? Thats how I got into the first Life is Strange, had the first episode not been free I dont even think I would've ever played it, I'm so glad it was free, the first game was so great, dont know about the second one, I'd love to try it out!

  11. My real question and it all depends on the end of this episode. I don’t know what’s next because this game has been all over the place and it sucks to see all these characters come and go but if they set up for a third game so be it, but if they decide to end life is strange all together give them a happy ending and have them settle down and like live off the land in the ruins of Arcadia or maybe it will be rebuilt. Who knows I just hope max or Chloe are in there somewhere

  12. This is our last chance to see max and chloe in an episose (or just max depending on the ending you got) so i am really hoping to have that in it, but seeing how they almost forgot about the original game makes me have no doubt that it will ever happen, but hey we still have one chance!

  13. I just tried this game the episode 1 and now going to further on episode 2 and I can say nothing else just that Ive never played a game like this ever before! it is really touching and thoughtful :OOOOO (L)

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