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Light Therapy for Horses – RevitaVet Light Therapy For Horses

August 17, 2019

Are you looking for Light Therapy for Horses? Look no further than RevitaVet Therapy Systems. Developed by Science and backed by Top Trainers
and World Class Riders, RevitaVet is used for preventative maintenance and rehabilitation. Our mission at RevitaVet is to educate competitors
and horse owners on the benefits of infrared therapy. Light Therapy for Horses provides an easy-to-use,
drug-free method to not only maintain the health of your equine athletes, but expedite
recovery and enhance their peak performance. All this while preventing many costly medical
issues before they arise. The use of infrared treatment has been used
in the equine market for more than 30 years, and has saved a countless number of animals
from being put down due to injury and non-healing wounds. Our RevitaVet IR2 Complete System delivers
powerful therapeutic benefits to living tissues and organisms. RevitaVet is a non-invasive therapy to promote
healing by more than 50%. With no known negative side effects, the IR2
infrared equine therapy stimulates acupuncture points, reduces inflammation and relieves
pain. The IR2 Complete System is portable, safe,
easy-to-use, and is excellent therapy for all animals. Made in America, Backed by a 30 Day Money
Back Guarantee and a 5 Year Warranty, our light therapy system is designed to last. For more information on the benefits of Light
Therapy for Horses call 602-971-4353 or visit

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