Lil Nas X Rates Horses, Twitter, and Prom | Over/Under
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Lil Nas X Rates Horses, Twitter, and Prom | Over/Under

August 14, 2019

(upbeat drums music) – I feel like puberty is like, overrated because it’s just like,
a natural part of life and it’s not that big of a deal to me. I mean, of course, you go
through changes, but yeah. Especially like with males like, you know, it’s like a big thing it’s like when all your friends like you know, moving on to the next level like, you know, their face and getting tall and everything. It’s been amazing so far like, this is coming in, you know. Mustache looks like coming in. You know, other things. (drums) Definitely overrated! ’cause like people put so much into it. I had to like, use this cheap suit too because it was worst the suit. The person I was thinking
to go with got sick and another person I was
thinking of going with they started dating someone! So I was like. (drums) I’d say fake IDs are
overrated just because a lot of time what you’re
trying to do doesn’t work. Because you know, it’s hard
to get a quality fake ID. – [Interviewer] Did you ever have one? – I did. Just once. I was trying to get into a party and I spent like, 75 dollars on it. And it didn’t work! That was all of my money. (drums) Horses are underrated and
they are better than cars. Riding a horse is fun! You know, it’s like you’re going to fast and it’s gonna hurt your ass! I want to own a horse but at this point it’s gonna
be hard to like maintain I don’t want nobody taking care of an animal for me, or something. It’s like, you don’t have
the attachment to it, I feel. (drums) Twitter is underrated! I feel like it’s the best
site for memes and stuff. You know, even like, for creators and getting yourself out there feel like that’s the best place to start. My favorite thing to do on
Twitter it’s to post memes. The best meme I’ve ever seen is like a CGI cat hitting the whip and it’s just the best
thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life, yeah. He’s just like, you know. (drums)

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  1. This would have been a good opportunity for him to come out rather than awkwardly say “they got sick”.

  2. What is this? Who the fuck is this guy? You'll just have anyone on the show? I have a cousin that can rap.

  3. Tbh I really dislike old town road but the guy seems cool and I like his other music but omg I really dislike old town road

  4. Probably just another freemason satanist who's turn it is at fame and doing the work of the beast. Everything in this world is good and evil & if your not promoting the word of Jesus you'r promoting the word of satans pussy ass. satan is a worm baking in the sun compared to the strength and authority of THE MOST HIGH GOD JESUS CHRIST.

  5. that song isn’t for me but I love to see a black person winning! So good shit. I bet them hoes that played him at prom are sick now lol

  6. " Want to have a horse, but at this point it'll be hard to maintain. Like I don't want to have anyone take care of an animal for me, because then you dont have the connection with it."

    Jesus crap this kid is wise beyond his years.

  7. Seems super cool but why the hell is he wearing grills for an interview?? Straight up sounds like he’s got a lisp.

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