Live Horse Racing Lottery Game Launches
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Live Horse Racing Lottery Game Launches

August 21, 2019

horse-racing season in the bluegrass is almost starting gates and the Kentucky lottery is joining in on the fun a live racing game called win place show just launched in Lexington Louisville and Northern Kentucky it’s actually a pilot program that lasts 90 days but the goal is to launch statewide after those three months LAX 18s Alexa Hellwig explains how to play it’s time to stop horsing around and join in on the Kentucky lotteries newest game win place show is a way to watch horse-racing and win money Brad Cummings is the founder of equal lottery games he started to develop this idea nearly 10 years ago if I could replace lottery balls with the excitement of live horse racing which in some ways is lottery balls running around a circle then you know we might really have something here the $2 Quick Pick game randomly draws three horses from that day’s race it could be at a track stretching from California to Florida we’re looking for big field sizes we’re looking for good weather well you know we have 21 tracks that are signed up for those including Keeneland here in Lexington there are more than a dozen locations in Lexington where you can buy one of these live racing tickets once you buy it at the store you can download the app and you can watch live races right on your phone after the race you can scan your ticket on the win place show app to see if you’re a winner or you can bring it back to the store it’s horse betting made easy which intrigued customers at the dairy Mart off of Nicholasville Road today if you don’t follow a horse racing you know it’s it’s real easy just to have them pick it for you and you know I mean what’s what’s 2 bucks if you can turn it into 200 covering the news in Lexington Alexa Hellwig lex18 news

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