Live PD: Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side (Season 4) | A&E
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Live PD: Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side (Season 4) | A&E

October 31, 2019

– Anyway, we got some
blues horses or mules. They were out on the road. Now they’re in a guy’s
field, or his yard here. Huh? Not yours? Any idea where they belong to? So somebody had called them in
as just being out on the road. I’ll walk across the
road and see if there’s a pastor, or a fence, or
a gate across the road that maybe I can get them into. You’ve never seen him
before though, huh? – I haven’t.
– OK. The gal who owns a property
at the end of the road right next to Joe’s place
is where these came from. – OK, so I’m going to go
bring my rig down on this end since that’s the way
they keep moving. What are you doing? Come here. Come here. – Mike, the horse whisperer. – Go ahead, come on. Where one goes, they’re
all going to go. You better hurry up. They’re leaving you. They just kind of wandered
off into a yard here. It’s really not the
most ideal thing. It’s not pasture. But as far as just being
able to get them contained and get them off the road, this
is the second best scenario. You guys go back. Come on. Come on. – I was on the other road. – Were you? – Yeah. – Well, they they were out
there behind this guy’s house. And they just got the hankering
to run across the road. And they ended up
in this guy’s yard. So we closed the fence on them. – Any idea who– – I mean, we we
knocked at the door. And there’s no answer
to the car there. But we’re trying to have
dispatch try a couple of phone numbers. But if you want to take
a look at the horses and tell me if you know
who they might belong to. Whose are they? – Billy’s. Yeah, they’re down further. – Right. – We can get hold of Mark
and they could just– I’ll get a couple guys. – All right, so Joe was able to
help us out with not only who the owner is, but also who
takes care of the horses. And fortunately, he knows
where these people live. And he’s going to go down
and knock on some doors and get the horses back
to where they belong. In the meantime, we’ll try
to get a hold of the property owner and let them know there’s
six horses in their yard.

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  1. Wow can we call that old town road now
    And mlp g5 looks so real is it pinkie pie that's going to have a party in the yard lol

  2. Remember this.

    1800s+ Rich people used to own cars while poor people only owned horses.

    Now: Rich people own cars while the poor owns horses.

  3. You open your back door, light up a joint before work, and see six horses roaming on your fenced in property.
    Then a sheriff deputy walks up to you.

  4. Who’s horses? They’re right down by Joe’s. Okay. Everyone knew exactly who Joe was and where he lived. Gotta love that!

  5. Awww, they are so patient, helpful, kind and reasonable. I wish our local cops were like them. My miniature horse went for a walk and they gave me two tickets.

  6. Wow, an officer that didn't shoot an animal because they felt threaten… this is surprising.

    In all seriousness, I'm getting tired of officers shooting dogs because they felt "threaten." Makes me sick.

  7. They look healthy though. I have two cats so I know what horses are supposed to look like. One time my uncle saw a bear too so I am basically animal expert. I like birds.

  8. Janet these horses are gorgeous that black one is beautiful it's like a stallion if l had land and found these horses l would be tempted to hide them haha by the way l love the comments great

  9. Just think about this it’s crazy how everyone expects wild animals to be owned by someone these days or just really shows how much the world changed no hate or anything just a thought

  10. One is a mule and they just want to stretch out a little. They also needed some greens in their diet or whatever other treats they could find.

  11. Good news : There’s 6 horses in your front yard so you don’t have to mow your lawn this week.
    Bad news :You don’t have to fertilize it etiher.

  12. Beautiful animals, obviously well-kept — just not quite securely enough.😆 Sure glad nothing happened to them❗️I guess Montana cops are used to this?

  13. awww that cop tho so sweet "cmon now whatcha doing huh" lol and the horse was just like "ok,sir we're sorry, c'mon guys" lol 😍😍😍😍

  14. I could have sworn sherrif captains have like desk jobs and even if they do go out, they have like plain clothes instead of full uniform…

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