Live With Lee & Hayley: Breyerfest
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Live With Lee & Hayley: Breyerfest

August 16, 2019

there’s an event for collectors of those little breyer horse models that you have to see to believe breyer has been putting this thing on for decades and it attracts thousands of people from all over the world to the Kentucky Horse Park Lee and Hayley went out there to find out what it’s all about of horses model horses and everything to do with the horse industry we bring in over 200 live horses for demos we bring in the real horses we’ve made models of we have seminars and workshops on how to repaint your model horses to create your own dream horse we have model horse showing we’ve got a trade fair for shopping we have demonstrations all day long we have an evening performance it really is a festival celebrating the love of horses people come from all over the world actually for briar fest but even if you don’t own a real horse yet you can have a breyer model there’s no vet bills they’re easy to clean up after you can have you know hundreds of different breeds of horses and that’s what we’re all about is inspiring kids to love horses be involved in the horse industry and then eventually be a rider and get involved in that aspect as well we have everything from petting zoo and pony rides to all kinds of other entertainment going on and watching the horses doing a little shopping being out at this beautiful Kentucky Horse Park I mean it’s just a fabulous day outdoors and enjoying the animals and the activities it’s such a huge event to run but it is like family we see a lot of familiar faces a lot of our staff are really excited to come it’s a great team-building event for our staff we’re really excited to have the Trixie chicks here and in fact we’ve made a model of one of their horses named King he’s a Pinto and he’ll be here later on for the event this week but we’re so excited because all of the different sports that you can get involved with horses shows the athleticism of both the horse and the rider and the communication in the connection here Shelby is able to show us really the finer points of what you can do when your trick riding and it’s amazing to see the connection between she and her horse well the only way to get tickets now is at the gate but they got a three-day ticket which will get you your celebration model with that person oh that’s a deal the event lasts until Sunday at the Kentucky Horse Park and that includes lots of entertainment options for the entire family all right well coming up she won the hearts of judges right here in Kentucky now Miss Kentucky’s outstanding team is preparing to head to Orlando to take to the Nationals fellow how exciting we’re gonna talk with joanna clark next on live with Liam Haley

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