Long recovery for teen shot outside game
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Long recovery for teen shot outside game

October 31, 2019

newer information about the teen who was shot in the chest outside a Friday night football game at Terry Parker high school his family says he faces a long recovery from the bullet wound the 16 year olds family told us today his name is shamon Mickens a student at Raines high school as police continue to look for several persons of interest students returned to Terri Parker today wearing the school colors of red and black in a show of school pride I team investigator Vic McHale uchi has an update on the city’s highly touted new program called cure violence in Jacksonville we begin though with news for Jax reporter ginnis harris who spoke with the wounded teens mom and she’s joining us live from the scene of the shooting Jenice the child that was shot was only in the ninth grade and when I talked with his mom she said despite what police are saying he is not in a gang another school day today is different they were wearing red and black their school colors as a sign of solidarity Friday students from all over the city were here someone shot a rains High School ninth grader in Terry Parker High School’s parking lot during an evening football game parents and grandparents are proud of the students for coming together after such a violent act to remain encouraged despite you know despite what goes on I mean this world is it’s a good place but there’s a lot of evil things that happen so I always tell them keep pressing on it’s not gonna be easy but you can do it why do you think it’s important for the kids to do stuff like that we’re just in support of what happen at what went on I mean it’s a great idea keep them focus on what’s going on in the world one parent told me he was surprised to hear that there was conflict between high schoolers again but he’s very proud of the students at Terry Parker for being resilient as the students remain focused into the end of the school year the teens family says he is recovering slowly the teens mother tells me he was shot in the chest and the bullet narrowly missed his heart police say it could be gang-related but the teens mother says her son is not in a gang and it is still unclear whether or not the teen knew the shooter or anyone else that may have been around in that area at the time police again saying that this was not a random act however back here at the school and throughout the school district violence is not taking lightly at all and therefore they are offering counseling to anyone on the staff or any student that may need it also an important note coming from that child’s mother she also told me her son has been in private school this entire time up till now she will be moving him back into private school after this incident reporting live at Terry Parker high school Jenice harris channel 4 the local station today’s any word yet from the school district on when changes might be made to further improve student safety at after-school activities well we know the administration will be focused on this and analyzing this over the summer anytime an incident like this happens they’re open to any other possibility for improvement but no data has been set but we do know they’re going to take the summer to go through this again and make sure that all procedures are effective Tom Denise Harris reporting to us live from Arlington thanks Denise

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