Longines World’s Best Racehorse and World’s Best Horse Race ceremony
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Longines World’s Best Racehorse and World’s Best Horse Race ceremony

September 6, 2019

good afternoon and welcome to the iconic
claridge’s hotel here in London we started few years ago in collaboration with the federation to create the Longines best jockey Award and also the Longines best horse award.
And when we start it was a first premiere in the world of horse racing which is a sport that is very popular attract a lot of people but always regionally and now after five years we can see, today for example here in London, that everybody from Australia, US
Asia and Europe are coming to celebrate the best horse, the best race. They don’t have the habit in other sports. With the development of sponsoring with Longines around the world
we are the ideal sponsor and so we started progressively with one award
which was the Longines international award of merit then we had the Longines rankings
which became a very important tool because you are managing ratings from
all over the world and it was a huge task and then we had the Longines best Jockey award
which was a great success and presented in Hong Kong where at the end
of the year and then the world best horse race was the final one and now we have
four awards which are working very well and we now come to the winner the 2016 Longines world best race horse and Juan-Carlos if you would do us the honour and announce the winner Today, I’m very proud, to declare Arrogate as the winner of the 2016 Longines world best race horse the most beautiful feeling is
when that horse turns for home and he makes the lead that feeling is priceless
you just cannot you cannot put a price on these feelings and that’s the beauty of
our sport and probably the second best feeling is making your walk to the
winner’s circle that’s the best because everybody’s congratulating you you’re
feeling this before you meet your horse is feeling you get to enjoy it if you’re
walking down to greet your horse it’s just a wonderful feeling and so it’s
something that would probably don’t really get it out there and now you know
I just want a reason to wake up and go that barn in the morning so when you have
these superstars waiting for you there it just gives you a more incentive to
work harder and Longines really become such a big name in horse racing that
it’s just an honor to be involved in something like that

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