Looks so cool and real!? Horse race game in Japan at Round 1, Osaka #107
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Looks so cool and real!? Horse race game in Japan at Round 1, Osaka #107

August 14, 2019

Yes, I am sure I am gonna win!! Hey guys, welcome to Rion’s TV!!
I am Rion!! So today I wanna introduce
how Japanese horse race game looks like You know, Japanese horse race game is so amazing, I personally don’t play the horse race
but still it is good and it is interesting as well So let me explain how it looks like As you see, it is huge
22 people can sit and play at same time There are 2 displays in front you
and you can bet game coins for the race The most amazing point,
toy horse is actually running front of you It looks so real, and makes the game more exciting, of course, it is not the gambling So you won’t get money even you win,
but still so much fun you can have It is really interesting, okay so,
let’s play!! wow, so this is the token which I won from Pachinko
I shoot the video how the Pachinko works as well If you are interested in Japanese gamble, Pachinko, then please watch my video as well Well I don’t really know about the horse
I bet winning odds is less one which is 2.6, 4.9, 7.8 and 3.8 I think the odds is less means horse is strong
So that’s why I bet it!! So let’s see if I can win or not!!
So I bet 22 tokens, Play so let’s see the game Yes!! I won 15 tokens,
well actually I bet 22 tokens, so that means,
I lost 7 tokens but still my horse won!! Yes I got it!! Let me do it more!! So the next race, I decide to bet 22 tokens for No.5,
why ? Rion’s intuition Well, look at that !!
At first, I just had 22 tokens, but now
I have over 150 tokens Well, so I won over 150 tokens right?
I am pretty sure that I have talent for the horse race game!! I think I can win more!!
Let’s bet it!! I feel like this No.8 gonna come!! So I bet my all tokes for No.8 which is over
150 tokens, I am pretty sure that I can win that!! Odds is 4.3, my 150 tokens will be 600 tokens, Yes!! I am sure that I am gonna win this race!! Remember No.8!!
So that’s the start, and that’s the goal Why !!? Yeah, I should have quit
So this is why gambling is not good. You know, even you win, you are gonna bet more,
and eventually you are gonna lose So, don’t play gamble
If you are betting money you are gonna be so shocked, But this one, it’s a game,
so you are not gonna be that much shocked Yes, this is how it works Alright, so this is how the horse race game works in Japan, it’s huge and interesting So if you come to Japanese amusement park, such as Round 1, you can enjoy this kind of horse race games So, try it!! it is interesting,
hope you enjoy my video Thanks for watching my video,
and please subscribe to my channel And if you like the video,
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