“Lou Ann – Demony Przeszłości” [Oryginalny film z modelami koni]
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“Lou Ann – Demony Przeszłości” [Oryginalny film z modelami koni]

August 18, 2019

Studio Tenebris Presents WARNING: The following film contains cartoon violence. Sensitive veiwers are advised to switch it off. Life is a never ending fight between good and evil. Light and dark. Order and chaos. This fight also takes place in a land called Equiria Which is guarded by the Great Mother till the begginning of all times. Thousands of years ago She has given a gift of pure, beautiful magic to her beloved children. Unfortunately, her jealous sister – the Destroyer Has poisoned the magic with her darkness. The great mother, heartbroken, has banished her sister to the edge of nothingness. But she wasn’t able to fix what the Destroyer has broken. Even today some foals born in Equiria are poisioned by the devastating, horrible magic of chaos. The one possessed by such power is clearly doomed. It is a matter of time when the darkness will blind him completely and use as a tool to spread devastation, terror and disorder. Fortunately the ones gifted by Great Mother’s pure magic are standing up for Equiria’s peace. One day, the Darkness Rulers, also called the Dark Rebellion had risen To get to rule Equiria by using their terrific power. Their master – Aaron had fought with the king Michael who sacrifised his life for his kingdom that day. But his son, Gabriel, had defeated Aaron’s darkness by the pure light of his brave heart Avenged his father and ended the rebellion, pushing the few surviviors into the dark, dangerous Mauum Forest. Life is a never ending fight between good and evil. A fight that never stops. “Lou Ann – Demons of the past” Have you been having you nightmares again, Lady Charlene? Yes… they’re haunting me again… I will tell this to Lord Gilbert… No, no… thank you, Margot. Oh well, my sleeping beauty has finally woke up. yes? um… no! Oh come on! If you won’t let me touch you, you never remind yourself about our feelings. It’s been three months, Charlene. I’m pining for you… How long is it going to take yet? Our wedding is just around the corner and I can’t even kiss you! Speaking about the wedding… I’m…not sure. How many times are we going to go through this again?! This wedding is NOT a stupid party for poor villagers but an important event announced among the nobility for months! It cannot be just cancelled like that, you get that? This wedding will not be stopped by your whims nor by this stupid amnesia of yours. You should not get distracted so easily by such unimportant things, son. Perhaps you’re supposed to think about finding yourself a queen. When your father was your age… I do not care what father did. He is not here anymore, unlike the problem he has left behind. Moreover, that problem is MY responsibility now. I dare to say that a marriage is trurly unimportant compared to the things me may be dealing with, dear mother. Watch your tongue. The crisis has gone away, but you seem to think about nothing more than this! You worry till the very last second as if the whole plan was just about to collapse in any second! Stop playing the king and start being one, Gabirel. Darius! Yes, my highness? Contact the Purigation Alliance. Send three of their very best horses to me. Yes, my lord. I’d like to warmly welcome each one of you in my little mansion. Or maybe I should say “our”? Because today is a special day for me and my fiancée, Charlene. Celebrate, feast and have fun together with us! Let’s begin, shall we? We have gathered to connect these two souls with the shining wedding vow in the name of the Great Mother. If any of you has something against this, tell it now or keep quiet forever. Do you, Gilbert Sartel, take Charlene Cleare for your wife And promise her your love, faithfullness Till the end of The Light? Yes Do you, Charlene Cleare, take Gilbert Sartel for your husband And promise him your love, faithfullness Till the end of The Light? Um… I… To the east! Run towards the east! Not bad but not good enough These are just milimetres, Ar. You may miss these millimetres from an artery or a lung, Leo. Perhaps you regress because of the boredom…? Oh really? Watch me now. Better brush up on your skills quickly, Leon Dastril. You will have to shoot a moving target soon. So the show has begun? I guess so. Send three of our very best horses to me. Only three? Do you mean… Yes, Trilla. It is the time. Call the Night Trio. 4 horseshoes for this junk?! What a rip-off! For the sake of Destroyer’s hooves! Watch where you canter, you ginger jade! I’m trying to make a deal! Danuśka, you must rest, you stubborn mare! Oh, chill out! It’s been only 5 moons. Don’t be so afraid, Błażej! Sweet oats! Wait a second! Someone’s chasing you or what? I need to run… Błażej, behave! Can’t you see she’s scared? Oh dear, don’t be afraid. It’s a safe village, take a deep breath. …but Don’t “but” around! We’ve got plenty of food. Let us offer you a dinner! Wherever you run, a moment of rest won’t hurt you! Our cottage is not too spacious… But it’s just enough for the three of us! “three”? Oh, not again! We’re gonna have a foal. He tells that to everyone he meet! Soon he’ll trot to the king himself… Oh, I’m just proud… Tell me, sweety. What has frightened you so much? We don’t see a gallop like yours here every day! You’re in trouble, don’t ya? Well, I… You’re running away from an admirer Am I right? Haha, your eyes are speaking for ya! Is he that horrible indeed? Kind of… Let me know if any guards shows up. I should be safe with them. For the Great Mother’s muzzle! I’d better stop asking questions! I can see it’s a big deal. Oh, already? These guards did hurry to find you! You must be very important in the town, huh? These are not regular guards… Whatcha mumbling there? It’s the Purigators! WHO are you, huh? Light or Darkness? L…Light, of course! Why do you even ask?! Błażej, it’s not the time for judging! We need to help her! You know well how many innocent horses they’ve killed believing they were Dark! Back door. I’ll stop them. Quick! Oh… the king’s guards! Why are we honored by such important guests? There is a forest nearby. They say it’s dangerous but find the stream and follow it! They should not look for you there. Quick! Move, you peasant! We’ve got the king’s permission! But… you cannot enter right now! My wife is just… …cleaning the cottage right now! We were just having a dinner… so we can’t let such important guests come into a mess! I don’t know how to thank you… Don’t thank me, run! The good always returns. Go, go! If you won’t let us in, your dear wife will be cleaning your blood here soon. Well, mister hospitable… Let’s have a talk. No! Stop! What’s wrong with me?! GO AWAY! They’ll find me here… They will find me and kill me! If I survive…I’m powerless… Come on, Lars! You can do better! Oh, really? Take this, sister! You’re worse than foals! Such a mess! YOU are the Night Trio?! YOU are the best among all surviviors?! You won’t even notice when you get an arrow poisoned by their bloody magic! You underestimate them, Gerard. Your highness… I’ve chosen them myself. I trust their skills. It’s almost the time. Bloody hell! I knew it! I knew this idiot will disappoint me… But my lord… Don’t “my lord” to me, Darius! I’m trying to focus and fix this mess somehow! It can not happen, do you understand?! Yes, your grace. Find her. The time has come, Trill. Find her. Where are all these hallucinations when I need them?! My death would be more interesting… Or less pathethic at least… What? Who’s there?! Okay… here I have my hallucinations… Great. What are you doing?! But… how? Hey, wait! I need to thank you somehow! There you are! Um.. hello? Little one? Are you here? Is ANYBODY here? Not a single soul, girl. You don’t have a reason to worry, my lord. The Trio is ready. I don’t doubt in that. I just wait for their sign. Do we know where she is? Closer. You pathetic fool! I knew you’ll fail till the very beginning! But.. my lord, please… I.. I will fix that.. I… SHUT UP! You didn’t protect her, you pathethic… Your highness! We found a Suahir. The scent is fresh. If I am allowed to make a suggestion… Maybe our dear mr. Sartel will have an oppurtunity to make up for his sins indeed. Who are you? Nobody. Or maybe everybody? I don’t even know… You don’t know who you are? What about you? You’re lost and alone in a dangerous place. Let me invite you to my house. Why should I trust you? If you have a better idea… go on. Hey, wait! Is your house far away? It’s right here. Where? It’s not very spacious, but the primeval trees are hospitable sometimes. If you won’t say your name… maybe just let me know where am I actually? Oh, I haven’t said I won’t tell my name! I just… prefer to ask ladies first. But if you already asked… I used to be called Dargiel but not anymore… mostly because there is noone to call me by any name. I’ve escaped from the rotting civilisation… …social divisions, war… Here I can enjoy Great Mother’s greatest creation: the nature Speaking about the second question… We’re in the eastern part o Equiria. In the middle of the Mauum Forest. What?! THE Mauum Forest?! It’s impossible! It’s a couple of days away from the capital and… Suahir. What? A premeval teleportation circle. They’re forgotten for thousands of years But some of the still exist, hidden in many places. I was pretty sure their power is long dead. Well, what a suprise! But… how is that even possible? When the Great Mother wants something to happen the magic of the whole world works together to fulfill Her will. My old, madness-stained mind tells me this isn’t the first weird thing that happened to you. So… it’s your turn. How did you find Suahir? And why did it resurrect its saint power to help you? I…well… I don’t have to much to tell, really. You see, I’ve completely lost my memory some time ago. I don’t remember my parents, any spells or even… my own fiancee During our wedding ceremony his service made a rebellious massacre… I was able to hide in a nearby village to wait for the guards to come but… the Purigation Alliance appeared instead. I got in panic and run to a forest and… I bet you won’t believe me, but… I met a magical creature there! It made me follow itself to the circle. Anything else? Actually… yes. Nighmares. Visions. Hallucinations. Something is haunting me. Something really horrible, and so… …so dark. Like a demon. But… The truth is I’m not scared by the vision itself. But the fact that I want to know its source. This darknes… is calling me. Follow it then. What is your heart telling you? It.. hasn;t woke up yet, I guess. My heart remains a stone and I can’t fight it. Trust the Great Mother. She knows the way. Very few horses still believe in Her. Especially after the Dark’s rebellion. But… I can’t do this. I should come back. My fiancee… Is it him you want? Do you love him? I don’t… remember it. And to be honest… I feel like it never… Charlene! I was so afraid! I’ve been looking for you everywhere! Gilbert! Come, honey. Let’s go back to OUR home. No, Gilbert. It’s not my home. Or OUR home. I said let’s come bak home! Move your butt, old man! Get off my way! I think she said “no”. Run. RUN! It looks like we won’t be starving tonight. Let’s go hunting then. Hello, Lou Ann. I bet you don’t recognise me. Well…I could have expected that. Take it easy. I’ve got something that will help your memories come back to their place. Your daughter is very special. She’s the legendary child of peace and chaos. She’s blessed with both of the powers of incredible strength. This filly may be very important for our kingdom. For it’s good… she will stay here. Mum? Dad? Mum?! MUM!!! Are you staying with us? No! I don’t want to! I order you to stop crying! Please? You order me? It’s not funny! Mum says I’m going to be a king one day. Gabriel, go back to your chambers! Put yoursefl together! If the best wizards couldn’t teach you, I will! I just can’t! Bloody hell, focus! Father… what is going on? It’s too late for her. The dark power has possesed her soul. If she gets into HIS hooves… Our kingdom will be in great danger. We cannot let that happen. Reisenhoof! No! Stop it! Please! Michael! He shouldn’t be here! Let him watch. Let him watch his father lose again. Welcome in the Mauum Forest, Lou Ann. You will be safe here. It… is so different from what they told me Because they didn’t tell you the truth. They live to hate us, the lords of chaos. They kill little foals if they turn out to be one of us. They don’t even try to understand how beautiful the darkness can be… You are special, Lou Ann. You have both powers but your heart chose the dark one for some reason. They will be trying to get you, as they see you as a danger to their sick kingdom… Well… they’re not wrong. They should be afraid of you. They shall shake before your name. Let me teach you the secrets of the darkness and we will bring order to this world. Our nation will never need to hide again. our? You’re one of us! The lords of chaos. Not bad… Quite good… Today you can go with me. Mum… What’s goin on? I’m afraid… I’m not… I’m not your mother anymore! Take him away! Quick! In the name of peace and order, I free this house from the curse… …which is your life. Who are you!? A mare? Or a Strzyga?! You should ask yourself which one of us is more heartless. Finally! We got you, Strzyga. You’ll make up for your sins. How many times do I have to repeat I’m innocent?! You’ve got the wrong mare! Even if we do… …nobody needs to know that. Number one. You count the next ones. No… No! Security! No! back off! Never again! You never go alone again, do you understand!? But I managed! Do you even know who that was?! Reisenhoof! The worst of the king’s torturers! He tortures foals till they die slowly! Key word: was. Are you trying to tell me… I know what I was doing. That bastard will never hurt anyone again. Don’t risk your life that way again. I can’t lose you. I just can’t. Aaron… Can I? Now you can. Oh, I knew it! So? Yes. A thousand times yes. FATHER! How dare you… You… Stop it! Stop it, Gabriel! You… You will watch him die! And your whole nation! I beg you! I will do everything you want! Just let them go! Please! Let’s make a deal. My lord… the king told us to kill everyone! I am the king now! Listen to me, Strzyga. I will tell my soldiers to stop this massacre. I may even let the survivors go. Including your pathethic partner… if he survives. Ana! Shut up or I’ll change my mind! And you… you come with us. We will erease your memories. Including the spells and magical skills. You will forget him. You will forget this place. We will train you in the power of Light once again. And you and your horses can NOT search for her! Or put a single hoof out of this forest. Otherwise she will die, and you join her soon after that. Fine! Perfect. Take her! I agreed! Make them stop! Make them stop the killing! Only if I wish them to stop. Lou Ann! LOU ANN! Charlene…oh, my sweet Charlene You finally woke up. It wasn’t a rebellion…but a massacre of the Dark. Aaron… Lou Ann… Gerard? Is that you? But where are… My comrades died protecting the others, my lady. Let’s go… The cleaners are close. Closer than you think! Tora, here! For Aria and Melchior, asshole! Ann, fight! We won’t surrender this time! I won’t let them take you away! I… don’t remember anything… There it is… The final fall of the Dark Rebellion! You.. I know you. You should be long dead. What a suprise. There she stands… the devil’s bride Strzyga. A murderer and a traitor! Lou Ann! Lay her down. We’ll end the terror of Dark Rebellion forever! Revenge, Strzyga. writer & director Cast: Models: costumes & scenography: shooting, editing & animation: screenplay’s correction: Artworks: Shooting assistants: Music: Camera: Software: No model horse was hurt in making of this movie.

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  1. OMG jaki to był super fajowy zajefajny film naj super ula myślę ze lou ann 2 będzie tez tak super fajowo zajefajne nie mogę się doczekać kocham cię i ten film naj naj naj naj naj naj na calusienkim świecie?????❤?❤????????????❤❤?????????❤???????????????❤?????❤??????????????????????najlepsze na świecie?????????????????

  2. Jesli masz w planach (jak skończysz lou ann) nagrać jakiś jeszcze seriat to np fajne by było coś typu ,że człowiek opowiada o koniach jego historia jeździectwa itp… albo jak ,,mustang z dzikiej doliny'' koń opowiada o swoim życiu. Wogule co kolwiek ty robisz najlepsze seriale itp… do telewizji się zgloś xD to serio tam powinno trafić xD?

  3. ja się na filmie popłakałam a mój kol powiedział że to jakaś psychiczna 30 latka bawiąca się zabawkami dla dzieci : /

  4. Super film! 34:24 co to za kary koń?! Muszę go mieć! Wie ktoś może jakiej jest firmy,rasy i czy można go gdzieś kupić?
    A tak w ogóle najpierw patrzę,, w filmie użyto przemocy" i myślę takie: WTF? Czy im się coś nietentego żeby w plastikowych konikach pisaćże przemoc? Pff… " I oglondam dalej a tu tyle krwi xD a i oglondam to o 1 w nocy ?

  5. czy mogłabym nagrać prawie taki sam film? lecz z wykorzystaniem gry Star Stable Online? Bardzo mi na tym zależy <3

  6. W.O.W. Na serio nie wiem co więcej powiedzieć. Masz do tego talent dziewczyno❤️ Życzę wspaniałej przyszłości filmowej

  7. Ooo ja już po Lou Ann 2, i to jak to razem połączyć pędzie jeden wielki horror, ja tak płakałam przy 2 że moja koleżanka nie mogła wytrzymać, jak by było takich filmów więcej to by było super? pozdrawiam serdecznie

  8. Jejku, genialne.
    Wczoraj gdy oglądałam sobie "Mniej Więcej" zobaczyłam w proponowanych ten film (a że interesowałam się kiedyś figurkami i mam ich kilka, to włączyłam go sobie w nowej karcie).Jestem pod ogromnym wrażeniem! Historia bardzo ciekawa, przyciąga, po obejrzeniu dwóch części ciągle o niej myślałam 🙂
    Sama kiedyś chciałam zrobić coś podobnego, ale nie stać mnie na tyle figurek.To, ile poświęciłaś na to czasu widać – Lou Ann jest niesamowitym filmem 😉 Czekam na więcej produkcji, pozdrawiam osoby które przeczytały do końca 🙂

  9. Wow! Nie sądziłam, że z figurek można zrobić coś tak pięknego! (Sama mam jeszcze gdzieś kurzące się pudło ze Schleichami, ale ciiii….). Kocham te tła i dekoracje, takie małe, ale szczegółowe i słodkie 😀 Gratuluję osiągniętego celu.

  10. Kocham Lou Ann. to mój ulubiony film. Klacz Missouri Fox trotter niedługo do mnie przyjdzie paczką. Z Izabelą jest trudniej ale już napisałam do sprzedawcy. ???

  11. Będzie więcej odcinków Błagam to jest NAJ NAJ NAJ NAJ SUPER EXTRA KOCHAM CIĘ subek leci łapka też

  12. Na Netflix powinien być id telewizji cudo poprostu piękne nic na YT lepszego nie widziałam to ile pracy tam włożyłeś cudo PS: uwielbiam cię

  13. WOW niesamowite ile pracy musiałaś/musieliście w to włożyć , najlepszy film z konikami ever ❤?

  14. Kauźwa mać to jest okropne hejterzy jesteście w błędzie to jest piękne.❤

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