Loudest Purring Cat – Guinness World Records
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Loudest Purring Cat – Guinness World Records

August 31, 2019

I phoned up the local news they came out
and they managed to record him at 100 decibels a hundred decibels
that’s as loud as a high revving motorcycle only the peaks from Guinness
World Records were here to verify it oh look there they are
what a coincident what are the chances men like me you right so this is an
attempt for the loudest purr by a cat microphone must be 1 meter above the
ground no can start the measuring we all remember where we were during moments of
great historical importance Kennedy’s assassination
Charlene’s wedding and now merlyn’s / remember the world record is 67.7 ok so
I’m gonna have to analyze the data I hope he does it I mean I think in my
heart is louder but we’ll have to wait and see the numbers have been crunched
and it’s time for the result Marylyn with sixty seven point eight
disabled oh yeah even if I could fight on conversation thank you so there you
have it not quite a hundred decibels but a world record nonetheless I’m delighted
that he’s broken the world record I think it’s still sinking in and it’ll
sink him with Merlin as well once he learns to read

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  1. 13-year-old Merlin was adopted from an animal rescue centre. His purr is as noisy as an air conditioner and nearly as loud as a shower or even a dishwasher! http://bit.ly/GWR-MerlinPurr

  2. I love the sound of purring, but I have questions! Who on God's green earth decided there needed to be a record of the loudest purr? How did they decide? Did they just run around looking for cats to record? If so, how did other people feel about this random guy roaming around the area while yelling "KITTY, YOU COULD BE A RECORD HOLDER C'MERE! I HAVE TREATS!"? How much money, time, and effort are those guys putting in just to record/test the cat in this video? How did this cat could be a new record? I actually have several more but that would take awhile soooo anyone have answers?

  3. That cat is adorable. Bit how does she fall asleep or hear the TV when petting him? I😂😭 so crazy. But awesome

  4. i was not brought up with cats. I was living with some one who brought a cat home and this cat decided to sleep next to me. I told my BF you better bring him to a vet to see if he has an infection. BF said OK but that is purring. I could not believe that he makes that noise all the time naturally.

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