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LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS | Live Horse Motion Capture | Netflix

August 20, 2019

(upbeat music) (peaceful music) – [Narrator] Creating a
computer generated horse is always a challenging process. They often come out clunky and functional rather than realistic. So when we were approached
with the opportunity to experiment with new methods in the Secret War, we seized it. Step one was doing a
full scan of a live horse to give the Digic character
artists a good starting model. Then came time to experiment. Our motion capture team filmed a live horse and rider going through the various moments from our script. Since the software is reliant on markers to track body movements, we had to tailor a special
suit for our performers. We used the top of the line. Vicon camera system to track
and capture our performers. (dog barking) After that, we processed
the data we recorded to clean up any existing glitches, and re-targeted the data
to the model we’d created. Once this is all complete, we
passed the rigged 3D model, along with the motion capture data, to our animators, who
tweaked the performances and add the final details. Once we’re happy with the performance we integrate the environment, add special effects and
render them all together, bringing us to the final product.

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  1. But do the horses have realistic testicles that shrinked or relaxed with the temperature.
    Amazing job tho. The last battle had me on the edge of my seat holding my breath.

  2. When I was watching this episode, I wondered how they animated the horses. They looked so real. Then I thought maybe tech is so advanced the industry must've figured this out long ago. Turns out it's not. Kudos to the Hungarian studio and Netflix for their attention to detail

  3. The Russian accent in this one was absolutely briliant. As a Russian, I completely believed they were actually russians speaking in english.

  4. They should include one extra ep for this kind of thing :)… and this series deserve an art book for sure (I buy it any time)

  5. Yeah but Secret Wars was okay but I watched it on the series lately but there was nothing interesting about this one but at least a great idea I can say you did a good job on the graphics

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