Maari 2 (Maari) 2019 New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Dhanush, Sai Pallavi, Krishna
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Maari 2 (Maari) 2019 New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Dhanush, Sai Pallavi, Krishna

December 6, 2019

Central Jail. You’ll get all kinds
of criminal in a jail. But, here we’ve a prisoner.. Hey! Your time has arrived. ..who created a new history
in the world of crime. Beeja. The one who considers
crime his religion and work. Kidnapping,
murder, robbery, smuggling, drugs. There is no crime that
he isn’t involved in. The other prisoners
know him as ‘God of Death’. He is more dangerous than a wolf. More cunning than a fox. And faster than a cheetah. If he passes by a place it’s definite
that somebody will be killed there. Tell me your name. Gangadhar Beeja. Thanatos.
– What? Khaitos? The trader of death. He kills people. He never misses his target. People call him ‘God of Death’. Be it a child or a young
person or an aged fellow.. ..he spares nobody. God may show mercy
but he never shows mercy. He rejoices after killing people. Today he’ll kill him too. The man you have
to kill is hospitalized. You’ve to make him lie in his coffin. The government prisoner is here.. kill the person who
has been troubling the government. Salute you, sir.
– Go outside. Okay, sir. He has killed more people
while he was in the prison.. ..than when he was outside the prison. He wrecks havoc. He causes destruction. He’s so dangerous that people
have stopped naming their kids Beeja. Give me the knife. Stay there. Somebody is coming. Hey! What’s in your mouth? There’s a saying that a snake will
bite you one day even if you feed him. His next target is Maari.. ..because Maari killed
his brother mercilessly. He thinks of only one thing.. Kill Maari. He wants to avenge his
brother’s death by killing Maari. But, Maari is so well-connected that.. ..he planned attacks on
him even when he was in the cell. The person who was
scared of killing ants.. ..kills humans as if
he’s killing mosquitoes. He has one mission in life.. Kill Maari. Dada.. dada..
– What happened? Our problems are approaching.
– I’m in trouble. Oh god! You’re scared like a child.
I’ll handle everything. Welcome.
Please have a seat. Do you want to have local
liquor or cheap alcohol. I’ve small kids, Noddle Bhai.
Do something. Please stop them. I’m looking for someone.
– Who is it? Talk to me.
Who are you talking about? Do you know his name and address?
– Chotu, keep quiet. He loves the dahi kachori
dish that you make. I’ve heard that you fry
kachoris in pure clarified butter. He comes here to relish the delicacy. If you share his
address and the recipe.. ..I’ll give you a reward. I’ll tell you right now. Take this. What’s this? He has told me to give this
letter to whoever asks his address. Who told you? Maari. Read it. It’s safe for the goat
to stay away from the tiger. Get back to the place you’ve come from. Go away.
– What if I don’t? What? Trying to scare me? Do you think I’m stupid? I’m Noodle Bar. I’ll count till five. If you don’t give his address
or phone number I’ll kill you. But, before I kill him I’ll kill you. C’mon speak up. Where is he? C’mon, tell me. One. So, you’ve started the
countdown of your death? I’ll count. One. Two. Three. After three comes four. And now.. Your death Maari is here. Run to save your life. “Maari!” “Maari!” “Maari!” “Maari!” “Maari!” “Maari!” “Maari!” “Maari!” “Maari!” “Maari!” “Maari!” They’re our enemies. Hey you! Maari! Hey Maari! Cheating. It’s his turn now. I won’t spare him
just because he’s a kid. I’ll stab him. He can’t hear because of his long hair.
Chop it off. I’m Noodle Bhai.
I’ll kill him in a moment. Oh god! You’ve silenced him too. I was born when hundred villains died. Give me company. You too. Noodle Bhai. You can dream of killing me. You can stab me several times
in your dream. That’s not a problem. But, if you try to
make your dream come true.. ..then I’ll kill you. “Maari!” “Maari!” It’s difficult to kill somebody
who isn’t afraid of death. That’s the first and last
philosophy of Maari’s life. Ninety nine attempts
were made to kill him. This was the hundredth one.
A century. Golden Jubilee. People tried to kill
him by different methods. But nothing worked. Maari. It seems as if he’s
a life contract with God. He kills his enemies but
can do anything for his friends. He has been attacked so many times.. ..that attacks seem exhausting now. I can’t stay without you for
a moment in the hospital, my darling. Sister.
– What is it? I’ve been stabbed.
– What? With a knife. Look here. I’m the first nurse who
was taken care of by a patient.. ..who even paid my hospital bills. I’ve seen many stubborn
people but nobody like him. Once somebody added
poison to his tobacco. But it also failed to work. The poison in him negated
the effect of the poison. What happened?
– Hey doctor! Yeah! I’m witness to the fact that
poison didn’t have any effect.. ..on a human body for the first time. We’re not gentlemen that we’ll remain
quite if people try to kill us. Maari can still forgive a person. But, there’s one man
who never forgives anyone. Kesari. Maari’s bosom friend. He’s Kesari, the eldest son of Vardha. I can’t see myself getting killed. It’s better to have one brave
friend than hundreds of useless friends. Kesari is a very powerful man. But he has a weak point. Cocaine. His father had a huge
drug business in the past. It’s okay if you don’t
give Kesari two meals a day. But, he can’t do without
snorting cocaine. Maari is completely his opposite. He doesn’t even attend
the funerals of drug addicts. Hey! Don’t cry. Don’t shed tears. Forget your dad. I’m here for you.
– You don’t have to worry about anything. I’ve troubled my father a lot. Vardha Bhai, Kesari’s father
had superseded everybody.. the business of red sandalwood. He was the most powerful in his area. He was a rich man. But, today he was lying
lifeless covered by wreathes. Vardha Gang wanted Maari to take
up the position of head of the gang. Maari is like Tendulkar. He performs better
if he isn’t the captain. Kesari is the successor of Vardha uncle. His younger brother
Vallabh will support him. I’ll be their pillar,
their support system. I’ll explain it briefly
but take it seriously. Maari’s orders will be the final orders. The opposition gang took
advantage of Vardha Bhai’s demise. Yadav. We did everything we
could to keep Yadav away.. ..after the demise of Vardha Bhai. Maari’s business started expanding.. ..while Yadav’s reputation
and business started shrinking. He tried to kill Maari innumerable times
but he failed. But, he forgot that one Maari
was enough for hundred Yadavs. Welcome Maari. For what? Got it free of cost.
– Is it? Okay. Come. Come.
– What is it, brother? C’mon go. Crazy girl! Hi darling! Virus! Why were you driving recklessly
in this crowded area? Don’t you’ve common sense? I’ve learned this style
of driving from this rowdy fellow. Darling, I threw out four passengers
on the road in order to meet you. I broke all signals and
came running to hug my darling. Don’t make it dirty. Leave it. If you claim falsely before
everybody that you love me.. ..then I’ll burn
you alive on 31st night. Does it mean we’re secret lovers? Romancing secretly is great fun.
– Hey! Go. She’s trying to be cozy. Maari, let’s go from here. Don’t pretend that you don’t love me. Move, don’t disturb. Why did you buy the auto rickshaw
for me if you don’t love me? Shani, tell her the
story behind the auto. C’mon start.
– I’m in a fix. We wanted you to be busy
with the auto and not disturb us. So, we collected money
and bought the auto for you. But, I’ll bite him like a snake. Why are you talking about snakes? Get back to work. Please tell me lovingly.. Anandi, you’re the one I love
and I’ll go away. Are you sure you’ll leave?
– Yes. Anandi! I get an epileptic attack
when I see your figure. Hi Maari!
– What a beautiful lady! Love you, baby.
– Why did you come here? Hey! She’s mine. Maari, it’s your decision if you
want this sparkler or this atom bomb. I can’t handle this anymore. Maari likes the powerful one. Both of us will have a blast. Keep quiet, Maari.. hey Maari..
– Back off. Hey you burnt cracker, back off. I’ll break your nose if you touch him. Baby..
– Yes. Look.. get married to me. Got it? I’ll wash your dirty clothes,
cook for you, clean your house.. ..and keep you happy
for the rest of your life. Why are you acting pricey? Hey! I want a strong wife like
her because I’ve a strong bed at home. We can hire a maid
for washing and cleaning. Get lost. Hello! I’m also an auto-driver. I’m not stupid like your men. I don’t want your money. I’ll earn and meet
the household expenses. I love you from heart. I will put this garland
around your neck and marry you. Will you marry me? No.
– Why? My parents won’t allow it.
– Shut up. I also won’t accept it.
– Shut up! Maari will be a bachelor forever. Get going with your auto rickshaw. I won’t drink alcohol
or shed tears for you. My doors are always open for you. Hey driver!
The auto is over here. Get lost. Oh no! How does our pair look?
– Like the pair of elephant and a crane. Don’t disturb me. Get out of here with your auto.
– Maari.. Will meet you later. Hey! Don’t get involved with me. You’re my protective talisman. Get lost from here.
– Listen to me Maari. The entire world is scared of Maari. But this auto driver lady
managed to give Maari a tough time. We must do something about her. Communal differences and
women’s matters lead to riots. Be careful, man. The neighbourhood is scared
of her because they think.. ..she’s Mrs. Maari, the tough cookie. Bye, my dear. How dare she address me like that? If you touch my hair again,
I won’t spare you. Were you threatening her or me? I threatened her.
Did you think it was for you? Stop interacting with this woman. Maari’s reputation is
at stake because of that girl. Rascal! I’m such a hardcore criminal
and yet she wants to be with me. I was also wondering about the same.
What did she see in you? Our Maari is a strong man. Well, she must’ve liked you as a person. Tell me something..
– Okay. ..whom does a girl fall in love with?
– I don’t know. The beard of the man
that sets her tresses on fire. You’re right. Here you go. She was crazy for Maari and
started driving the auto like him.. ..and taking children for rides. She became the leader
of the sharing auto union. But she would melt the
moment Maari came before her. What’s the problem? My auto was parked in front. Got it?
– She’s speaking nonsense. Get lost. I’ll hit you hard.
– Stay away from that crazy girl. She even got into smuggling.
– We’ve nothing, sir. Are you speaking the truth? Sir, do you think we will
be involved in any illegal business? Okay. Go.
– Bye, sir. She did all this only to impress Maari. Come. Brother-in-law, count it. She may try hard and trouble Maari.. ..but Maari loves the
dark one and not the fair one. We’ll celebrate the hundredth failed
murder attempt by cutting the cake. Have fun. Enjoy the cake that
has almonds and cashews. Happy murder day, Maari. Hey! It’s not anybody’s birthday.
It’s attack day. You’re a Christian.
How would you put it in English? Many returns of the attack day. Be careful. Yadav wants to kill you. Hey! Go to Gafoor tailor
and get your courage stitched back. Let’s see who dares
to touch my bosom friend. We’ll kill the person on the spot. How many sutures have I got till date?
– 12,575. You lost 150 liters of blood. But, my tiger has always
maintained our reputation. You must’ve seen people
celebrating their birthdays. Do you know what Maari and
his gang is celebrating today? They’re celebrating hundred
unsuccessful murder attempt on Maari. If an ordinary man
escapes a fatal attack.. ..he offers prayers
at the temple on Saturday. He thanks god for saving him. But, he’s a man nonpareil. He’s celebrating the
attack on him on Saturday. He is neither scared
of police nor afraid of law. He’s the uncrowned king of his locality. His kingdom is always rejoicing. If anyone tries to act smart,
I’ll kill him . Ah! The female snake! I never imagined that
Maari would come here. I sent so many people to kill
you but nothing could scare you. I was feeling very scared.
– You’re speaking the truth now. But, I wasn’t scared of you?
– Then? I was scared of myself. Your men started
trespassing in our area.. ..since my father left
for his heavenly abode. You’ll be in trouble. I haven’t attained this position
without going through hardships. Don’t waste our time.
Suggest a solution. Chennai is the capital
of narcotics business in India. The drugs from Kenya
came directly to Chennai. My business was expanding and prospering
like my health without any problem. The local people of Kenya’s
gang reduced my profit margin.. ..and wanted to take over the business. The change in their attitude
alerted the customs department. They started killing our
men who were police suspects. They ousted me from the business. Therefore it’s important
to get rid of them. Only then we’ll have a
stronghold on narcotics business. I have faith in Maari. If you all support me,
I’ll spare your lives. His sermon is over. Shall we leave?
– Where? Share your decision with me. Yadav, Maari is dead
against narcotics business. It doesn’t matter to me. You won’t be able to escape. Brother, give us orders
and we’ll chop them like salad. I can kill all of you
like pests if I want to. Have you heard of pesticides? I’m going for honeymoon. If you make me lose my
cool I’ll send you off to moon. Let me share a secret. I don’t wish to get involved
in any problem with you. I’m scared of goons. I’m a worshipper of the humble cow. Do you’ve any common sense or not? Thankfully I’m in good mood as
my stomach got cleared in the morning.. ..or I would’ve hung you
upside down and thrashed you. Hey! How did this happen? From where was the bullet fired? We couldn’t figure out. What’s it? What? Shall I cremate you in sandalwood pyre? Yadav, I knew that you’ve a itching
problem as you don’t apply medicine. I planned to coat my bullet with the
medicine and shoot the itching area. Kesari, share our decision with him. He’s treating us very lightly. Once when the school
timetable was changed.. ..I lost my cool and hurt
the principal with a pencil. I don’t want the system to change. Be happy with the area allotted to you. I used to hurt people
with pencil when I was small.. ..but now I use chopper. Let’s go, Maari. He has come from North India
and is trying to dominate us. Kesari, I’ve an idea. Let’s build a toll booth
in the middle of the sea. 100 rupees for every
ship and 20 for small boats. Just imagine the revenue
we’re going to earn. I hope we didn’t make any
mistake by refusing Yadav’s offer. What?
– No.. we won’t work under him. Let’s find the mastermind
of this business.. ..and then we’ll directly
deal with the Kenyans. What did you say? I know that we shouldn’t
get into narcotics business. I was just teasing you.
– I know you were not. Look, it’s not right to risk
lives by selling drugs to earn money. Money is like the dirt of our hands. We shouldn’t make our hands
too dirty to earn too much money. We made a mistake by trusting you. You couldn’t even convince
your elder brother. You’re treated like a stray dog by them. I tried my best,
I could do nothing more. I take great risk to come here. If anybody sees me here
with you I’ll be in trouble. I thought that brother
would agree to deal in cocaine. But, Maari interferes in everything. Vallabh, if you act
smart you’ll be killed. You’ve got the Kenyan
deal because of me. Stay within your limit.
– I don’t want to earn peanuts. I want to crack a big deal at one go. How will we do it?
C’mon suggest something. Only Maari can do this. Hello.. fix another meeting.
I’ll try again. There’s no harm in trying. Follow. I know that he’s a crooked person. But you can at least
set the poster straight. Where did you get the photo morphed? You’re looking fairer than me. Hey cunning girl! It seems as
if you’ve coated yourself with flour. Whose permission did you seek before
putting up Maari’s photo in the poster? What? Okay, I’ll seek his permission.
– Hey stop! You’ll lose your hands if you
try to put it inside the tiger’s mouth. Don’t say that we didn’t warn you.
– You’ll be killed. Are you feeling bad for me? Tell me the method
by which I can impress him. How can you make him your love guru? How can this forty year old
middle aged man give you any idea? Stop your nonsense. I know the quality in
a woman that impresses a man. I’ve that quality in me. I said quality and not vices.
– Don’t worry. The girl should be attractive. She should’ve a beautiful gait.
Like this.. She should smell good. I didn’t get you.
– That sounds like a juice centre. If you speak too much
I’ll take the juice out of you. Continue.
– Her mouth should smell of perfume. Didn’t get me? Keep an air freshener in your pocket. Maari, when I sleep at night.. climb a 12 feet
long ladder to enter my heart. Do you know why?
– Why? Since the time you became
the passenger of my heart.. ..the engine of my
heart stops quite often. Oh no! I can’t do it. The dialogues don’t
suit this chimpanzee.. ..but it’ll sound
good when you say them. I’m experienced in these matters. I may not be married but I’ve knowledge. Maari is coming. Why did you put up this
poster without our permission? Maari never put up his
photo on social networking site.. ..and you’ve put up his photos here.
– Yes. And that too a small one.
– You should’ve chosen a nice photo. Come back or you’ll be
the first one to be thrashed. Oh god! Who has put up my photos in the poster? Come here. Go and win him over.
– He’s a good teacher. Look what she’s doing.
– Has she got a sprain in her hips. She has sprained both the sides. Maari will be impressed. You drive rashly. I was sure that you would
break your legs one day. Hold on. Let me recall. What?
– Yes! Hey! Is she going to bowl? The engine of my heart
starts the moment I see you. It starts racing like an auto. If you accept my proposal
I’ll take you for a ride.. ..from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. I won’t charge you a penny. She’s saying something
different from what I taught her. What happened, darling?
Have you fallen in love with me? Baba, your idea has worked. Maari has fallen in love with me. Let’s go from here
or we’ll be thrashed badly. So, you gave her the idea. I will..
– Stop it. Give him a few blows on my behalf. Hey you.. It’s not his mistake.
– Hey! I can’t thrash you
so I’m thrashing them. You’ve one hour and fifteen minutes. Take out all the posters from this area. You’re my friends but you betrayed me. So, you won’t inaugurate
the ladies’ auto stand? Inaugurate the stand
and stop hitting us. He will if you lovingly request him. I think you love repeats.
You love it. Right? – Maari.. Will he come or not? Stop speaking with your unlucky tongue. He’ll definitely come. These are the dead bodies
of men of the Kenya’s gang. Yadav was going to seal
a narcotics deal with them. It’s none other than
Beeja who killed them. He could’ve escaped with the drugs. But, he didn’t do that. He wanted to hand over the
drugs to Yadav and befriend him.. that he can join hands
with him and take revenge against Maari. You killed all of them. Who are you waiting for? Why didn’t you escape
with all the drugs? I haven’t come here for the drugs.
– Then? Why did you come here? Maari. What’s your problem with Maari? Eight years back
I was put behind bars.. ..for killing a rowdy. After going behind bars I
realized that the prisoners there.. ..were Maari’s men. Please help me get out
of here or I’ll be killed. Don’t worry, brother. Your brother will handle everything. The goons treated my brother as god.. he was an efficient
and powerful lawyer. They’ve thrashed you very badly, Beeja. Give me a couple of days
and I’ll bail you out of here. Please help me get out of
here quickly or give me poison. Hey! What nonsense are you speaking? You’re my life, my family. I can fight against the judge for you. Before brother could bail me out.. Put his head in.
Let’s teach him a good lesson. We killed your brother. It’s your turn now. One blow and he was dead. Put his head in the water.
Who will save him? Has my brother died? Yes, the news is true. Who killed him?
– Maari.. he’s a very powerful goon. You tried to molest a lady.
How dare you? You’ll be dead today. Women are not safe because
of perverts like you. I heard Maari’s name for the first time. Take it out. Torture a person so badly
that he suffers and dies.. ..or he turns into an animal. And I turned into a ferocious animal. We took out his teeth yesterday.
Let’s take out something else today. Spare him.
– Why are you getting angry? Even the police department
doesn’t pay the electric bills. They don’t even keep
candles in the cells. Hey! Who is it? Come before me. The man who was scared of
darkness at one point of time.. extinguishing the
light of life of people. From that day I let
go off my good image and.. into a new dangerous fatal avatar. My brother will rest in
peace only after I kill him. Maari. Brother, if you’re such
a dangerous murderer then.. ..why couldn’t you kill Maari? I don’t want to give
him an ordinary death. I want to kill him in such a way
that he doesn’t forget me even in hell. Whoever comes to save
him will be killed first. There are two ways of reaching him. One is narcotics and
the second is this fellow. He’s an angry fellow. If you’re a man then go and stab Maari. In return we’ll give you drugs
that’s heavier than your weight. Yes. It wrong to be angry. It’s a sin to kill
somebody in a fit of rage. But it’s a good deed to make
somebody suffer and kill him.. order to take revenge. I don’t add to noise pollution
by bursting crackers on festivals. I light up pyres. Forget about this life, you
won’t be able to kill Maari in any life. If you listen to me you’ll benefit. Do you accept the deal? That’s a great proposal. We should scare people
like frying fritters in hot oil. You’re frying fritters in this heat. We’re thinking of a punch line for you. What?
– Punch line. There’s a big wart on the forehead. Maari’s punched it and it burst out. Maari is a powerful horse. He punched it singlehandedly. Why are you making me a horse? You’re not an ordinary
horse you’re a racing horse. Hear this local poetry. I quit drinking on Tuesday. But I started again on Wednesday. Where’s my name in it? Oh no! I’ve goofed up. I had written something else. You’ve written it on
the last page with pencil. Don’t you know that you
shouldn’t teach your dad? Forget the other ones, Maari.
This one is specially for you. Okay, tell me. If you’re bad, I’m your dad. What did you say? You’re a gone case. I was trying to translate. It’ll sound good if I say the lines.
– Right. It’s in English. Repeat it. If you’re bad.. I’m your dad.
– If you’re bad.. I’m your dad. Say it. Even a kindergarten child can say it.
Use the lines on him. Kesari..
– Yes. I’m learning English.
Listen to me carefully. If you’re bad, we’re your dad. How is the punch? Is this punch?
– Yes. Who taught you this line?
– Our men. No.. he taught it.
– What did you teach him? Basic alphabets? Is he in school?
Will he say nursery rhymes? He needs it. I’ve a small work. If you’ve no problem then
shall I ask your girlfriend to do it. I told you several times
that she isn’t my girlfriend. I know it. But if you tell her
to do it she’ll be elated. Ship containing imported
goods come from Malaysia. Mobile charges, bathing soaps,
earphones, protein powder.. People will suspect
us if we send our men. But, if a girl goes there
they won’t suspect her. Go and talk to her
and finalize everything. Maari, she won’t work for me.
Please recommend me. Is the job safe?
– Absolutely safe. Even a kid will be able to do it. Go and tell Anandi
that it’s Maari’s job. She’ll happily do the job. Take care of Anandi’s safety.
Check the safety details. What happened? Did an insect bite him? I mean… You’ll learn a lesson
if I slap you hard. Get going.
– Thanks, Maari. How’s Kesari?
– He’s with sister-in-law. Let him enjoy. A man is dominated
by a woman after marriage. This special programme
arranged by our committee.. ..has been graced by Ms.
Vijaya Chamundeswari.. ..the newly appointed
collector of our city. We wholeheartedly welcome her. Applauses. A big hand. We also have Maari from
our slums to grace the occasion. He’s putting a garland
with so many roses on him. I’m sure he stole it from a funeral
because roses are expensive. I would’ve made a garland of my heart
and put it around Maari if I could. It’s a bogus programme.
– Right. If I had rotten tomatoes and eggs,
I would’ve thrown them at them. They’re disturbing us. Look there. Maari is giving sewing machine to
the lady so that she can be independent. The ladies who would be busy
gossiping are being given autos. Everyone present here
will get two samosas. You thought that he
gave an auto only to you. But, he’s giving autos
to all the poor people. She’s standing quietly now. Thank you.
– Thank you too. Hold on. I want to talk to you. You can vent out all
your anger in two minutes. I know that Yadav,
Kesari and you’re involved in.. ..hooliganism,
illegal business, and smuggling. I’ve gone through your case files. I don’t know how you could
continue all this for so long. But, you can’t continue like this. I won’t let you. When I ask people about you,
they praise you. It’s a fact.
– You’ve good reputation, bro. If you help me we can stop crimes. You can treat it either
as a request or warning. It’s a warning. Madam, I think you were
misled by my performance on stage. I was very soft there but
right now I’m a tough nut to crack. I respect women a lot. Madam, you’re bound by government laws. I’m a tiger.
I follow no rules and regulations. I’m the Supreme Court of this slum area. If you want to change the
world then you must turn bad. I’m a bad man and will
change only after death. Got it? I’ll take your leave now.
I’ve a tickling feeling in my liver. You may or may not
cooperate with the police.. ..but we’ll definitely
stop the crimes here. If you cooperate you’ll
be free or you’ll rot in jail. What? You’re a woman speaking like a man. Kudos to your courage. Bye.
– We’re late. We’ll go home and sleep. The woman is trying to scare us.
– After all law is on her side. Didn’t you feel that she
was showering her love on us? Stains of love are good. I also felt the same.
– Isn’t it? You’ve hidden your
face behind the helmet. If you’re brave enough
then show us your face. I pray that a spirit possesses
you and at night you.. What is it?
– I get emotional. I feel hurt if you’re hurt.
– You’ll never change. Let’s go. – This was the hundred
and one attempt to murder you. Will you get hold of him?
– We can’t override you. We’ll always follow you. You’ve been attacked hundred
and one times in total. Hey! You are dreaming about me. Right? When did this happen? When did you get hurt? Why didn’t you apply any medicine? What if you contract tetanus?
– Maari had sugar in his blood. The blood with sugar has come out.
– All problems are solved now. He has high fever. Both of you are idiots. Who will I live for
if my life partner dies? Maari, I’ll take you to
the hospital in my rickshaw. We’ll get you injected there. I won’t go to the hospital. Is he crazy? He’s scared of injections. Is it?
– Yes. Maari, are you scared of injections? What did you say?
Why will I be scared of injections? If you insert a drill machine
in my body it’ll become crooked. Get lost.
– Okay. We won’t get you injected.
Just come with me to the hospital. What are you doing? I was trying to apply
the ointment of air. He needs a full body check up.
– Okay, sister. Maari is allergic to iron.
Use a copper syringe. It’s okay, son.
– You told I will get chocolates here.. ..but I was given an injection.
You duped me. Bait! Bait! Take down your lungi.
– No! Put it anywhere on the upper portion.
I won’t take down my lungi. Drink 30 ml of liquor and
you won’t feel the pain. – Hey! Hello! This is a strong injection. You need to take it on your hips. Don’t feel shy Maari,
there’s no CCTV in this room. The video shouldn’t become
viral in social media. You can hold my hand
if you’re feeling scared. I’ve already held his legs. Maari.. Maari.. Close your eyes.
– You’ve held my hands too tightly. Leave my hand, Maari. We’ve done his blood test,
scan and full check up. You can collect the reports tomorrow.
– Carefully. Give brother full marks.
– What? Maari, you’ve been
given a strong injection. You may feel weak and dizzy. Be careful. Hello. I’m a tough man.
I’ll have medicines with liquor. Weakness will go to hell. I can unite with my
partner only in my dreams. He’s rough and tough from outside. But, he has a very soft heart. Our brother is not soft,
he’s touch he can harm you. Shall I tell you something? When an insect falls
in love he burns himself. One day I’ll burn myself in his love. There’s no one as kind
as him in our locality. Yes, he’s kind. I was impressed by him
the day he saved my sister. Why are you late? You should’ve called me.
I was worried. Why are you crying?
What’s wrong with you? C’mon, tell me. At first you gambled
and lost all your property. Therefore you got your
brother arrested on fake charges. And now you want to
kill him with my help. For me women and wine
are everything in life. I can kill my brother for money. Who is this girl? She works in my house. You’ll never change. You know women are my weakness. This vice is going to ruin you. Leave my hand. How dare you try to molest a girl?
You scoundrel! You’re finished. Women don’t feel safe
because of perverts like you. Get going from here. Why are you crying? Who will marry me now? Everybody will blame me. Stop crying like women. If anyone loves you truly
he’ll definitely marry you.. ..and make you his life partner. Maari always respected women. This quality of his
made me go weak on my knees. But unfortunately it
was an one-sided love affair. He’s sleeping. We’ll do something. We’ll wake him at 5 in the
morning and tell him everything. Hey! Don’t tell Maari anything. He abuses me all the time,
he’ll stop doing that. One day he’ll definitely love me. Till then I’m happy
with the way things are. One-sided love affair has its own charm. I love you, baby. Hey heroine! Maari only fights. And both of us dances around trees. Do something if you
wish to win Maari’s heart. What job?
– It’s an easy job. You’ll get a call in the morning.
You’ll be given an address. You’ve to deliver a box in your auto. C’mon hurry up. Keep it on top. Who are you? Aunt, I’m Anandi.
I spoke to you on phone. What’s in the box? Onions?
– There’s gunpowder in it. Hope we won’t land in any problem.
– Even a kid will be able to do this job. Hey stop! Hello, sir.
– Okay, go. C’mon, get going. Anandi..
– It’s me, sir. I hope you had no problem on the way.
– No. Tell me if you face any problem. Another name for problem is Anandi, sir. If Maari asks about me praise me a lot. C’mon hurry up. Chote, cut it. There’s cocaine powder in it.
Goods worth millions. Don’t you wish to remain alive? This is the last time I’m asking you.
– I already told you. Tell me the name.. Hurry up, it’s time for delivery. Don’t act smart with me.
– No. Isn’t she Maari’s girlfriend? Yes, she is the one. What is she doing here? Brother Kesari,
what brings you here today? Where’s Maari? You’re always wandering
around crazy for Maari. What’s inside the box?
– Some body-building powder. I don’t ask too many questions. It’s better to have less knowledge. They warned me not to open it. Who appointed you on this job?
– Maari, the strongest one. What are you saying? Why? What happened? Any problem?
– No. They’re very decent people. Leave
it here. I’ll take care of it. go home. I’ll speak to Maari. Shall I call him? Hey! We shouldn’t worry since Kesari
has assured us. – Right. Hey Anandi.. what’s the delivery address?
– In a warehouse near Red Hills. Okay. Bye.
– Bye Kesari. What happened, bro?
Are you calling Maari? Have patience. The girl may have deceived us. No, she won’t. She can sacrifice her life for Maari. You’re right, bro. Let’s find out who the supplier is. Maari is close to us. C’mon hurry up. Hurry up. Keep it up there. Keep it up there.
– Hey! Don’t come inside. Hey! Cool down. Hey!
– Get lost. Let them come. The girl has landed us in soup. Maari has a share in the deal.
– She has blurted out Maari’s name too? I thought that she was smart.
But, she spoilt all my plans. Stop talking and tell us who you are. How do you know Maari?
– I met him few days ago. I don’t hail from this region. I supply drugs to Kenya from here. There are some local Kenyans
who are trying to spoil our business. But Maari sorted out the issue. We hid the truth from everybody
but the girl blurted out the truth. Maari doesn’t even kill
a fly without consulting me. And he’ll die but never
get involved in drugs business. I know why he wants to keep
this business a secret from you. He’s your bosom friend. He wouldn’t let himself down before you. You don’t know that
he’s a hardcore businessman. He’ll never let go of
an opportunity to earn money. You’re lying. Why would he get Anandi involved in the
smuggling if he wouldn’t earn profits? Maari.. I hope you didn’t remove
any packet or Maari will kill me. I’m sure Yadav is involved in this. He knows everything. He was the one who
attacked Maari that night. Hey Kesari! Take out time to visit me
and I’ll treat you to Kashmiri delicacy. Is Anandi doing the work
assigned to her properly? Why won’t she? She has my support. Anyone who has your
support lands in soup. Isn’t that Vallabh?
– Yes, that’s Vallabh. Let’s get out of here quickly. Why is he escaping like
a thief after seeing us here? Hey Vallabh, what are you doing? I was talking to my men.
I’ll leave now. Are these men your friends? What’s in the bag?
– There’s nothing in the bag, bro. There are few pairs of slippers in it. Then why do you look disturbed?
Check his bag. Okay. Look at this. I think he’s started a carom tournament. He’s roaming with boric powder.
– It’s not boric powder, it’s drugs. Maari, keep this a secret
from Kesari or he’ll thrash me badly. I request you. You can keep a couple
of packets if you want. Have you lost your mind? Maari, let go of me. Maari.. Kesari! He has gone out of control.
– Why are you shouting? He’s dealing in death.
Narcotics business. We decided we wouldn’t deal
in narcotics under any circumstances. Kesari, he’s trying to trap me. I’ll slap you hard.
– Maari! Vallabh, you tell me. He deals in cocaine
and he’s trying to frame me. Your friend is cheating you.
– I’ll thrash you badly. Kesari, he’s lying. We caught him red-handed with drugs. He was pleading before us not to tell
you. He’s trying to double cross us. Hey! How will I get drugs?
Who will give drugs to me? He’s the one who deals in drugs. Kesari, you know..
– Lower your voice. Maari! You betrayed me.
– What? Your actual personality is
different from what you portray. You’ve started dealing in drugs. What’s this, Kesari? He’s lying and you’re suspecting Maari. Maari took you out of the drug trap.
– It was his plan. Money can make one
forget his principles. I know who the supplier is.
– Supplier? Have you got drugs? Why didn’t you accept the offer before? Brother, it’s a lie. I’ll soon prove what the truth is. Anandi. Anandi, on whose orders
did you do this job? Shani, told me that Maari
told me to do this job. I just deliver the goods. I don’t know what’s in the box. Vallabh told Maari to do this
job and I told Anandi to do it for him. Yes, land me in a soup. Anandi, did you ever
see me there? Tell me. Kesari and I caught
her red-handed yesterday. She was supplying drugs. You’re remain intoxicated
after taking cocaine. Maari is trying to destroy
you and he’s blaming me for it. That’s not true. I don’t know what’s going on. I..
– Keep quiet. I thought that you were innocent. But, you’ve turned out to be very smart. Maari has got hold of the right girl.
– Hey! Stop speaking nonsense
or I’ll shut you up. We’re quiet only because of Kesari or.. Why are you blaming me? Your friend betrayed his friend. You’re trying to destroy their friendship.
– How dare you? Hey! You’ve taken drugs. Right? Why? Can’t I hit you if I’m not drugged? Hit me. C’mon hit me. What’s wrong now? Hit me. It’ll be useless to speak to
you now as you’re not in your senses. If you try to hit Shani
you’ll land in trouble. You’ve challenged the wrong person. Maari, what’s the problem? Please tell me. Hey! Don’t make me lose my cool.
Get out of here. What’s my fault? Why didn’t you tell me that
drugs were being smuggled in the boxes? How would I know? You told me to do the job. It’s not her fault. Do you want to be a leader?
– No. Sorry, bro. They took advantage of
her because she’s crazy for me. Tell her to go from here. Is it a crime to love somebody?
– Hey! Enough! You’re a troublemaker for me. What’s wrong? People long for true love as
a thirsty soul that longs for water. And you’re refusing my love. You think I’m a troublemaker. I stay awake at nights
and pray to god to keep you safe. And you made me smuggle drugs. You made me emotional. I love you. I always see you before me. I even took you to the hospital
so that you don’t suffer from tetanus. But, you’re venting out on me. You don’t value me. You’ll value me after I go away. Kesari is not in a condition
to understand anything. He’s intoxicated. And Vallabh is not brave
enough to deal in drugs alone. I’m sure that Yadav is
the one who instigated him. If we take any action
it’ll turn into gang war. Misunderstandings weaken
the foundation of relationships. Beeja.. well-done! I’ll organize a veneration for you. You’ve turned the bosom
friends into bitter enemies. Listen.. The iron is very hot right now. Hit it hard with the hammer. One blow and everything will be over. You’ll burn your hands
if you eat anything hot. It doesn’t matter
if the hands get burned.. ..extinguish the lamp of life today. It’s my plan, don’t interfere. Idiot! Does he think I’m a fool? He’s trying to supersede me. Dalia.
– Yes, brother. Do something. Call a professional killer from Kanpur.
– Okay. Maari will be alone right now.
It’ll be easy to attack him now. Okay. Kesari and he shouldn’t remain
alive to see tomorrow’s sun. Okay. What are you doing?
– Where are you going? Sit here. Look at this. Take a look. This is a pistol. What? A pistol. It cost me two boxes. Two boxes means two lakh rupees. Got it? Mom, shoot. C’mon shoot. Look..
Why are you scared? It won’t function automatically. Go and check who’s throwing crackers.
Go and find out. This is too much. They won’t even let us
watch the film peacefully. What’s wrong? ‘This is the trigger.’ ‘Place your finger
on it and target anyone.’ ‘Pull the trigger and game over.’ ‘Got it, mom?’ “Maari!” “Maari!” “Maari!” “Maari!” “Maari!” “Maari!” “Maari!” Maari has killed Yadav. Send 4-5 truck full of men. Today I will..
– Kill him? You’re trying to kill Maari
now that he has changed his tunes. If I see you again in Kesari’s area.. I’ll kill you. Today you won’t be spared. Hey! He burned all the goods and left Where were all of you? Were you drunk and sleeping? We’ve incurred loss of millions. Who will pay for the loss? Your dad? Burn him with the drugs. Call Kesari. Tell him that Maari
burned the warehouse and.. ..cremated his brother in the fire. Brother, Maari has killed Vallabh. Vallabh! Hi darling! Don’t drive at night. I’ll drop you home. I know the way to my home. Don’t fake concern for me. You’ve a problem with my love for you. You’re right. The other name of love is problem. I don’t know where the
flowers of love blossom. Hey! Did you have dinner? C’mon tell me.
Are you angry with me? If you’ve not had dinner then let’s go. Idiot! Why did you have
to attack at this moment? For the first time he
was speaking so lovingly to me. But, you spoilt the mood. Hey! I didn’t mean that. Oh no! He spoilt everything. Unlucky fellow, go home and sleep. Hey! You go home. Who has sent you? Who loves me so much? Hey! Run from here. I’ll teach them a lesson. Go. Hey! Switch on the lights. Leave me. Leave me. I’ll kill you if you touch me. The ones who touched her
stay here and others can leave. He was the one. You’re going to be in trouble today. You’re trying to kill me? If Kesari finds out..
– Kesari sent us here to kill you. Kill the betrayer. Maari! Maari! Don’t kill him. Why can’t I open the door? Maari! You’ve proved yourselves
to be true friends. Maari.. Somebody please open the door. Maari.. You killed everybody. Why did you spare me?
– I’ll kill you too. How can I let anybody else
kill you after waiting for so long? Only I have the right to kill you. I’ll tell you the reason
for killing you before I kill. Do you know me? You’ve tortured my family a lot. I’ll make you suffer in a similar way. I always prayed to God for one thing. That I should kill you. Today your friends
have turned into your foes. It’s hurting. Isn’t it? It’s been twenty five
years that my dad died. Give him the message
that I’m enjoying life. Goodbye, Maari. Maari! Why? Maari.. you’re hurt.
I’ll take you to the hospital. Maari.. You’ll also die with her. Hey! Take him to the hospital quickly.
– Yes. Hurry up.
– Okay. Oh no! Hello! Hello! Why don’t you speak? Give me the good news quickly? I hope Mari is dead. Hello! How are you, brother? You’ve proved how
true our friendship is. You turned out to be a coward
in the guise of a brave man. Be happy, bro. bye. Don’t give up hope, Kesari.
You’ve a family to look after. I’m with you. Whenever you need any help come to me. Let’s shake hands. Why did you join him?
Kill him and become the boss. We’ll need him to expand our business. As soon as our business
expands we’ll kill him. That’s right. I want to speak to
the SI in Maari’s area. Call him.
– Okay, ma’am. Police is searching the
people who attacked Maari. The new collector in town has promised.. get rid of the
gangsters in the city. Collector Vijaya is strictly
supervising the town’s law and order. Joint Secretary Vijaya
has made a special task force. Vijaya has taken strict measures
to stop violence during election. Madam, you told me to
check the background details.. ..of the candidate of assembly election. We’ve checked the
background of 547 of them. Any criminal records? 80% of the candidates
have some criminal record. At least 20% has clean chit. How many candidates do we’ve
if we leave out former MPs and MLAs? 46, madam. How many first time nominees?
– Five members. Vedraj from Tindavarum west. Tasmani from Trichi west. Gangadhar Beeja from Thousand lights. Hold on. What was the last name? Gangadhar Beeja from Thousand Lights. Madam, he’s a renowned criminal. Thanatos. He has a long list of
criminal records against him. He killed several people
even when he was in prison. One day he killed the
policemen and escaped. He was tortured by a gang in the jail.. ..which turned him
into a ruthless criminal. He loved killing and violence. He has set up an empire
in narcotics business. He’s a billionaire now. Now he wants to get into politics to.. ..get rid of the all the
criminal records against him. So, that he can shut down
the case files against him. He’s contesting the election
from Thousand Lights constituency. He’s a venomous poison
hidden behind the white clothes. He has only one aim in life. Destruction and ruination. Do you know who the new
candidate of our party is? Kesari Bhingarde. Welcome him. Congratulations! Beeja, I’m eager to sit
in the position of power. I’m more eager than you. I also want to contest election. But, I’ve been chosen
as a candidate and not you. I know it. That’s why I’m telling you
to give me your election ticket. You’ll lose the election. Don’t fly too high,
I’ll clip your wings. Hey! I’m the one who
made you a politician. There’s a saying that
we must accept the dominance.. ..of a donkey if the situation demands. You’re a donkey. You’re like the tissue paper I used. I just need to flush you out. I’m not a tissue but a cactus. The more you try to rub me,
the more you’ll bleed. Don’t lose temper, come with me. Just a second, uncle. Let me talk. You’re fortunate. If it wasn’t for the elections
I would’ve killed you right now. Get lost. Hi, dad. Come in. You never come to meet me.
So, I thought of paying you a visit. Sit down. Treat it as your own home. I killed Vallabh
and blamed Maari for it. He was in great pain when he died. But, this sweet little
girl won’t even cry. Congratulations!
– Thanks. Beeja excuse me.
I want to tell you something. Three of your men
were arrested last month. What if they speak up against you? Stop! Stop the car. C’mon get out. C’mon get out.
Bring all of them out of the car. C’mon get in. Get in. Put him in. C’mon get in. Com on. Get in.
– Leave him. What are you doing?
– Come on. Why are you taking him?
What has he done? Hey! Where are you going? Stop! Police doesn’t take
time to take action.. ..if they get information on time. You’ve seen that we’ve arrested
not one but several goons.. ..and gang leaders. I think there’s someone
with you who’s a police informer. You mean an informer? Are you sure?
– Absolutely. I don’t know who he is and for
how long he has been working with you. But, I’m sure he’s your gang member. Listen.. find him..
label him a terrorist and shoot him. No one has seen him. He has direct contact
with the commissioner. Try to look for him amongst your gang
members and you’ll find the hidden spy. Try to find him out
quickly for your well-being. Many gangsters have
already been arrested. Who knows if you’ll be the next one. Sir, we can’t allow Gangadhar
Beeja contest the election. He’s a renowned criminal. I’m sure you know about him. Ten years back he killed
two jailors and escaped. Look at this. This is his file. Beeja has killed many people. Thanatos and Beeja are the same person. Do you’ve any proof? There was a witness but we
don’t know where he’s at the moment. As far as I know you’ve
an informer in his gang. We can collect evidence with his help
and file a strong case against Beeja. Please take your seat. The safety of the informer
is the most important thing for us. This is a risky job
and Beeja is very smart. We can opt for other methods. Try to collect strong
evidence against him. We’ll arrest him immediately
after we get evidence. It’s the commissioner’s promise. ‘Madam, you need to be bad
in order to change the world.’ Maari has been missing
since the last eight years. His enemies have been
looking for him madly. The police has also been
trying their best to find him. Beeja wanted to kill
him but he failed to do so. I’ve never missed my target till date. For the first time
in life I made a mistake. I’ll rectify it. We’ve stopped looking for him. We don’t even know if
Maari is alive or dead, madam. We neither saw or heard about them. Eight years ago Beeja tried to kill him. Four other people were
killed on the same spot that day. Maari is the only witness. We need to re-open this case. Report to me if you get any clue. I want Maari. He used to live here but
I don’t know where he is right now. There was a girl crazy for Maari. What was her name?
– Anandi, madam. She has also been
missing since that day. Can I get her photo? Circulate Maari and
Anandi’s photo everywhere. Okay, ma’am. Media, social media,
channels, posters, police stations, Their photos should
be put up everywhere. We’ve put up their photos
everywhere in the state.. ..but we haven’t got any
information about them yet. This proves one thing. Maari is dead. Hello. Thanks for helping me.
– What? For the first time the
police is helping a goon. I’ll send flowers to thank you. I’ve been looking for Maari for years. I went to Vaishno Devi temple
and prayed that I find him.. that I can kill him. I’ve a good relation with god. Mom, why did you take
an auto to come here? I would’ve sent my car.
– Doesn’t matter. There was no need to send the car. Listen.. the auto
driver wants to meet you. It’s important. Everybody says so. Go to sleep. Go and speak to him once. He said that his name was Maari..
yes something like that. Madam, take out the photos
that you’ve put up everywhere. I don’t want any kind of publicity. I’m living a simple and honest life now. It’s a request. I knew very well that you
would say this after meeting me. But, I thought that
you would threaten me. I never imagined that
you could be so soft. Maari.. Her spinal cord is damaged
due to bullet injury. She’s paralyzed. She can’t walk again. Take care. Maari.. God made you suffer
and repent for my sins. Why did you save me? You shouldn’t have saved me. Why did you save me? I’ve always killed
and resorted to violence. When I tried to do something
good it turned out to be bad. The girl you had saved was my sister. Leave my hand. You tried to molest a lady.
How dare you? You’ll be dead today. Women are not safe because
of perverts like you. Go away from here. That day you won my heart. I love you a lot. I always chased you. But, I won’t be able to chase you now. We’ll go far away from here. I never thought in my wildest
dreams that I would marry. But, Anandi changed my world. I love you. Stop! Aunt..
– Yes. I heard that you’re renting your house. You’re right. We had spoken to an agent about it. Lakshmi show them the
upstairs of our palace. Okay, darling. Stop eating pizza and burger.
You’ve gained lot of weight. Shut up. Aunt, can we get the rooms downstairs. Then where will we live?
– In hell. Hey! The time hasn’t arrived yet. I hope you won’t have any
problem climbing upstairs with her. Why don’t you set up an elevator?
– What? Elevator? We can’t provide such facilities. I’ve no problem.
I’ve only one lift. Maari. I think they are a new couple. I think the old couple is romantic. Hello. Please spare auntie. You can shift tomorrow if you want to.
– Goodbye. Stop! Open the door and let us enter. The house is locked. Maari..
– What? I think the old couple
is off to their honeymoon. Let’s do something. Let’s put a ladder
in the backyard and go inside. Are you planning to break the door? We’re not as strong as you. We’ve shifted upstairs.
You can stay downstairs. I hope you won’t need an elevator now.
– No. Thank you. But, it’ll be troublesome for you.
– Not at all. Be comfortable. There’s dirt trapped inside this. Wrestler! I’m talking to you.
Bring one water jar upstairs. Robert, does a man
change after marriage? Hey brother has changed. Click a photo. Maari, don’t spoil our reputation
by doing household chores. Do the sweeping and cleaning. Go. Hen-pecked husband.
– Keep quiet. You’re acting very smart. Take it. Be careful with your lungi.
– I’ve taken charge. Take some more. Here you go.
– That’s enough. Why are you getting tanned in this heat,
useless fellows? Why don’t you go on
a vacation to Kashmir? You’ll turn fair and handsome. She’s making fun of our complexion.
Auntie is too much. You’re uselessly
trying to get rid of us. For Maari his friends
are very important. He got married only a few days back.
We got them married. Hey guys, take this money.
– For what, bro? Go to a place that’s at
least 500 km far from here and.. ..don’t show me your
face before two months. Get lost.
– Vacation? Let’s buy alcohol and enjoy. Bro, I feel as if he
has abandoned us on a train. Why are you becoming so sentimental,
crazy fellow. Uncle, he is 45 years old. Tell us if you know a suitable
girl for him to get married to. I’ll get married one day. Widow, divorcee, anything will do. Let’s go.
– Stop saying ominous things. You’re trying to touch me
the way people do in a crowded bus. I can’t do anything better than this.
– That’s okay for me. What do you like about me? You’ve to think so much?
– Give me time. It means you like nothing in me.
– Wait, let me think. You’ve a lovely smile. Your smile made me crazy.
– Is it ? You smell good like incense
sticks and look bright like candles. Incense sticks and candles? Hope you’re not going
to break a coconut now. You light up my heart. You took lot of time to light up. You were loud in your
love and I was soft. I swear. Why are you trying to give excuses? Why didn’t you tell me before? The lives of goons and gangsters
like us are unpredictable. We don’t know when we’ll die
– Today is our day of love. Why are you speaking nonsense? Tell me something about your early life. Enough of talking.
Let’s get into action. Move it like this and.. yes, like this. Taste it. Something went inside my eyes. I’ll show you the house. You’ve thick tresses.
– What are you doing? Do you apply cashew nut oil?
– Leave it. Do you want to enjoy the rain? Curry leaves.
Are you going to drop me? Will you add peepal leaves too? What are you doing? I’ll do it. Will you eat it raw? Get out of the frame.
– You also get out. Cheese. Smile. Oh no! Get lost, fatso.
– Go. He’s kicking me. Maybe it’s a girl. Are you happy with the good news? Why won’t I be happy? My beautiful princess
will give birth to a brave son. What if it’s a girl? Doesn’t matter. We’ll try once again. Listen.. I want to tell you something. I feel as if we’re settled in life now. I’ll give you an advice. Don’t kill any innocent
man for your personal gain. Use violence only against a
person who has done something wrong. Never kill a nice person. Yes. A person speaks such good
words only when he’s drunk. But, you don’t drink. Then how can you speak such good things. You don’t know that I’ve two brains. Yes, I was wondering how can an
auto driver think of such good things. What happened? Maari..
– What happened, Anandi? I’m in labour pain. Hey! Don’t cry. I’m with you. What happened?
– It’s a boy. He’s very healthy. But, Anandi wasn’t healthy
so during the delivery.. Please be clear. She had some complications. We tried our best but.. You’re lying. Isn’t it? Sorry. I wish I was alone all my life. Why did you come in my life? And why did you leave
me after coming in my life? You gave me the gift of a new life.. ..and then became lifeless. How will I live? She loves me. Isn’t it? Wake her up. Tell her to wake up. Hey.. hey.. Why did you do this? I’ll never forgive you. I’ve turned into a corpse without you. I love you madly. I won’t let anything happen to you. She’s with me even after death. She taught me how to live before dying. I’m sorry. I didn’t know that Anandi is no more. We thought that we would
trace you if we find her. Anandi wanted to keep our
son away from everything evil. Therefore I didn’t want to come. You love him a lot. Right?
– Yes. What’s his name?
– Kali. Give him a good bath
or he’ll be dirty like us. Scrub him well.
Do it properly. You can’t even make
your own child stop crying. Brother.. I’m tired. Let me handle him.
– He’s continuously crying. Why are you crying? ‘The moon far away..” We were doing the same thing. Aunt is experienced.
– Is it? I think she’s a
professional lullaby singer. He has fallen asleep. So, Maari is a family man now. I can’t believe it. Madam, everything changes with time. Has Kali taken after his mom or you? He’s a gem. He’s small but he’s mischievous. He’s in fifth standard but he roams
around with tenth standard students. I’ve been teaching for the past thirty
years but I never saw a student like him. We’ve also burst crackers
in our childhood. We would tie crackers
on the tail of dogs. But, your son.. Hey! Come here. I’ll teach you a lesson today. What? He fainted even
before I could hit him. Give back my stick.
Give me my stick back. Hey! It’s time for class. Come. Hey! Hey! What do you want? Mr. Mariappan,
you’re a very innocent and simple man. Why is your son so naughty? Please try to make him like you. Do you know what Bhagwad Gita is?
– Yes, I know. The book they make
you swear on in the court. I’ve sworn on that book. If you teach him then
he’ll mend his ways.. ..and become a good person like you. Okay, sir. Best of luck. Kali, tell me something.
Why do you lose your temper so easily? No, I don’t lose my temper always.
– Then? When my ego is hurt
I can’t control myself. I’ll give you the advice
that your mom always gave me. Don’t hurt anyone for your
personal gain and happiness. Use violence only when
somebody does anything wrong. Don’t hit a nice person. Got it? A little.
– Okay. You’ll gradually learn. Dad, there’s going to be a state level
racing competition in our school. Shall I participate?
– That’s great. Participate. We need to go to Kumarwada for it.
– Kumarwada? I had to come back for my son. I can’t imagine that
a person can change so much. A woman can change anyone. The saying is very true. I’m very happy in my life, madam. Please don’t spoil my joys.
It’s a request. I won’t go to the court
to give witness against them. I don’t wish to face
Kesari and Beeja again. Earlier you has no motive to live. But now you’ve one, your son. He must grow up in
an environment where.. ..he doesn’t come in contact
with men like Beeja and Kesari. It’s your duty to cleanse the society. I won’t help you. My duty is to raise my son well,
and I’m doing it. Bye, madam. Go with him. Run fast and leave everybody behind. Good luck, kid. Run. C’mon run. That’s great, Kali. Come on. Run fast. Come on. Run fast. He’s our kid. My training has worked. Arrange some snacks.
– Okay, I’ll get it. You also go with him. The final round will be conducted soon. Will I get selected, dad? What do you think? I don’t know.
– Drink water. Doesn’t matter if you lose the race. Hey Maari.. You killed everybody. Why did you leave me? I’ll kill you too. How can I let anybody else
kill you after waiting for so long? Only I have the right to kill you. You’ve made my family suffer a lot. I always prayed for one thing. That I should kill you. Maari.. you’ve appeared
after a long time. Aren’t you eating anything? What happened? Anything wrong? Is he your son?
When was he born? He is your photocopy. Hello. I’m Beeja aka Birju. Hi, uncle.
– I’m a good friend of your dad. Kali, you want to win the race. Right?
– Yes. Go and practice. Maari, I want to befriend Kali. Uncle, for how long
have you known my dad? We’re old friends. We were friends even
before you were born. I’ve been searching your
dad for the last eight years. But, I found him today. We were playing a game
when a fight ensued between us. We’ll end the fight today. You’ll decide who’s right. Have you seen the wildlife channel.. ..where they show tiger hunting deer. Did you see it?
– Yes, I have seen. Tell me something.
Have you seen a deer kill a tiger? Did you ever see a deer
chasing and scaring a tiger? That’s impossible. Did you hear that, Maari? Your son is very smart. Do you expect a tiger to roar or meow? Uncle, you’ve made a mistake.
– What? The tiger doesn’t roar before attacking. The tiger doesn’t know
who he’ll attack and when. A tiger remains silent
like a cool cat before attacking. This is a secret.
You won’t understand it. Son, walk grandly like an
elephant even if dogs bark at you. Is that right, Beeja?
– No, Maari. A child stops crying
if you give him a toy. But, he gets impatient
if you snatch away his toy. Similarly if I snatch away
your toy you’ll also get restless. Go. It’s time for your race to begin.
– Okay. What do you want? Maari, I could’ve killed
you and your son ten times… the time I spoke to you. I’m so happy to see
you meek and scared.. ..I wouldn’t have been so happy
even after seeing your dead body. I’ll give you one last chance. If you’ve a heart that’s brave.. ..then kill me before your son
and all the people present here. One time offer. I’ll count till five. Let’s play the game of death. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. From today you and your son
will live in fear and wait for death. I’ll scare and kill you. The fatal clouds have engulfed the sky. You won’t realize when
it’ll start raining death. Brother, the election is going on.
Why get into any problem? Yes brother, the commissioner and Vijaya
have already….set their eyes on you. We’ll be in trouble.
– I know. They’ll be scared till the election. I’ll celebrate my
victory on their funeral. Dad, are you searching somebody? Why are you late? The teacher was giving homework. Why do they give homework
while going home? Can’t they give it earlier in class? Good job. We’ll talk tomorrow. Sir, I wanted to speak to you.
– Yes, please. We’ve got strong witness
in Beeja’s drug smuggling case. The court has kept
this case on fast track. The next hearing is
scheduled after two days. We’ll send the summon today. Hi goons may try to disrupt
the court proceedings. Increase the security.
– Okay, madam. Who is the witness?
– It’s confidential. Do you’ve any idea? Sir, you’re my senior.
When you don’t know how can I know? There’s a police
informer in Beeja’s gang. Similarly there’s an informer
of their gang in our department. Do you know about it?
– No. How will I know? Try to find out. Use your power.
– Okay, madam. I’ll try. Take it, son. Go straight to your class. The new teacher is a bombshell. Do you come to school to do all this? Has your parents
taught you to misbehave? Don’t you feel ashamed
of such behavior? Idiots! She looks hot when angry. Stop! What’s the matter?
How dare you complain against us? Do you know who my dad is? Let’s take him to the corner.
– Come with me. Stop! Hey! Leave him. Leave him.
– Get lost. Go.
– Get lost. Get lost. Do you think I’m a kid? I’ll kill you. C’mon go. You’re trying to be a hooligan?
Come home and I’ll teach you a lesson. I follow one principle. Never torture
anybody and never tolerate any torture. It was your mistake. Why did you complain
against them to the principal? Have you forgotten what mom told you? We shouldn’t hurt others
and make fun of them. Breaking somebody’s heart is a bigger
sin than breaking temples or mosques. Today they were doing this. They were troubling the teacher. Their unjust behavior
aroused the human within me Do you think I should’ve
quietly tolerated everything? Somebody must raise
his voice against injustice. I decided what was
wrong and what was right. Sorry, dad. Look how badly you’re hurt. Did a man hit you? No, a small kid hit me.
– What? Idiot! You’ve ruined
your dad’s reputation. Go and get the boy.
– Okay, I’ll get him. Sir is calling you. What will you do now? Okay, I’ll go. A case has been filed
against you, Beeja. Who did it?
– Joint Secretary Vijaya. The summon has been issued. That’s not all. They’ve a witness who’s
ready to give his statement. The most important news is
that there’s an informer in your gang. It’s not a big deal to
have a foe amongst friends. We must kill him before he harms us. I’ll find out who he is.
Give me some time. Call Kesari, I want to talk to him. Hey! If you make any mistake
in the accounts you’ll be in trouble. Order two cups of tea. Greetings, sir.
– Oh! So, you’re the boy’s father. Where’s your son? He did not come. Your son thrashed my son badly. Why? Sir, I spoke to my son. It’s your son’s mistake. It’s not right for such
young guys to tease the teacher. At this age they should
concentrate on academics. If they do well in life
they’ll make you proud. I apologize on behalf of my son. Have you lost your mind
that you’ve come to kill me? I wanted to kill you the day
you threatened to kill my daughter. You’re living extra years of life. The shark is very happy
when she gives birth. She doesn’t know that
they’ll grow up and eat her up. Therefore, it’s better to rip
apart the jaws right in the beginning. This is karma. As you sow so shall you reap. Forget about our friendship and enmity. A man like you is not worth talking to. I’ve always nurtured two-faced snakes. If one of them fails to catch the prey
the other one will definitely get it. I managed to trap you. Brother, we’ve found where Maari is. What do we have to do? Take 10-12 of your men with you. We’ll close his case forever
after my case is closed. Why do you need ten people to kill him? He looks frail and feeble. He got into some problem
with the businessman today.. ..and he was apologizing to him. Did you find out?
– I enquired everywhere. I even used force and threats. I tested everybody
in the police department. I don’t know who he is but
I’ll definitely find out who he is. When will you find him?
After he reaches the court? Kill him before he reaches the court.
– Okay. Or nobody will save your family.
– Okay, brother. Beeja!
– Long live! Beeja!
– Long live! Beeja!
– Long live! Vijaya!
– Long live! Vijaya!
– Long live! Don’t be busy playing video games. Kill him the moment you spot him. Don’t you know that he’s
a witness who’ll have security? As soon as I divert the attention
of the security kill him. Don’t spare him. Our salary will increase
only after we kill him. Maari used to stay here.
I had confirmed news. He went to the businessman. He thrashed him badly
but didn’t apologize. Bye, sir. You seem to be in great hurry. Your son thrashed my son in school. Let’s do something. Tomorrow my son will break
your son’s hands and legs.. ..before everybody in the school. Don’t worry, I’ll pay the
hospital bill along with the taxes. Govind, give him the advance money. You’re lucky that sir is
paying your medical expenses. He’ll break your son’s
hands and legs tomorrow. What are you thinking? Keep it. Accountant, this behavior has brought
back the withered plant back to life. What are you saying? “Maari!” Fools, a sword that’s been
kept in the sheath may rust.. ..but, when it’s used
for action it kills. “Maari!” “Maari!” “Maari!” “Maari!” “Maari!” “Maari!” “Maari!” “Maari!” Never judge a person by his looks. Such a man can turn
out to be very dangerous. He can change your appearance. If you and your son are seen
in this town I won’t show any mercy. I’ll kill you. An auto is coming. Get ready. Get ready.
Our target is in the auto. All of you get ready.
Our target is coming in an auto. Brother.
– Come. Okay. So, you’re back to your old self. It’ll be great fun
being foes with you now. You’ve no courage. You’ve lost your power. I can see fear in your eyes. So, you’re the witness. We know who the informer is. But in order to reach him
you’ve to override Maari. And you can’t harm him. Are you scared of bringing
the witness to the court? You gave me a chance one day. I’ll also give you a
chance as an act of charity. You’ve killed many innocent
people without any reason till date. In order to repent go to a renowned
hospital and donate all your body parts.. ..or I’ll kill you. So, you’re giving me a chance? The case will be closed in such
a manner as if it was never re-opened. The witness will not give
his statement in the court.. ..but he’ll give it before God. After him it’ll be your son’s turn…
– Kali. C’mon go ahead. C’mon hit me. C’mon touch me. You didn’t recognize
me even after so many years. I’m a very, very bad man. If you’re bad, I’m your dad. Your Honour, the witness can’t
be presented before the court.. ..unless his details are shared. We want to know the
details of the witness. If we disclose his name then
he may be killed, Your Honour. The case is adjourned till
morning as the witness wasn’t.. ..presented before the court. But the witness must be presented
before the court tomorrow. The court orders the police
to present the witness before.. ..the court along with
necessary protection. The department is with you. Court dismissed. You’ll go to hell if
the witness reaches the court. We’ve just tonight to find him. Despite being an IPS
officer you couldn’t find him. You’re useless. I hope you’ve all the documents.
Let’s go there and talk. Who were you talking to?
– No one. We’ve arranged the case
details with much difficulty. It’s your duty to see that
the details don’t get leaked. You couldn’t find
out who the informer is. I’m doing my best, madam.
But, it’s not easy. It’s not that hard, sir. A dog may wander throughout the day.. ..but at the end of the day
he goes back to his master’s shelter. Just like a loyal informer. I heard that Maari
went to the court today. We should meet him. How can I face him? He was your friend. But, did I honour our friendship? Is Kesari at home?
– Yes, he is. Shani, you? How come you are here?
How are you? I’m fine. How are you? I’m okay. Come. Kali. Maari’s son. When I heard of your birth
I was very eager to see you. But, your dad was angry
with me so I didn’t go. Why was he angry? It was my mistake. I suspected him. Didn’t he thrash you? I wish he had. But, he forgave me and left this place. But what I did was unforgivable. I should be punished. Is your name Kesari?
– Yes. Does your father miss me?
– Yes. every day. What does he say about me?
– Kesari is my best friend. A misunderstanding broke our friendship. Is this Kesari’s house? Uncle, dad has come. Did you have lunch?
– Yes, dad. I’ve nothing to say.
You know everything. I’ve tainted the bond of friendship. Hey! Forget the past. Why are you repeating
the same thing again and again? Why are you crying? This doesn’t suit you.
What will sister-in-law think? Maari, I’m not the informer. I know. Hello. I’m on the way. I’ll reach soon. Commissioner, how’s everything going on? Beeja, it’s difficult
to handle all this now. I trusted you and shared
information with you.. ..but you’ve dug my grave. Stop suspecting me, Beeja.
I’ve no informer. You’re my only informer. I think Joint Secretary
Vijaya has an informer. Hey! Don’t act smart. Even Maari said that
there’s an informer. You’re playing a double game. You give me information.. I’m quiet or I would’ve put you
behind the bars. Got it? Violence and hooliganism
in the state has decreased because.. ..of the information given by you. But, your hooliganism
has been on the rise. So he’s the informer. There may be somebody else. He may be an officer who’s senior to me. How can you say that it’s me? Don’t suspect me. Commissioner,
I’ve found out that you’re the informer. What are you doing here?
– What are you doing here? I’ve been looking for the informer
day and night in order to save you. You’re the informer.
Why did you fool me? Yes, I fooled you so that
I can close down my past cases. ACP, you’re not capable
of doing any job properly. How dare you ask me questions? Why are you trying to fly high? Come out of your egg
and then try to fly high So, you’re the mastermind of this game? I had to use the bait of
an informer to find the truth. What happened?
Did they scare you? Did you recognize them? They’re the goons who were serving
a term in the prison because of you. I came here because you called me. I don’t want to get into any problem. I’ll go from here. Why are you trying
to catch the subordinate? The main traitor is here. Did you get it? It was Maari’s plan. I can’t do it. Bye. How do you know that
Beeja is the informer? I’ve been in this business
since I became sensible. I can guess what’s in the
letter by seeing the envelope. Beeja will become stronger if
he gets the support of the commissioner. The people who have been
supporting me will back off. That’s your problem.
My job is over. Maari.. please listen to me. Only you can help me. Have you forgotten what mom told you? We shouldn’t hurt anyone
and make fun of him. Do you think I should’ve sat
quietly after seeing the injustice? Their unjust behavior
aroused the human within me. Madam, god is with me and I’m with you. Do as I say. Make a strong case against Beeja.
– What kind of case? Drug case. We’ve strong witness against
Beeja in drug smuggling case. A case has been filed
against you, Beeja. You must make him believe
that there’s an informer.. ..who’s supplying
information against him. I don’t know who he is
but I’ll soon find him out. When will you find him out? After he reaches court? Make him believe that the
informer is his gang member. There’s a foe trying hard to harm me. He’ll be tensed and
suspect the commissioner. After that we’ll
teach him a good lesson. Will you file a false case? I agree that it’s a false case
but the crimes committed are real. No one should find out
who the witness is till the end. We’ll give an excuse that the witness
couldn’t turn up due to some reason. We can at least do this much. Sir, we’ve strong
evidence against Beeja. We need to put this case on fast track. Who’s the informer? Sir, please don’t misunderstand me. But, it’ll be safe to keep his
name a secret until the court’s hearing. But, he is not your informer.
– Okay. Doesn’t matter. So, you’re the informer? We know who the informer is. But in order to reach him
you’ve to override Maari. You have to resent the
witness before the court. Find out who the witness
is before morning. Do you know who sent
you behind the bars? Beeja. We won’t spare him. We’ll kill him today. Take out the car. A dog may wander about
anywhere throughout the day.. ..but he goes back to his
master at the end of the day. What did you think? That if you play games over
phone no one will be able to catch you.. ..even if you cheat them. We can catch you and
even teach you a lesson. I’m the legitimate son of a gangster. Come and kill me. If you’ve guts then kill me. I’ve strong connections. Even the commissioner is my pet. I’m the trader of death. Do you want to see a demo? Here you go. Watch it. Here he goes. Go and drag the commissioner
out and bring him here. You spoilt brat,
you’ll never mend your ways. I’ve already had several heart attacks. What if I get the last and fatal one? I beg of you. Please don’t harm me. Get up.
– I was your loyal informer. You won’t get cremated
like your brother. Hey Maari! Did he take you by surprise?
– I came here to be an accountant. But I had to kill people
instead only because of you. I should’ve killed
you and your son that day. But I won’t make any mistake now. I killed his brother
first followed by your wife. It’s the turn of both of you now. Hey! I’ll thrash you so badly
that all your bones will break. You’ll look like a mummy in plasters. If you lick the sole
of my shoes and apologize.. ..I can forgive you. But, you don’t have
the guts to apologize. Come on. Take your sunglasses. You became my enemy because
of a misunderstanding. But your real enemy was your brother
who wanted to kill you for property. If you’ve any misunderstanding
then get rid of it with love. After analyzing all
the evidence and witnesses.. ..the court has decided that all
the charges against the accused is true. He deceived the court. According to IPC
302 Gangadhar Beeja is.. ..given life term by the court
for killing twenty five people. The court is adjourned. Hey Rajan, stay within your limit. Beeja has named me his successor. Do you think it’s your dad’s rule?
– Do you think it’s your dad’s rule? This area is mine.
– No, it’s mine. The area is mine.
The law is mine. I’ll kill you. “Maari!” “Maari!”

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