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Mac, the Beer Drinking Horse | This is Alabama

September 3, 2019

With Mac having Cushing’s Disease, one of the possible side effects of that can be Anhidrosis. We had our vet out. She said he’s not sweating, he has Anhidrosis,
and she named some supplements that we can try, and then she said well I’m also going
to recommend something that’s a little bit different. She said I’ve heard that if you can give the
horse a dark beer, the darker the better, once a day, that it actually helps. Good people is great. He got to actually go and visit, and that
was really fun because Mac acted like an old pro. He thought that was the best thing ever, he got to drink his beer at the bar. We do equine assisted therapy here, so normally having alcohol on the property doesn’t mix with that environment, so we kind of laughed it off, but we thought, well, you know, he’s one of our best lesson horses, so we’ve got
to do something to help him. I mean it just took a couple of weeks and
it started working. The change in a person when they’re with a
horse is instant. The horse responds immediately to what you
do with them, and they’re very forgiving. So, as long as you try, the horse tries, and anything from a student that’s working on saying their first word, they get that instant
gratification of the horse moving forward when they say, “walk on,” to students that
have really high anxiety, that are able to ride the horse, and everything that’s going
on outside of that arena, they just let it go, and when they’re with the horse, you just
see this transformation come over them. The King’s Home youth here become very attached
to the horses that are here. When they saw that Mac was struggling, they
got really worried about him. They really wanted to be a part of him getting
better. All of the youth are able to relate to the
horses, and especially Mac, that he’s gone through some things, they definitely are able
to relate to him in that way.

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