Machu Picchu Horse Riding!
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Machu Picchu Horse Riding!

September 3, 2019

thats the, what can you call them.. dunkay cariers some are horses some are not mules the look so sad look at them its because its to early thay feel the same as us hahah my friends second day is the most difficult second day energy my friends its for the energy energy amigos just listend sorry okay one two three!! SEXYSANTAS music in the background so we are geting ready to go for a horse ride because my feet hurts what can you say? its over used i cant walk like hundred meters we are taking a horse the white one is mine olla amigo thay just cout a horse i should probebly move so now we are on the way sigmund look at this mountain view epic music everyone wants to know where you been i been in love all again everybody wants know where you been my horse is doing amazing, and also JPs horse is doing good his mule, or donkey yeah arriva you can see in the back, the blue donkeys there they have our package we are at 4600 meters above the sea level this is sigmund i call him thats william over there look at this mountain i wonder how high that is salkantay salkantay mountain its probebly 6000 meters above the sea level i dont think so we are at 4600 and that should be 600 a bit more you have to walk down the line so me and sigmund my horse have to jump of because its so death here so how are you doing mate? this is amazing thats a waterfall there you are doign great mate william it just us three now just us three wild salkantay to machu picchu 4600 meters above sea level everything is going super great its just us three just us three taking this horses up the mountain to machu picchu let me show you salkantay mountain how beautiful is that? we are speach less because this is breath taking this is amazing we are going past our group now this is amazing look at that mountain gramp i låren hugs donkeys and mules pucha mamma skdlfalö ave maria we just arrived at the the place we are going to eat 4000 meters waiting for the rest this is nice i will cuddle with you if you give me 10 soles good luck taking a shower mate ukulele i am going to buy a beer later how do you guys feel? good tired? we are sellibjeaijrflas beers and ciggarets? are you going to take a shower? MACHUPICCHU

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