Mahumito – Global Cooperative Outdoor Game
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Mahumito – Global Cooperative Outdoor Game

October 27, 2019

Hi, Let’s play Mahumito! Mahumito is an outdoor game. Beacons are now meaningful objects, which gamers assign missions to. Our first mission is Hackerbus We will follow its reverted route from BeaconValley to Cracovia Stadium The world is big and you are not alone in this mission Pass your object to other players and they will get it to the destination When the object is close and you want to get it,
just shout its name – “Hackerbus!” Our plans for the future? We want to make sure
there are enough beacons in the game You will be able to buy beacons
straight from the application Cannot go to your favourite concert?
Make a mission for an autograph to reach you We will let you apply fictional maps
into the real world Imagine you are thrown into
the Lord of the Rings universe Are you ready to take the Ring to Mordor? Or you can simply attach a beacon to a book
and pass it to your friend

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