Maiden Home North Carolina Factory Tour
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Maiden Home North Carolina Factory Tour

October 31, 2019

(upbeat music) – Maiden Home was an idea that was born out of a personal experience that I had trying to buy furniture for my home. We really felt like we couldn’t find the quality products, the
well-designed products that we wanted within our price point. We built relationships with
makers here in North Carolina to build a really high quality product and then use technology to
bring it to a consumer anywhere in a simpler, more efficient way. (upbeat music) There’s so much nuance that goes into making a quality, comfortable product. – My name’s Dan Rink. I’ve been in furniture for 30 plus years. Us being a small company, we have to make sure our
product is solid, durable. Anything we build is gonna be quality. 8-way hand-tied is where you have different springs that
you put in (mumbles) to hold your corners up. Everything is tied eight times on it. You’re ready to change
by the time it wears out. (upbeat music)

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