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Make a Folding Sawhorse

August 22, 2019

A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a Microjig. Maker of the GRR-RIPPER. Work safer. Work smarter. Some of you may remember this pair of sawhorses
I made a few years ago. And while they are very sturdy, and I’ve gotten
a lot of use out of them, they have one major drawback: they take up a lot of storage space because
they don’t stack. So I think that’s why you are going to like
“sawhorse 2.0″ that I designed this week. It’s just as sturdy as the old one, it’s a little bit taller, plus it’s got a
storage shelf down below. But, it’s got one major storage benefit. And it sets up just as easily. You only need two 2x4s to build each of these
and I’ve got free plans down in the description. I’m cutting all the legs to the same length
on my tablesaw and I’m making 19 degree bevels on each end. You could also use a miter saw for these cuts. These are the two top pieces. I’m putting pocket screws in just two legs
on each of the sawhorses. These are three inch strap hinges, First, I’m going to attach it to the legs
that have the pocket holes in them. I’m going to line it up to where that bevel
is even and mark where the hinge goes. I found that it’s a lot easier to put these pocket screws in now, before attaching the other side of the hinge. I’ve drawn a line on here to help me square
it up. Now I can put one of the legs without pocket
holes up against the hinge. I can’t fit the drill into this space, so I broke a pencil into a little piece and
I can mark it that way. Now to screw the hinge on, I need to remove
these pocket screws. Now I can put the screws in. I can repeat that procedure for the rest of
the legs. With these lined up, I’m going to draw a line
at the halfway point. I’m drilling these holes for dowels. Now I can re-attach the legs using the same
holes as before. You could just leave it like that. It’s pretty
strong. I’m ripping this ¾” board into 1 ½” wide
strips. There’s also enough wood left over from the
2x4s that you could use them. I’ll drill a hole on one side of each of these
boards. I’m going to slide this on to one of these
pegs and mark where I need to drill the hole for
the latch. Looks like I did a pretty good job measuring
everything. That mark I made is right where it was on
the other side so I don’t need to adjust my stop block. This will just drop on like that. I’m using ½” plywood for the shelf. I’ll line this up and screw it down to these braces. [Advertisement] I think having sawhorses around the house is
almost indispensable. It’s a great way to set up a temporary table
if you need one, and since these fold up, they aren’t going
to take up a lot of space. If this is your first time here to Woodworking
for Mere Mortals, welcome! I post brand new woodworking videos every
Friday, and I’d love to have you subscribe. You may not want to build every project I
make, but if you watch every Friday, my goal is
to offer genuine value in each video. Maybe you’ll pick up a tip or two, maybe it will just inspire you to build something
of your own design. Whatever the case, thanks for watching and please check out my other shows which
are listed in the end card.

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  1. the grain of the plywood should be running lengthwise to increase its strength and longevity. just my 2 cents. Otherwise nice project, I'm sure I'll be building a set soon.

  2. I am getting a "404 – error page not found" using my Android phone and Chrome browser …. anyone else having issues?

  3. Made these yesterday. They're awesome! So many uses and perfect for my limited storage space. Thanks Steve! 👍👍

  4. Thanks I loved your candor and encouragement … but what's with Americans and pocket screws? 🙂

  5. Nice one Steve
    I will make them for my self – I will just add bong screw from the top -between pocket screws-and cover with a dowel
    Thanks for tip
    Good Luck

  6. Great video Steve, Thank you. This will be my first project.
    Here is a question, If i want to adjust the height of the horse to be 36" like the bed of my table saw how do I adjust the bevel angle and the leg length? Is the angle of the legs (71,19) standard for saw horses and benches?
    Thanks in advance

  7. I just wanted to say a big thanks for this video and instructions. I'm a steel kind of guy and needed some sawhorses. I showed this to my father in law who loves wood working and he was easily able to knock me up a set. They are really sturdy and should last me a long time.

  8. Thanks for the tutorial Steve. This handywoman doesn't have all of your fancy tools, but I think with what I have I can make it work. I have several projects that I am trying to get done and having a couple good saw horses is first on this particular "to do" list.

  9. just found your videos and not only are they informative but entertaining as well.
    Ever consider doing a video project for a wood garbage bin storage with plans .
    So far on the web nothing comes close to details as you put in your videos and it would be
    great if you did one .
    Either way I am new subscriber.

  10. Hi Steve, like your videos. many thanks for all of them. Just a thought, these are nice sawhorses, but would be keen on hearing your thoughts on the sawhorses from Matthias Wandel? Best, John

  11. hello steve
    thanks for the video. I am new to woodworking and am trying to make these as my 1st project. I bought kreg k4 when I was in usa , however in australia our 2×4 are 45mm in board thickness and kreg k4 only goes maximum till 38 -39mm how do I go about it. should I use the drill guide setting at maximum I.e 1 1/2 inch setting nd xollar as well nd use.longer screws. plz advice thanks in advance

  12. Sorry for my ignorance, what is the bit called @ 3:03?? Also, could I use that bit on a cordless drill since I don't have a drill press.

  13. hi Steve .
    your videos have always been a big help to me. Can you make a video on how to build and install sliding draws. I'm trying to make a bathroom vanity for my wife and I . And it would help a lot thank you.

  14. Awesome build. I wish there would've been a little more detail. I am new to wood working and love building stuff. But some stuff isn't so obvious to us beginners as it is to others who have been doing it a lot longer.

  15. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻✨⭐️✨😃👍🏻👍🏻

  16. Great vid Steve I'm going to build a set of these for the garage. Quick question though, what length did you cut the dowels to & what depth did you drill the dowel hole in the leg to?

  17. Just built a set of these per your video for my brother in law with all reclaimed materials and I really like the design and plan on making another set for myself with better parts but great design thank you!

  18. What is the bit you're using on your drill in this video? It seems like you're using it to start the holes for the screws, but it's not shaped like a regular drill bit.

  19. To add stability I cut a full sized dowel to hold each pair of legs together. this does not impede the folding of the shelf at all. I am a little worried that all four legs and the shelf are held by four pocket hole screws.

  20. I just got done making these saw horses. I am so tired of buying junk saw horses at the hardware store. I am very pleased at how easy and sturdy these were to build. Thanks for the great video

  21. Brilliant mate. Cheers. Gonna build this with timber off site. Won't cost me a penny apart from the hinges. Thanks again.

  22. I've seen many variations of folding horses, but what I like about this one – besides its simplicity – is the folding SHELF keeps the legs from sliding outward OR inward if bumped or jostled, whereas the "strap" designs simply keep them from moving outward, along with the added bonus of somewhere to put the tool(s) you're working with on. Thanks Steve!

  23. Awesome video. I'm not feeling the pocket hole setup. Can I just pilot hole the other side and run screws from the top?

    My issue is that I don't have a lot of power tools. I'm trying to build saw horses to build a work table. This work table will double as a saw table. I see all these videos using routers and drill presses and other fancy stuff that I just don't have yet. There's no room in the budget for $100 of pocket holes.

  24. Just a quick thank you for your inspirational ides and uplifting attitude. Always make me smile and get me off the couch into my garage cum workshop. Then by the time I have got car out, found the tools I need its usually dark. Lighting may be my next project. Stay happy 😀

  25. Holy hell. I was gonna go and buy some plastic ones but……. this is better. This will be my next project…….. I have so many projects >.>

  26. It looks cool and practical, but as a beginner i dont have pocket hole jig… can I somehow do this without one, by hand?

  27. Made these. Excellent design and the plans were very clear. I have made more of your designs than those of anyone else. Thank you.

  28. I Like the project. I am going to build these, however why didn't you run the grain of your plywood on the shelves the long way?

  29. These are great saw horses. I added some half-lap joints as found on Brian Taylor's channel. Also, (maybe an overkill) but I used oak wood to make the 1×2 pivoting hooks for the shelf. I did this after one of my sawhorses fell over (while folded) and the "hooked" end of the 1×2 broke. The oak wood is seemingly stronger. I also participated in "The Weekend Woodworking Class" and really enjoyed it. Still have a few projects to complete, but I will. Thanks for the ideas you put on Youtube Steve…

  30. Just saw your video Steve. These sawhorses are great, I think I'll try them. Looking to get the plans, Thanks.

  31. Once again you saved the day! I´ve been searching high and low for some really good folding sawhorse plans. Found a few, including 3 plans of my own but none of them were as good as yours! Great job! Thanks! I have about 20 OSB boards in the garage so I´ll be using that instead of plywood

  32. Just made these…late to the game by a few years… but, instead of removing the pocket screws, I used the Kreg pocket hole right angle clamp where one limb goes into the pocket hole and clamps the boards together. Problem solved! Thanks

  33. This design worked out really well for me. As a beginner, most of my time has gone into building shop stuff – french cleat storage, stands for my drill press and bandsaw, etc. So I recently upgraded from a portable jobsite table saw to a very nice used contractor table saw. Working in a small garage, I needed an outfeed table that would store against the wall when not in use. I built Steve's sawhorses, but taller – about 34". With some shop made height adjusters, these work perfectly as support for my outfeed table, which is basically a chunk of baltic birch plywood. Quick setup and breakdown, stores in a small space.

    I picked Steve's design because it's simple, clever, and works great. Thanks Ramsey.

  34. i have some useful ideas. i know you have more skill and knowledge so i want to ask if you want to help bring it to reality?

  35. As always your videos are informative and entertaining! I am building these saw horses but, I have cut the legs to 36 inches in length. Is a 19 degree bevel appropriate for the length? Thanking you in advance.

  36. That is a great and functional set of saw benches for around the house and shop! Not very practical for us guys that go balls to the walls every day and walk through a set of saw benches every other job! I like them though….Nice Job!

  37. after you get the first 2 legs set up can't you transfer that to the rest of the legs somehow? maybe there's too many variables

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