Make your own horse feed scoop with Horsemart’s Handy Hints
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Make your own horse feed scoop with Horsemart’s Handy Hints

October 23, 2019

Hi my name is Rebbeca Hill and I’m a British
Horse Society Intermediate instructor and I’m also an Accredited Pony Horse Coach and
I’m here today with Horsemart to show you some Handy Hints for Horsemart people. We are going to be looking at making our own
feed scoop these round scoops are quite costly to buy and they are always getting lost and
broken in the yard. So I am going to show you a cheap and easy way to make your own
scoop. So what we are going to need is just an old
bottle this is just a lemonade bottle, some scissors or a Stanley Knife and its a good
idea to have a set of scales to be able to weigh how much your scoop can carry. so you
can know how much you are feeding your horse. So to start with this end of your bottle is
going to be the handle and if you are using a Stanley Knife you must be very very careful
as they can be extremely dangerous. So you need to hold your bottle one end making an
insertion down and your just going to come round up to the top of your bottle. The same
from this area here heading back up to the top. Get that off and then just get your scissors
just to trim round the edge just to make sure there are no sharp edges at all as so. Always
shut your Stanley Knife after use. So there we have it. So get your feed in here and what you should
always do when you get a new scoop is weigh your feed so you know how much your scoop
is containing. So that is about a pound of oats in there. Whats a good idea is to get a permanent marker
and draw around your bottle and write down the feed and the weight of the feed so I just
put there 1 pound of oats. So it might be that you can draw round here you know that’s
going to weigh for instance 2 pounds of nuts. So you know each time how much you are having
in each scoop.

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