Make Your Website a Workhorse: How to Set up Technology to Work for You
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Make Your Website a Workhorse: How to Set up Technology to Work for You

March 4, 2020

my name is Samantha Russell and I’m from
Twenty Over Ten the Director of Sales and Marketing here and I am so excited to
have Jen Goldman from my virtual COO joining us today to talk with you about
how to make your website a workhorse my virtual COO for those of you who may not
be familiar with it was started back in August of 2007 by Jen she’s the founder
and she has worked with hundreds of independent businesses ranging in size
from – all the way to 50 employees spanning all over the United States and
what her business does is acts as an advisor on business operations as well
as really bringing in the expertise on how to infuse technology recalibrate
your staff and overall boost your growth and profit profitability and it has
always been my virtual CEOs mission to improve the independent professional
service businesses so they can help more consumers navigate through life with
purpose Jen is originally from Buffalo New York not far from up here in
Pennsylvania and because she has extensive experience working
specifically with financial advisors advisory for management lean processes
and systems bank quality control lots of expertise that we can pull from
in today’s presentation she’s like I mentioned before often on the speaker
circuit at the different conferences that many of you all attends you may
have seen her there and she’s also been published nationally so with that I’d
love to welcome you Jen and thank you again for joining us today and I’m gonna
turn it over and make you the host and while I’m doing that just a couple
housekeeping items if you have any questions again please feel free to add
them to the Q&A section of the control panel throughout the presentation and
Amanda Larson who’s here from Twenty Over Ten will get them address and feed them to
Jen throughout the presentation as well all right thank you Sam and I may
and I’m gonna start my video and if this is distracting to you then just send a
chat through and Amanda will let me know and I’ll shut the video down but I’m
trying to make everything about what I’m about to talk about as real as possible
and part of that is showing your face and what we call building trust online
so anyway thanks Sam for that super long introduction apologize for that and
Amanda for running the show here today so again for anyone who has already seen
me speak or knows I prefer to have an interactive sort of sessions so having a
webinar where no one’s asking questions as I’m going through is fine and I’m
more than happy to do that but please pepper the questions into the chat box
of zoom and Amanda will cut into what I’m saying so that she can ask the
questions for me to answer all right so I love the title that Sam is chosen
about making your website a workhorse and this is about technology but really
what this is about is time and energy and so what I want to go through today
is talk about how we can spend less time and energy attracting new clients and
quite frankly also retaining the clients that we have and attracting referral
sources and today I’m going to focus on seven solutions I’m gonna give you the
benefits of those solutions and I’m gonna give you some examples of tools
that you could look to for these solutions I mind you the tool list that
I give is not even close to what is out there as you all know but I wanted to
kind of bring it to life by giving you a couple examples right so we’re gonna
jump right into this again all right so here’s the key elements or key solutions
to talk about reducing the work and really again making your website your
workhorse but I’m gonna read them off and go slow and then I will go through
each one of these with examples so key elements we have web to lead and what
that is is like a contact form on the website a second element that’s really
important is your workhorse is the consumer portal you all might call it a
client portal I’m going to call it a consumer portal for a reason the third
is analytics and I use Google as an example because I know everyone
understands what I mean when I say Google Analytics and that’s the idea
that their website is telling you who’s looking where what they value the fourth
workhorse is social media really important to incorporate any type of
social media you’re doing into your website and I’ll talk about the benefits
for that the fifth is video the sixth is a call scheduler and this one as
everyone knows I’m a huge fan of and the seventh is a call to action so again we
have seven solutions today that can become your workhorse and reduce the
energy and effort web to lead portal analytics social media video call
scheduler and a call to action alright so let’s jump into the first
one web to lead so I know this sounds like a little bit of techie jargon and
quite frankly it is I copied it from Salesforce but the idea is how do you
get information on your viewers from the website into a lead in your systems okay
so that’s why it’s called the web to lead and years ago there was only a
couple ways to do this now there’s many different ways but the benefit
altogether is when somebody is filling out information on your website that
information is automatically flowing into your CRM and at this point it might
be flowing into other systems as well but the beauty of it is you don’t have
to enter any information this little workhorse eliminates that idea of
getting an email that comes to your email box or in some firms it goes to
everyone’s email box and then somebody’s responsible for hand typing this
information and another software program they some of the tools and again as I
said they’re not all here some of the tools to consider are redtail web to
lead that’s been built by 20 over 10 Salesforce has a web to lead your email
drip systems have a web to lead if you use zap your with them which is a
program that kind of copies data from one system to another for you while
you’re sleeping right constant contact with zap here is another and the list
can go on but again I try to give you the big items and I just want to take a
break for a moment and ask Amanda do you guys want to jump in and talk about that
red tail web to lead it all that you guys offer because it is very much for
private area to your firm yeah thanks Jen this is Samantha speaking I can
answer that so actually before we even focus on that one of the things I think
is really exciting for everyone on this call today to know is that often as Jen
kind of alluded to what you ultimately want is whatever anyone is entering into
these contact forms to go to as many of your systems as possible
so if you have redtail as your CRM or wealthbox or juncture whatever you’re
using you want that form that contact info to go into that CRM and you know
autofill as a lead you also want it to be emailed to someone on your team so
they can immediately get a notification and reach out and ultimately it would
also be really nice right if it could go into your MailChimp account or your
Constant Contact account or marketing pro whatever you’re using so at Twenty Over Ten when we set these up we can have them go form entries go into multiple
different interfaces third-party tools you’ll be using and really any webmaster
you’re working with even if you’re not a twenty over ten clients should be able
to do the same at twenty over ten we have what’s called a one-click
integration with redtail so all that means is even folks who aren’t working
with our designers who are just building a site themselves on our platform they
can go in and their red tail account information and now it activates this
the set up so anytime somebody fills out a form if they’re a current client it
cross-references their red tail realizes they’re already in their system and
leave the data it won’t add anything so if you’re collecting information for a
sign up for an event and someone’s already a client it’s not going to
re-add them to your red tail account but if they’re not in your system it will
add them as a lead and alert you that you have a new contact at it so it’s a
really nice robust integration again that’s just taking you know those extra
steps out of your day to have to cross-reference you know data that’s
coming in from multiple places it’s really it’s amazing and Sam and I know
moving along in this business it’s evolved I mean years ago you had that
functionality you know only with even Salesforce and
twenty over ten has built this this great amazing tool and now it goes even
more as I would say on steroids because with these tools like zapier that are
out there that information can go into your CRM your email drip it can send
email alerts in redtail has automated in a way that if that
comes in it could automatically trigger a workflow to follow up so it’s really
quite amazing how much staff and in a firm can be prompted all without doing
any of the work yeah absolutely and I would say cuz somebody did act yeah with
we do have that one-click integration with redtail so just a little bit easier
in the setup process however no matter what CRM you’re using if you’re
asking about Twenty Over Ten in particularly we can set up the integration manually for
other CRM it’s just that redtail it’s definitely the most popular for
financial advisors but any theorems that you’re using can be set up to operate in
a similar fashion yep yep you’re right we don’t want exclude wealthbox and
Junxure cloud all those others that are definitely out there so I was that Tom’s
question I saw a hand raised I think that was Ed’s question okay and Tom you
raised your hand but you can chat the question yeah that would be great and
somebody’s asking do we have an integration for a MailChimp invest early
so we also have a one-click integration for MailChimp and really the one the
one-click part of it is only really important if again you’re setting these
up on your own if you either don’t know how to do it on your own or want us to
do it you would just contact us and we would do it for you and that being said
somebody asked about vest early any anything you use in your business our
website can enter be integrated with so we what we call it is playing nice with
any third-party systems we have no favorites so um I guess you could say
redtail MailChimp are the favorites since we have the integration but we can
integrate with anything that you have and all you have to do if your current
client is submit a support ticket asking for help setting that up and we will
take care of it if you’re not on the twenty over ten system and you’re
thinking about joining us that would be all things of discussion points we would
talk about in the initial website setup if you’re with another website provider
you should definitely be able to ask whoever either initially designed your
site or who’s your webmaster for help getting those set up
there’s no reason why somebody shouldn’t be able to help you get that set up and
eliminate these workflows all right can Roman can the contact form be customized
yes I could go into a long lengthy answer but the answer is yes so okay I’m
gonna go on to the next slide so consumer portal all right so you some of
you may care or not care why I call it a consumer portal and the fact is that I
don’t believe that portals are used just for clients I believe they’re used for
prospects as well so that’s my belief instilled on you which is why I call the
consumer portal so I know there’s different types of portals out there and
I understand and again I cannot list all the tools but let me talk about the
benefits a consumer portal can automatically collect information on
that person and also push that to other software programs so one very popular
example with planning centric firms is to collect to have the client log into
the portal have the prospect log into the portal enter their credentials
logins and passwords to accounts and liabilities and all that data that flows
in can push into a financial plan all right and again I list some tools to
consider but the list is is becoming longer and longer in a for good reason
um again the benefit of the consumer portal is collecting information from
that prospect or from that client it’s also as you can see I’m showing real
examples thanks to Twenty Over Ten and us between the two of us we’re giving you
real firm examples where you can white label and brand it to your own firm so
you look like you actually built your own software program which is pretty
cool so again second element that’s your workhorse is the consumer portal and
this is a huge time saver if a rolled out properly used properly and marketed third element online viewing analytics
and again I call the Google Analytics because most if not all of you can
relate to that but this is the idea that you see
analytics on your website that tell you where you should be focusing your energy
and time on updating so I’ll use myself as an example I’m looking at my website
and my analytics to understand that maybe no one cares about a certain page
I built and that I’ve been updating and that saves me an enormous amount of time
deciding if that’s the website page I’m going to continue to update if I need to
tweak it or if I need to take it down so another workhorse on your website is
absolutely analytics you want to know when people are coming to the website
what they’re clicking on and how long they’re staying on those pages right
there are other analytics out there again
besides Google but by far I don’t know any web master that doesn’t know how to
embed that on the pages and set up your panel and dashboards so you can see that
information right all right another solution social media feed so you can
see an example here of the tweets in the bottom left of the picture and there’s
so many benefits to this but the number one benefit is that if you’re updating
or posting something on social media you can automatically have that show on your
website almost real-time the delay is miniscule that nobody would ever know
and that then automatically helps with search engine optimization we always
hear about you know and I’m sure you all get these emails about boosting your SEO
well one way to really do this well if you’re active on social media is to
bring the feeds into your website again it’s an it’s a way to auto update your
website with fresh new content that you’re posting elsewhere and of course
the tools to consider are the Facebook the LinkedIn then the social media some
of you may be use Instagram whatever the case may be this is something that your
webmaster should be able to easily embed into your website or maybe you have a
tool that’s easy to do sorry I skipped over a question from
Steve you know what sam if your on can you answer that
Steve’s comment about how google analytics can be overwhelming and I
agree with him yes so Steve the short answer is we don’t pull in your data
into the twenty over ten portal at this time
hint hint we are working on a solution to consolidate the top most requested
metrics that our advisors are asking for but recently we were very pleasantly
surprised Amanda and I when we logged into Google Analytics like we do every
week and Google actually completely redid their consumer portal that you see
on your dashboard with all those top analytics that we’ve always been telling
our clients to look for things like total number of page visits improvement
over last month or quarter the top page is visited on your website the average
length of time a visitor sets and new versus returning users so they’ve taken
all those top metrics that you should be paying attention to and have
automatically pulled them front and center on your dashboard so even if you
never went to another page with the homepage of your Google Analytics
tracking you’d be able to now see those main metrics I think that happened about
two or three months ago so that’s a great place to start and then if you go
to twenty over ten’s blog and you search Google Analytics for those of you who
are newer clients of ours we have a ton of great resources where we’ve drilled
down specific to advisors the main metrics you should be paying attention
to and we’ve even done live webinars you can watch all the recordings on how to
cross reference data so if you’re wondering you know I’ve written this
wonderful blog post all about 401K’s how many people are actually finding that
blog versus organic traffic or maybe email marketing social media will show
you in those webinars how to find that data out to find out what keywords are
going to be most important and people are finding you
the most from certain keywords so then you can maybe write my blog post about
those topics so there’s a wealth of information on our blog about Google
Analytics and then finally if you are Twenty Over Ten client we offer $200 Google
Analytics sessions so there are really great value we hear blogging information
we log into your account on your behalf and we spend time going through all your
data then we cross-reference your website and we sit down with you and we
do a meeting and deliver our report saying here’s some things you can do to
improve your data here’s our top performing pages here’s adjustments we
would suggest you make and you can schedule that at any time so if you
really want some one-on-one consultation that is also an option and amanda’s
linking to some more information in the chat as well so yeah but definitely
check out that redesigned Google Analytics dashboard on the homepage you
guys are going to be pleasantly surprised at the top data that they’ve
really pulled in there that’s great and I hear a little inkling of you could do
a whole webinar probably just on Google Analytics we’ve done you so they’re
reported and on the blog oh good you typically do on a new one every six
months cuz they roll out with new features new metrics about once or twice
a year so keep your eyes peeled every one for the next one it’ll probably be
coming up before the end of the year if not in early 2018 that’s great thanks
Steve that was a great question and I don’t mind admitting I needed a tutorial
just as she offered this $200 that’s exactly what I needed as well listen we
could all bore him so much Tech every day that it’s it’s almost hard to look
some so glad Google redid and I apologize for not even having a new
picture of it shows how often I log in alright so the next the next solution is
video and you know listen I have my face on today in front of you for those that
are looking at me versus the slides and you should be looking at the slides but
you know videos very it’s not easy for everyone and I do appreciate that but
there is no question that it heightens the trust so you’re spending less
time converting those leads that referral source that checked you out on
the web to becoming somebody that’s either a client or a great referral
source for you it also proves that you can speak to a group of people on
whether their prospects are even clients and so I really I could spend all day
just hammering home the reason why video is just so important to have these days
there is so much noise out there and what people want is that honest
viewpoint that honest person talking with them and what better way to do that
while you’re sleeping because it does it over and over and you don’t have to do
it more than once on video to put a video on website so I don’t have any
live examples and they didn’t want to have to put that through I showing you a
picture of one websites example that’s worked on this with twenty over ten but
the reality is that some great websites actually have a short little video clip
from each of their advisors and so in their bios when you scroll over you can
actually see the video of them speaking and maybe it’s a short 30-second clip it
just makes again the viewers feel a sense of trust and that just cuts down
on the amount of time and energy a firm is taking to convert them there’s lots
of providers certainly local I’m giving you a three national providers that we
know of and II can help is actually used to run an advisory firm CEO and so he
does videography a guide vine is out there and they do the video but also
other types of benefits with that and viral marketing so those are three of
the many providers that exist out there for video quick yep just a quick note on
the viral marketing if you’re looking for more information about viral
marketing we actually did a webinar with Scott he’s one of the execs there last
month and so if you go to our blog and search viral marketing you can watch
that 30-minute recording just to see what they’re all about and the packages
they offer the pricing and what you get and he offers a lot of great tips too on
how to present yourself what to talk about
your video should be so please check that out yeah I happen to know viral and
they’ll actually coach you through so the watches you’re taping the video and
then give you tips so that’s really helpful
going back Steven again another great question how often do the videos need to
be updated and I will tell you a personal story and then you can decide
how often I have a video on my website that is very old and I like how I look
back then it’s still relevant my personality and who I am have not
changed so I would say to you the videos don’t need to be updated off and this is
not about creating a video library I’m suggesting to start simple and just
putting you and your other advisers in your office on a short video and that
can sit there for years again it just gives a person a sense of trust and
being able to see you without meeting you yet and that’s the purpose of the
video so again it’s not about video marketing or a library this is a just
about a video of each advisor that an outside viewer can watch to get to know
them before they actually meet them so not often all right thanks Amanda for
putting up that URL – that’s great in the chat okay one of my other favorites
call scheduler so I say call scheduler but this could be an appointment
scheduler as well and the idea is that you could go again here’s a real example
to a website and you can pick a day or time to talk or meet with someone at
that firm well this is a huge time-saver without question on the front end it
eliminates that wasted time of back-and-forth emails and calls to
schedule a meeting it also eliminates manually inputting the meeting into
calendar systems and remember while you at your firm might be manually inputting
it you’re also asking the outside party to put it on their calendar so you’re
giving them more work by not using this as much as your giving you and your
staff work and then the third piece is most firms do reminder emails when you
use a tool like a call scheduler there is no need for email reminders it is
automatically taken care of for you by the system and with some of these tools
you can personalize it it doesn’t have to be the generic format reminder if you
don’t want it to be so three main ways that this is a workhorse eliminate the
back-and-forth email and calls to schedule eliminate the manual inputting
on the calendars both for you and for the outside party and eliminating
sending the reminder emails right another benefit that I didn’t put on
here that I could say is maybe your workhorse it was more of an energy saver
is this actually has you time blocking no I don’t know about you but I’m an
owner of a business and I do spend energy thinking about bifurcating my day
how much time I’m gonna take working with clients how much of my time I’m
gonna take on marketing how much time I gotta take to breathe so the reality is
when you use a call scheduler it also is saving energy on forcing yourself to
time block so that’s another saving grace is that yep Steve yes is the
scheduler for both clients and prospects yes there’s a really great thing that
you can do too when you’re setting up your scheduler sorry to interject junko
um where you can choose with all of the systems one of the first things you can
make someone do when they go to click that schedule a meeting or book an
appointment is are you a product Spector are you a current client and make them
select so that when the meeting is coming into your calendar you already be
you know told and some of the meeting schedulers I believe also integrate with
different CRM system so that you pull their that’s right
pull their data right in here to your CRM as well yep the integrations and the
time savers are almost endless right and that’s the thing that you want to look
at is you want to pick a tool that’s easy to set up and I’m going to talk
about another time-saver built into a couple of these tools but she’s totally
right most of these work directly with your calendar system right and then they
can also also put in the information into the serum so if the let’s say it’s
a client you’re offering one of the activities in this case you can see this
is an example it says clients at the bottom and purple and the top two green
are for prospects okay if a client clicks on that it will
actually match up the client event the call or the appointment with the client
record in the CRM so it doesn’t duplicate one of the questions that is
in the chat box Jen and this is a great question Lydia is asking does using a
meeting scheduler can it lead to people who aren’t really serious about been
doing meetings and she’s asking maybe if anyone on the line has any input in this
any other advisors if you want to put your answer in the chat box so everyone
can see it have you ever had you know an uptick
after you’ve instituted this in more no-shows or you know maybe getting a lot
of clients who aren’t a good fit for your firm while we wait to hear I will
say from my own you know just boots on the ground I think the number of cons
related to this certainly do not outweigh the benefits from the advisors
I’ve spoken with they may get one or two unqualified you know prospects who are
trying to schedule a meeting with them but this also kind of goes back to a
point we’re not going to get into today but we always talk about with a lot of
passion here at twenty over ten when we’re talking with you about setting up
your website is that you should make it so that people know from reading your
website whether they are a good fit so they should be able to self qualify by
just being on your homepage you have to be really obvious about who you work
with and who is a good fit and you know sometimes I know people will say well I
don’t want have to put certain thresholds or minimums on there the more
clearer you can be the better whether it’s a specific niche or specific amount
of wealth that they should have it’s ultimately gonna prevent anyone
from wasting your time and you from wasting their the more clear you can be
you’re not going to run into that problem as much but we have some great
people commenting in the chats Jen if you want out you know I absolutely I’m
watching it and I hope you all can see what’s going on and it’s saying quite
the opposite almost zero no-shows and again definitely the website is
filtering out prospective prospects that maybe are not a good fit so that’s the
commentary we again we work with hundreds of firms and I will say almost
every firm we work with this is the one tool they are always implementing and
maybe it’s not necessary on the website maybe it’s in their email signature that
they offer when somebody first reaches out or when they do but I am going to
tell you those that put it on their website are not getting they’re not but
they are spending time on their website just like Sam said to really funnel in
only those that are a good fit so again it is about your website having a clear
message of who you’d like to work with and they will cancel themselves out they
will not they will not book a call listen you know I can speak you know
from again boots on the ground from my own experience and I’m not an advisor
anymore but the reality is what’s the worst case it’s somebody books a call
your can you put a time block so they can’t book and talk to you two hours
later there’s a time delay obviously I would expect you to go on Google search
them and if they look not scary there is a tactful way of canceling so again the
rarity of that even happening but then on top of that there is a tactful way of
taking care of that okay that’s a great question Lydia I think one a lot of
people think about absolutely yes I think every firm asked me that question
so Lydia thank you for putting that and also there’s another one that somebody
might ask is this considered to be impersonal and not as nice as somebody
like somebody emailing in and then reaching out and in scheduling and I
will tell you in this day and age I don’t know about you but my banks and my
doctors are my den and everybody else uses it so I think
we’re in the age where this is not considered impersonal at all in fact it
needs to be an option I always say to people I’m married I have a spouse if my
planners coming to me to schedule time for a meeting I do not want to be
wasting my time doing back and forth email to figure out the best day in time
probably sitting down at 10:30 at night fuzzy eyed and that’s when I want to
schedule things so I think on the on and that doesn’t matter for all age groups
okay one more thing before I forget and move on put this on this is one step
deeper on benefits but with many of these tools there is such a technique is
called collective or pooling or joining that means if you have a firm where you
have two advisors that sit in a meeting or a call with someone you can actually
set up the systems quite easily so that when somebody clicks on a link it will
look at two people’s calendars and only give date times available where both
people will be available in the firm that is HUGE
that’s huge where you have two advisors or we have a junior advisor and a senior
advisor in a meeting or a phone call so again when if let’s say you’re you have
a succession plan and you’re training up younger people and you want them to
listen in or you want them to be involved this saves there’s so much time
trying to coordinate calendars okay user-friendly enough for older clients
I’m going to go back to that yes this is user friendly enough for older clients
remember your older clients are being asked by their banks to schedule a call
if they have a question or meeting by their doctors and so forth so yes mm-hmm
but always I think it goes unsaid when you do a tool like this and any one of
these tools is like $10 a month these are very inexpensive test it on yourself
and if you have somebody elderly in the family test it on them like take it out
for a ride for you implement it okay okay another solution call-to-action
actually this is the end of our list I think most websites these days have a
call to action and most of the time it’s a newsletter and again for most of you
that might already be doing this you understand when somebody is filling out
to subscribe to newsletter that data goes instantly into the newsletter
system so it’s not it shouldn’t be email to you and again MailChimp Constant
Contact Marketo I contact there are so many systems out there Sam and her team
know many more than I do again these are items that can be embedded on the
website but you want to give those that are viewing a call to action
maybe it’s scheduling an inquiry call maybe it’s signing up for a newsletter
maybe it’s linking to you on social media I chosen this particular example
call to action which is a newsletter okay I think again it goes unsaid and
again what I didn’t put in here but with this call to action if you’re using the
MailChimp or Constant Contact one of these systems you can also use zapier to
have that information go into your CRM and other systems as well so it’s gotten
even better on cutting down on the workload all right one of the things
that I’d like to just say about calls to action is obviously that’s something
that’s a huge point of discussion with anybody setting up a website with 20
over 10 is that you often may have multiple calls to action I actually
wrote up a piece in the latest FPA magazine that was out in July about this
because I get asked about it so often so we you usually break them down into tier
1 and tier 2 calls to action so you always want to think about what’s the
most important one right what is your website ultimately trying to do for some
of you that have more established firms you might not care as much about
building that email list unless you have you know junior advisors that you’re
trying to help them build their business but maybe you’re just really trying to
get one to two new great clients a year and so for you that schedule a meeting
link is going to be ultimately the best number one most important call to action
but for those of you who maybe are you know wanting to just filled up a list
you know you’re going to need to trick on people for a while you are actively
blogging producing original content maybe the most important one for you is
really to get that email collected so you want to you can have more than one
but if don’t want is to have a million on the page of the website extracting us
and we don’t know what we should be doing so you want to be able to
differentiate between you know your goals for your site and communicate that
to your designer so that your site doesn’t become too cluttered and people
end up taking no action so think about the hierarchy for yourself and this can
include things like having clients start using a client portal button having
people schedule a meeting sign up for an email whatever it is you want them to do
fill out a form and think about the order of importance and then make sure
that your web designer knows that so they can design the site accordingly
okay so we’ve just covered seven plus
solutions web to lead portal analytics social media video call scheduler and
call to action so I know you guys have been asking and I’m gonna do one more
slide after this I’m going to talk about extra benefits but are there any
questions about what we’ve covered and oh by the way the reason for the URL is
there is a list of technologies in different areas as well as outsourced
providers in different areas cuz I talked about videographers and they
talked about different tech tools so on our website under the DIY page there are
directories and lists of each that are much more comprehensive but beyond that
are there any questions about everything that we covered which is a lot in a
short period of time and Clark is asking what web cam you’re using he said it’s
very clear oh good I only been through three of them it Lud you know what you
can look it up but it’s already they don’t sell it but it’ll jump you to the
900 series it’s a logitech HD
1080P again a logitech HD 1080P as in Peter and I think when you go on the
Amazon or anywhere it’s gonna jump you to a 900 series same one and it looks I
can’t can’t show you it looks very long it almost looks like a wide-angle camera
and it sits right on top of my monitor um I also do have an arm just so you
guys know because I think some of it thank you I also do have an arm that comes off and
I can put the kit and it was a ten dollar arm that comes off and I could
put that right in the middle of my screen with my camera on it so if you’ve
all noticed I’m not exactly looking right at you guys until now when I don’t
need to look at my slides if you really care to be looking literally right at
the person you can get an arm and stick your camera right in the middle of your
monitor the only problem with that is it does obstruct your view so for today I
chose not to you’ve learned the pros and cons yep good question
oh of course somebody’s gonna ask me my favorite appointment scheduler well it’s
gonna be pretty obvious because if you go to my website when you click on it
you’re gonna see it so I do have to admit Kalin Dee is my now favorite for
any of you who followed me many years ago it was time trade I find calendar to
be so easy to do pulling which is that idea of having multiple people on a call
so I just moved to County about nine months ago I was on time trade for ten
years and you haven’t looked back I know yeah I don’t when I eliminate I
eliminate I write my notes of why eliminated so I don’t go back Jen
Cynthia is just asking what what do you think of acuity any thoughts on that you
know I I did we did look at it and I would say at that point I was also
looking at County I was I found County’s interface and user friendliness easier
for me again I’ve heard firms that absolutely love acuity and they find it
very easy to set up I don’t know if acuity does pooling though which is the
idea that two people can owners can be looked at at the same time
under one link so I’m not sure either yeah that would definitely be something
to check out with a cutie before you decide to go with them
yep and schedule once like I compare a lot of people you schedule once
scheduled wants to me was probably the most robust system but I found it to be
very complicated and even firms of maybe you know fifteen twenty people I still
think County is at the right level of learning or even like time trade
enterprise or scheduled ones to me was let’s see-oh two fifty or a hundred
person firm that’s the type of system you’d have to use great feedback okay
keep coming with the questions but I’m gonna bring something kind of funny and
date myself with a little 80s so I wanted to kind of wrap this up and of
course Sam can do the final wrap-up if she’s like but I wanted to wrap this up
because we just covered seven major solutions and I think sometimes I know
when I walk away from that I I don’t even know where to start and I and I
forget why I might have even been in a seminar or a session and let me just
talk to you about this and give you a little catchy thing to remember in your
head so I remember way back when and I just had to watch it again with my kids
um it’s he’s amazing finger this like glowing finger and this concept of that
ET always wanted to find home and home meant to him and for all of us a place
that was safe a place that took worries away that you know really helped us and
I also as I watched the movie I realized what all the et’s friends were spending
exorbitant energy and time like waking up hills and down hills and figuring out
how to get et home alright I want you to think of your online
viewers like et when they come to your website they are trying to find home
they’re trying to find a place and people that are going to get them to a
place where they’re comfortable and they feel they can trust and where their
worries go away and what you don’t want when your viewer comes to you is to use
a lot of energy to find you and to find home and frankly don’t want your staff
spending a lot of energy getting that person to find you and to
get home okay this is really about reducing the work for the outside viewer
and for your people it’s so that’s it’s also about accessibility like I don’t
know if you you know if you go through these tools from scheduling and video
and so forth you’re more accessible and you’re
transparent you’re predictable people kind of feel like they know where you
live and where to find you where home is you’re communicating to them you know
that that feed of social media that’s outward communication right well what
does that do by doing all that you’re earning trust more quickly and easily
and this is the trick you want to earn the trust of those outside viewers more
quickly and easily with less work notice earn trust et okay you want to
spend less energy and time et complete coincidence so if I could give you
anything to take away today whether it’s that cute picture of et but the et the
energy the time in the earning trust that is what this is all about okay if
you can accomplish that just pick one of these tools and really embed that in
alright or if you already have one add another this isn’t what this is all
about reducing the work being transparent earning that trust okay are
there any other cautions while we’re waiting for people to send in the last
questions I know we’re gonna get asked this I’ve already gotten a couple emails
in my in being on my phone while we’re still in this presentation from current
clients so if you are a twenty over ten client or potential client I’m here a
current client you have a website it’s up and running and you’re thinking hey
I’d like to take advantage of some of these and integrate them now I’m ready
to go you first just need to set up whatever you’re going to use and then
you just need to contact support which you should all know how to do you just
click that submit a ticket button from the support site or the help button on
your website dashboard email is support at twenty over ten calm
and let us know what you want to integrate how we’re on your website just
give us the specifics you know I have a contact form or I want to add a contact
form collect name email phone number I want it sent to my email and I want it
to be integrated to my redtail whatever it is that you want set up and then our
support team will email you back to get your login credentials or the embed code
whatever it is they need to get it set up for you so easy enough is that if you
are Twenty Over Ten clients so please you know reach out to support ask those
questions if you are Twenty Over Ten client and your you still have some questions
about which system to use or anything like that then I would suggest emailing
[email protected] to have that conversation before requesting the
support ticket so just to cover that because I know we’re gonna get out of
that no I’m glad you covered that and I really I mean let’s Sam your crew and
I’m just gonna speak freely here but Twenty Over Ten absolutely gets the power and
the time savings of all this and how this all works so it’s for you to
acknowledge which tool you want and then go to them with that and from there I
would say it couldn’t be easier and let it come to life with their help
thank you Dan I appreciate that such a pleasure to have you today and
I’m sure we’ll get more questions I’m after the fact so if there’s any
specific to you we’ll make sure to forward them to you and everybody is
saying thank you coming in through the QA and the live chat and I wanted you
know again we couldn’t have been happier to have you with us here today and
thanks again for a great presentation and everybody again we will reveal
posting this recording on our blog and emailing it out to everyone who
registered so I know a lot of you are asking about that we will make sure to
get that in your inbox here shortly so thanks again Jennifer have a great rest
of your day and thank you everyone for joining bye guys!

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