Making a Horse
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Making a Horse

October 20, 2019

Roll clay into a ball Press thumb into the ball of clay Pinch the sides with your fingers while turning the ball in your hands Turn pot upside down Take another piece of clay Roll clay into a sausage Make sure the sausage is long enough to drape over the top of the pot Use a toothbrush to wet and make the clay rough where you want it to stick To make the head: Roll a small sausage of same thickness and bend it into a “C” shape You should be using the toothbrush to help stick the clay down. Roll a thin sausage for the mane Stick the sausage on the head and pinch it flat with your fingers. Use the stick to help stick it on Use the stick to draw a line to show the legs Roll a thin sausage for the tail Use your fingers to smooth out and neaten your shape Roll little sausages for the ears Place the ears on top of the head on each side of the mane Use the stick to draw lines on the mane for hair. Use the stick to poke a hole on each side of the head for the eyes

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