Making “Single By 30” | Trailer
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Making “Single By 30” | Trailer

March 4, 2020

♪♪This is behind
the scenes
of “Single By 30.” [singing] And…action.“Single By 30” is a
romantic drama-comedy
series that we’re doing
with YouTube Red. “Single By 30” is
about two best friendsthat make a pact
in high school
that if they’re not married
by the time they’re 30,they’ll marry each other.Do you wanna be
my back-up then? Yeah, okay. Okay.
Wait…what? It was to save them
from growing oldand being alone.Thirty is so old. ♪♪ So, then they reconnect,
like, ten years later. – Joanna?
– Peter! Oh, my God!And they realize,“Hey, maybe we should
reinstate the pact”
right before they turn
the big 3-0. That’s kind of our
safety netto feel like we can
go out
and try to date,
but there’s not a ton
of pressure because
we have someone. Yeah, I can kind of
follow the logic there.And so, they start
pushing each other
to get out there
and are figuring out
if something here
is happening. I think I could
actually marry Peter. What? I’ve liked you
since we were teenagers. I don’t wanna go
make something weird. Do you wanna stay friends? I think that I wanna be
more than friends. That is so dramatic. Our cast is
really, really amazing. We’re so proud
of it. I play Peter Mah.He wants to get married,he wants to have kids.But also, he doesn’t
take chances.
He doesn’t say what–He’s also kinda nerdy.
[laughs] Kind of–Is he? Uhhh…nerd alert! Joanna had this vision
for her life,and then it didn’t
work out.
And as a 30-year-old
woman, you are also
at your sexual peak. They also have friends
that havevery different
on love and relationships.Dude, what’s wrong
with being in your thirties? Your thirties are awesome. Mark is more of the
go-get-it entrepreneurRenaissance man.“Creator of
What Do You Meme?” That’s your app?
A meme generator? [laughing]
Swipe left.Chloe is a womanwho knows what
she wants, and she will get it. I’m a single, hot,
26-year-old woman, and tonight,
I’m gonna make some college guy’s
dreams come true. We know which couple
is the most interesting. Indeed we do;
it’s us. – Chloe and Mark.
– It’s Chloe and Mark, us. No, it’s Peter
and Joanna. We’re definitely
the cutest,the most romantic.Sexiest.
Yeah.– Nakedest.
– Yeah. – Uh–
– Mostly me. – I’m mostly naked.
– Mmm-hmm. They begged him to put
his clothes back on. He refused. We have flashbacks
from when they were in high school. This is senior year. You need to start
enjoying it more. The flashbacks is
not too far from what I used
to look like. Hey, these look cool. They’re never going
out of style. I definitely did
the blonde tips.You get to see
how they viewed
love and relationships
from a very more innocent age,and now they’re getting
into their thirties
and their perspectives
have changed.
We’ve both worked
with Wong Fu
a million times. We’ve had a channel
for over a decade, so we’re the old guys
on YouTube. Got it. PHILIP:The series is, like,
the biggest project
we’ve ever done,and it’s real exciting
that YouTube Red
wanted to support it.We’re not trying
to get too caught up
in, like, the scale.I think the most
important thing
is that the story’s good,
that the heart’s there.
But it is nice to have
a lot more help
than we’ve ever had before.This is–We’re off on,
like, another level. And we can’t wait
to share it. HILLARY:Let’s take a vote.Who here thinks that
everybody should watch
“Single By 30”
on YouTube Red? All those in favor
say “aye.” – Aye.
– Aye, aye, aye. Me. Aye. – [all clapping]
– Motion passed! ♪♪

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  1. this looks aawesome, i love wong fu and kina, but…. youtube red is still only out in the US, right? i'm just gonna sit here in germany and roll my eyes in america's general direction as usual

  2. I was not ready to see Harry Shum Jr. right at the beginning of this clip. Hahahahahha. <3 And Kina is great as well. Oh they look so lovely together! (…OTP)…Oh gosh! I wish I could afford YouTube Red. I'd get it just to see all of WongFu's new productions. I wish you all success with Single By 30. I know everyone is going to love it. 🙂

  3. ahhhh i saw the duration of production on snapchat. followed all the way 😀 ITS SO AWSUM-SAUCE TO FINALLY SEE RESULTS!

  4. My baby Harry is so HOT and cute at the same time ! Kinna (Joanna) is naturally beautiful. i already love her. Single by 30 looks like the nice romantic drama 😄

  5. I've literally had zero interested in YouTube Red…until I saw this series advertised during the pre-previews at the theater. After seeing the trailer for Single By 30, I was literally like SHUT UP YOUTUBE AND TAKE MY MONEY.

  6. will all the episodes go out on the 24th? or will we have to wait like every week?? cuz I dont wanna waste the 30 day free trial 🙁

  7. This is what I've been waiting for! My life is complete! And KINA, my favorite artist, is the star of the show?!?!?! I don't care if I can't get a free trial. This is worth my MONEYYYYY! – crazy WF fan 🙂

  8. Your videos have inspired me, by a lot. Over this summer I have written my own script–a short love story–I really do hope that you would read them and give me any comments if you could. It is only 4 pages long, so I assume it wouldn't take long to read them. It is only my first script that I have ever written so I do hope that your feedbacks will help :))

    Judith ElisaGrace

  9. jeez.. i dont know why i clicked this! maybe because i can relate on the title?everything is fine im getting married exactly at 30 then boom! now single by 30!haha i will watch this and i hope its a good ending!

  10. I am a little annoyed by how comments are disabled after episode 1? Why is that? Pls put that back on so that we can enjoy community?

  11. I've watched all the episodes, this series is great. The ending of the fifth episode was so satisfying, like finally!! can't wait for more 🙂

  12. I am doing the trial now and I actually really like it!!! I especially like the google music play! I am going to be in a tough spot once my trial ends. Anyways, loving this!! Can it keep going??!? I would really considering staying on YouTube Red to keep watching this series!

  13. Just finished watching this last night. I was blown away and I was tearing up at two very spoilerish moments (I won't mention them here). I look forward to more quality series from you guys!

  14. Oh, man! Watching this trailer after finishing the short series, it's tough because you see all the amazing scenes and dialogue they cut out! I know it's to meet deadlines & for story progression & all but, ouch, it still hurts because some of it looks like it would've fit sooo well! There were two or three areas where the series kind of moved too fast (like it seemed slightly unnatural for a character to do something so soon), but this explains why that occurred; they obviously had to cut out the transitions.

    We always knew Wong Fu would make it huge someday…this is only the beginning!

  15. Hi there! It's a great movie! Simple but true! I love the cast they are great. The story is like in a real life! You made me think how many times I made a man in friend zone! BTW you made me YouTube premium! Keep the great work guys! God bless you

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